How to become a no-excuses entrepreneur.

Let me tell you about Daarina. 

Daarina Farooq Jannah is the CEO of Blourish, a Black-owned luxury floral design and delivery company based in Atlanta. After reading my book last year, she decided to work with Hello Seven and became one of our star clients.

Daarina has always felt a deep desire to create wealth through the path of entrepreneurship. 
Her motto is “keep blooming” and she’s always looking for ways to expand her success even further.

A little over a month ago, she decided to sign up for The Make Money Moves Challenge because she said, in her own words, “I’m 4 weeks away from giving birth to my 3rd baby and I am determined to have a financially peaceful maternity leave and build an even stronger, more profitable business afterward.” 

Daarina added, “I joined the challenge to get the extra boost I need to create consistent money on demand!” 

You know what I love about Daarina, aside from the fact that she’s a badass business owner on the rise? What I love is that she’s 100% clear about her why.

She’s determined to bring more cash in the door and why? To have the maternity leave of her dreams. To provide security for herself and her growing family. To feel emotional peace and savor those precious newborn months instead of having ever-present money worries running through her head. 

When you’re driven by a strong why—and you connect with your why every single day when you sit down to work—you become unstoppable. You become a no-excuse entrepreneur. There’s nothing that is out of your reach. You will succeed. You will get that millie in the bank. It’s not a matter of if, only when. 

Never underestimate a BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, or woman entrepreneur who knows her why and who fights for that why. She will not be stopped. Not by society and not even by the critics inside her own mind.

When it comes to money, what is your why?

What’s driving you to increase your income and build wealth?

Maybe it’s because you want to be the first person in your family to own real estate. Or because you want to treat yourself to a long-overdue vacation and fly first class. Or because you know what it feels like to be down to your last dollar, and you’ve made a promise to yourself to never be in that position again. 

Write down 7 reasons why you want to have more money. If your list gets you teary-eyed and emotional (“is someone cutting onions in here?”)…that’s good. That means you’ve tapped into your true motivations. Circle the reason that feels the strongest to you. That’s your main why.

Let your why be stronger than your fears and resistance.

I know my why. So does Daarina.

What is yours?


PS. We offered The Make Money Moves Challenge back in July. It was such a phenomenal success that we’ve decided to do it again. The #MMM Challenge is coming back on September 19th. Sign up

Let me teach you 5 moves that you need to be doing, every week, in order to generate more money—no matter what’s happening in the economy. Best part of this challenge: you won’t just learn these 5 moves. You will actually do them. Say YES to the challenge. Just like Daarina, you will not regret it.

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