How to make money in the time of Corona

I am sending so much love your way, my friend. These are challenging times, and some of you may already be experiencing major financial hardship due to cancellations of literally any and everything that involves in-person activities.

But this does not mean that you have to shutter your business and accept impending doom.

Now is not the time to accept defeat.

Now is the time to double down, use your skills and creativity as an entrepreneur and your understanding of how to conduct business, communication and connection online to serve and thrive.

Yes, Bish, we fittin’ to thrive! Do you feel me?

So here’s the plan:

Step 1: Choose to be a leader.

Panic is not leadership and nothing you want is on the other side of panic. Stop scrolling social media and mainlining everything media outlets are publishing about this pandemic. You do not need to know every detail about this situation. Seriously: STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

You are professionals, business leaders, mamas, bosses and badasses. Lead the way and stop following the crowds. The world needs your gifts and talents more than ever. Step into your power and be of service!

Need help calming down? Join me for a free 20-minute guided meditation followed by a business Q&A we hosted in my Hello Seven Facebook Group. Our collective womanhood came together to bring calm and peace to the world—an act of quiet self resolve that has a massive ripple effect. This guided meditation led by my Program Director, Natalie Miller, helped me go from approaching a full on panic attack to cool as a fan in exactly 20 minutes. And I don’t even meditate on a regular basis! Come get you some peace! After the meditation, I held a business brainstorm and Q&A.

Click here to join my free FB group and watch the playback.

Step 2: Look for the financial opportunities.

The need for social distancing has created #cancelgate, and several industries are experiencing unprecedented financial hardship. That is scary AF but let me tell you something about who you are, Rachel.

You are an entrepreneur.
You are an innovator.
You are a future creator.

It’s time to accept what can’t be right now and start creating what can. Every recession and economic downturn creates financial opportunities for those who are looking for them. You will not find those opportunities if you are freaked out (see also: step 1). Calm your nervous system and then get to brainstorming. Here, I’ll help.

If speaking gigs, hosting live events or workshops was a big part of your revenue strategy, take your events online. I have hosted many fantastic one day and multiple day virtual events when my in-person events had to be cancelled due to me being placed on bedrest and due to a hurricane last year.

Virtual events are the bomb when done right.

Luckily, I published a step-by-step guide on exactly how to host a killer, profitable virtual event (a virtual event is not just a long ass webinar, people – use my unique strategies). Go read it and put together a fantastic event that can serve your people AND make you money. Social distancing has already created a massive need for connection online. Be of service and buoy your business revenue by offering an online event.

If in person services was a big part of your income, take your services online. Whether you are a photographer, videographer, lawyer, accountant, teacher, AirBnB host, or veterinarian, you have skills and experience that can make you money online. I have been preaching for years about the importance of having an online component to your business ever since I built my digital product in 2013, Small Business Bodyguard. Just yesterday one of my past clients thanked me profusely for making her build an online program a few years ago. She said that all of her competitors are completely shut down right now but her business is going to be fine due to the online academy we helped her create.

If you need help figuring out exactly how to bring your services online, check out this free workbook, Three Steps to a Profitable Product. It will help you take the first steps towards building a virtual offer regardless of your industry.

If you want to take it a step further, you can join my Worthy money mindset program and get my entire $2500 Multiply course teaching you how to create a digital product as a free bonus.

Of course these aren’t the only options. Over the last few days I’ve seen an AirBnB host turn her rental house into an affordable daycare. I’ve seen women investing extra cash into the stock market, knowing that when it bounces back there will be a huge upside. I’ve seen an acting troupe whose show was canceled turn their filmed dress rehearsal into cash. Innovate and win.

Step 3: Decide.

Decide that you are going to make it financially. Decide that you are going to make it physically. Decide that you are a powerful being and that your mind can manifest powerful things. Have some conviction about you. Know that you can rely on your own intelligence and intuition to guide you towards well-being and success.

I know without a doubt that my business will come out of this economic crisis in good shape. I know that I will not be laying off my entire team. I know because I have decided. When you decide that everything will be okay, you take action to make it so. Likewise, when you panic, you take action that causes your worst fears to come true.

One of those actions can be getting yourself in the right headspace to continue to thrive and make money so you can take care of yourself, your family, your team and your customers. I would like to help you with this.

That is why I am reopening my Worthy money mindset program.

Women will lead the way to a better future for all, and it starts with our mindset. Worthy is a 10-lesson program that teaches you how to adopt Million Dollar Behaviors that will help you build wealth. The women in this program are doing things like:

For every woman who purchases a spot in Worthy, I will provide a full scholarship to another woman who has been majorly economically impacted by Coronavirus and needs the support. Your purchase will help yourself and another woman who needs it.

I am also including two bonuses to help you make money right now: the first is my Multiply course that teaches you how to create a digital product ($2500 value). This course includes video lessons, email templates, a sales page guide, a product outline and many other resources to get your product launched so you can make money online.

The second bonus is a live group coaching session that I am calling Million Dollar Pivot. My Program Director, Natalie, and I will help you pivot your income generating activities so that you can keep building wealth and thriving economically in the midst of this global crisis.

Get all the details and sign up for Worthy right here.

I send you all love and trust that we will make it through. We, as entrepreneurs, mothers, professionals and badasses are uniquely qualified to make it through tough times. We are some resilient bishes!

Remain calm, take good care of yourselves, stay home as much as you can, and be the leader that you are for yourself and your community. ❤️


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