Don’t make another decision without reading this.

Each year I’ve been in business I’ve doubled my revenue over the previous year. This is a direct result of, every single day, pushing myself to make decisions that are outside of my comfort zone. I do not do this without external nudges—from my coaches who give me the strategies and share their experience—so I can implement growth in my own business—to business besties who grow their businesses alongside mine—met through masterminds and conventions and networks—to the team members I’ve hired—who have helped other entrepreneurs scale to the level I aspire to—to my partner—who supports and encourages me to keep taking forward action: I am able to continually make decisions that are forged from a clear vision of the future for my business.

It is essential as a business owner to make concise, definitive decisions that provide immediate forward momentum for your revenue and productivity.

Each decision I make today either brings me closer to the vision I set for my business, or it pushes me further away. Between my own refusal to do anything less than succeed and the support of the individuals I’ve gathered who have the experience to guide me, I am able to make decisions that propel me toward multiple seven-figures in revenue.

Decision making is not something I get comfortable with, because if I continue making  comfortable decisions based on my current revenue, I will continue to bring in a million dollars in revenue. I have much higher aspirations for Hello Seven, so today I’m making decisions for my business that are ten-million dollar decisions and investments. These decisions are key to scaling.

In order to scale your business to a million+, you have to make million+ decisions today—not when you’ve hit a million in revenue. Today.

Who is guiding you to make those uncomfortable choices you must make as an entrepreneur?

You have to put yourself in the company of those who are operating at a higher revenue level than yourself. In a study of coaching in entrepreneurial environments, in association with Harvard Business school, it was found that 80 percent of business growth comes from the experiential learning of working with a coach. Finding a coach who has the relevant experience that you need to learn is paramount, and knowing how to navigate the process to maximize your decision making skills will allow you to stay on track.

If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you’re willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy. T. Harv Eker

>>Making Million Dollar Decisions WILL Be Uncomfortable

Choosing the life of an entrepreneur means committing to a life of transition and unease. Each day you are faced with decisions that allow you to choose to take it to the next level or stay exactly where you are. You may feel comfortable operating exactly where you are, but here’s the thing about comfort: it’s a temporary illusion that keeps you safe in the present moment.

Comfort fails to take the future into consideration.

Making Million Dollar Decisions will be HARD (and maybe even excruciating) in the moment, and while it may be an agonizing process, I guarantee that this temporary discomfort will make you comfortable long term. #growingpains

When I launched the Million Dollar Badass mastermind in 2017, I was excited as hell—but I was also terrified. That shit was scary, and on top of launching a whole new business model and high level offer, I also found out I was pregnant. On top of launching a new, high level offer (the highest I’d done to date) and finding out I was pregnant with child number four, I’d also just hired a whole new team.

Prior to starting the mastermind and hiring the team needed to support it, my business was making solid revenue. I was already pulling in nearly seven figures, but I knew in my heart that I wanted to scale beyond seven figures. So I hired a coach who was making beyond seven figures, did exactly what I was asked to do, told my fear to shut the hell up, and I launched Million Dollar Badass. Yes, I was pregnant, and, yes, I was terrified. And, yes—in that year I scaled my business beyond seven-figures.

>>Accept you’ll be afraid.

Operating out of fear creates anxiety and worry in the people around you. Fear is equitable with scarcity, and when we’re in a place of scarcity, we suddenly become victims rather than badasses. We feel bullied by our circumstances and/or the people around us, or we simply check the hell out.

When you’re strapped for cash and existing in a state of scarcity, do you:

> start taking up all the space?
> ask everyone and their grandmother what you should do in your business?
> act like a complete and total asshole? (Be honest. I know I do.)

Scarcity is a draining energy in the room, and nobody has time for that nonsense—especially not during a coaching call or a meeting with your team. You become frustrated, impatient, anxious, overwhelmed, and powerless, and you can’t possibly make the decisions that will allow your business to grow exponentially.

You are not powerless—you are fully capable of making empowered decisions. So when the fear rises up, which it absolutely will if you’re challenging yourself to grow— know that this isn’t the time to make decisions about your business.

>>Ground yourself.

Where I see so many entrepreneurs getting tripped up is that they want things to feel “easy breezy in their spirit”. They resist and refuse to make the scary decisions I ask of them because it feels intolerable and hard and not easy-breezy. But why the hell would it feel easy to make a million dollars or do the work that you’re meant to do?

You’re challenging yourself to get to the next level, and it’s not going to feel easy. Trust—I am all about following your body compass and your intuition; please listen to your body when it’s talking to you and telling you “this is completely wrong.” However, there is a distinct difference between following your instincts and your gut and also making smart decisions that are strategic for your business. Strategic decisions may not always feel warm and fuzzy.

These times when the fear crops up and you find yourself resisting the very thing that you know will also next level you, when you find yourself feeling confused, disorganized, narrow in your thinking or focused on “what’s not working,” STOP. You are not in a place to make any decisions, never mind million dollar ones.

That’s when you need a business coach and a squad (and probably a therapist) to help you get and keep your mindset right so you can make Million Dollar Decisions. This is the time to go for a walk. Call a business bestie. Consort with your mastermind. Have sex. Put your bare feet in the grass. Ride your Peloton (my latest power move of choice). Move your body and shake up that nervous energy.

Do whatever you need to do to ground yourself before you make moves.

>>Become the CEO.

In only the last six months, what I do each day in my business has changed significantly. I’ve hired a CFO. I’ve brought on an Operations Director. I’ve let team members go, and I’ve invited contractors to come onto my team as full time employees.

In effect: I have become the CEO of my business in more than only mindset; I’ve become CEO of a company.

To begin making Million Dollar Decisions, you must first see yourself as a CEO, making strategic decisions that will move your business forward. Then, as you step more fully into becoming, your revenue will reflect your uptick in skilled decision making.

Making the decisions that will allow you to bring in multiple seven-figures will not feel safe. Making these decisions will not feel easy. But these Million Dollar Decisions will pay you in dividends as you continue to challenge yourself.

You have to start making the decisions today that are investments in the future.

p.s. I love working with decisive women, which is why if you decide to join me for Million Dollar Made—my luxe leadership retreat for advanced women entrepreneurs—before May 30th, there's a spectacular bonus day in Paris included. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

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