How to Know It Is Time to Protect Your Brand

Episode 13 TilePart of my goal in providing legal services to entrepreneurs is to help them understand when they need legal help and when they might not. This helps them have the power to protect the businesses they are working so hard to build.
One question I hear over and over again relates to the timing of protecting your brand (ie applying for trademark registration).

Today’s video is all about WHEN you should take the legal steps necessary to protect your brand.

While many business owners start by protecting their business name, the same rule applies to any brand elements you may have – your product names, your service names, your logo, your tagline. Protecting your brand elements will both secure your trademark rights and help prevent copycats from riding on your laurels. There's nothing worse than building a brand for months or years only to find out someone has hijacked it for their own purposes. And without the proper  legal protections in place, your options for fighting for your brand may be limited – which we know you don't want.

Strategically deciding when to register the trademark for one or more of your brand elements will not only save you money, but also save you time and energy as the process will likely go smoother.

The simple rule will help you know when that strategic, right time is. So watch on my friends, watch on:
[youtube width=”853″ height=”480″][/youtube]

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