Do you feel personally attacked by July’s arrival?

Today marks the close of the first half of 2019. At Hello Seven, this is when we pause and assess what we’ve implemented over the past six months to see what’s working and what’s not. The goal isn’t to get down on ourselves for missteps or goals we’ve fallen short of—and it definitely isn’t about getting complacent if we have become the definition of pure slayage. This is about adjusting as needed for the second half of 2019 so we can exceed our goals.

This is about not running out of future.

When we feel dejected or complacent, it means we’ve run out of future. Either we think the future we’ve forecasted for ourselves is beyond our grasp (and we’re tempted to give up), or we’ve already hit the goal we set and can’t imagine achieving more.

It’s easy to get in your feelings at the halfway point of the year. As you stare at your numbers, especially if you haven’t hit your goals, you may wonder what you were even doing for the first part of the year (it felt like everything) and how you can recover: The gap looks too big—is it even possible!? Yes. Yes it is.

Here are some questions you have to ask yourself if you are committed to making it to your goals:

  1. Did you create a revenue plan to go with your goals?
    Setting a revenue goal isn’t enough. You need to have a very clear formula for how you're going to hit that financial benchmark. How much do you want to make? What are your offerings priced at? How many do you need to sell in order to reach your revenue goal?
  2. Is your revenue goal ambitious and exciting?
    It’s becoming abundantly clear that six-figures in revenue is no longer sufficient. This is why I’m on a mission to spread the word: everyone should be a millionaire. Every year I’ve been in business, I’ve doubled my revenue over the previous year. Not on accident. Because I set that as my goal, and I made a plan to make it happen.
  3. Do you have the support you need to reach your goals?
    Marketing. Sales. Delivery. There are a lot of moving pieces. Do you have a badass team to help you make it happen? Do you have an advisor or mentor who’s challenging you and pushing you to get out of your comfort zone? Do you think I do any of this alone? No! I have support at home, when I'm working within my business, and when I'm working on my business. Left to our own devices, we easily spin out of control.

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, I’m not surprised that you find yourself feeling personally attacked by July. And this is exactly why I do what I do:

You have a vision, and there’s absolutely no reason why that vision can’t come true for you.

What if you could make $65,000 in the next ten weeks, just like Cathy Mazak did?

In Glow Up, I created my flagship program, and I started selling it. So I went from no program to a framework and a program and sales calls, which is something I never thought I would do, ever in a million years. I can point to Glow Up making me $65,000. It made me more than that, actually, but definitely that.

(By the way, she’s since joined MDB and had her first six-figure month—all this after only six-months of working with me.) If you missed it, you can catch her full “Million Dollar Badass Rising” podcast episode with me right here and listen to her journey, so far.

Perhaps you’d like to make $10,000 while you’re on your summer vacation?

(And no, this isn’t a “work from anywhere” promise; Michele wasn’t working while she was in Iceland! You deserve to travel without work.)

What if your second half of 2019 is filled with…


And a clear plan to your revenue goals…

This is the time to redouble your efforts, commit to your revenue plan and goals, and not allow yourself to become discouraged. Take the lessons from this first half of the year and understand that scaling your business is going to be a constant exercise in sustainability. Scaling is about growth that can be managed—which means as you grow your productivity and revenue, you must also grow your team and your systems.

Scaling allows you to continually expand your future so that you never run out.

Let’s make a clear plan for the future so you can bring in the remainder of your 2019 revenue goal and fill your third and fourth quarters with deliberate wins and money chimes.

Schedule a time to talk with us here.

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