How to make 10K in 10 Days. (Yes, for real.)


Do you ever have moments where you feel like, “I can earn more money… later.”

“Later, once I have another degree or two or three.”

“Later, once the kids are older and outta the house.”

“Later, once I have a perfect website and a perfect plan.”

Well, friend, I’ve got an ice-cold bucket of news for you.

This kind of thinking is a trap. It’s a way to procrastinate rather than taking action right now.

The truth is, you have the ability to earn more money whenever you need to, or want to. You can significantly increase your income—and you can do it today. 

That’s why I want you to challenge yourself to earn $10k in 10 days.

Yes. $10,000. In 10 days.

Why do this Challenge? 

Because if you do, you will prove to yourself, “Whoa. I really am capable of generating more money whenever I choose to do so.”

Completing a $10k in 10 Days Challenge will open the floodgates and unleash your inner millionaire. When it’s over, you’ll feel like, “Wow! Okay, did that. What ELSE can I do? $10k is just the beginning!”

Why am I sending you this Challenge right now?

Because my members in We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club are participating in it as we speak.

And they are having INCREDIBLE results.

And I’m so inspired by them that I decided to let you in on the action!

Not sure where to start? 

You know I got you. First you need a money generating idea.

Here are 5 ways to earn $10k in 10 Days:

  1. Finally launch that product, service, or program—you know, the one you’ve been tinkering with for months now.
  2. Sell a VIP Day,  where you dedicate an entire workday to helping a client accomplish a specific goal or solve a problem quickly. This could be anything — fix up someone’s janky yard and have it looking fabulous by end of day; spend a day providing organization to someone’s messy closet or basement full of clutter; help someone create their first website in a day — whatever your expertise, you can dedicate it to one person for a whole day, and charge top dollar for your time and your genius.     
  3. Charge for your advice — because you've probably been guilty of giving your time and expertise away for far too long, and paid consultations are an excellent way to raise capital quickly. If people often ask to “pick your brain,” let them know they can pick away as soon as they pay this here invoice.  
  4. Host an event. People love having something to do and somewhere to go. Your event could be anything. I’ve seen my clients host amazing dance parties with a fabulous DJ, business conferences, online workshops and weekend retreats.  
  5. Evaluate everything you give away for free, and use your most popular freebie as the seed for an evergreen mini-course.

And that’s just a smattering of ideas — flip to Chapter 11 of my book to get the full list.

Next up, you need a plan.

The Challenge works more or less like this:

You set dates — 10 days where you’re committed to making that shmoney. You set a goal — how much do you wanna make? You brainstorm money generating ideas, until you can narrow it down to your very best one. You pick a cheerleading squad who will have your back. You decide how you’ll celebrate and reward yourself when it’s over. And before you get going, you’ll reflect: Is there anything holding you back from earning more money right now? Then you’ll choose a new attitude, so you’re mentally ready to get that coin.

My Club members have had enormous success by following these steps. 

It helps, of course, that they’re all in it together.

While I encourage you to go ahead and try this Challenge on your own, I can also promise that you’d have more success if you tried it in The Club.

How do I know that? Because this huge feat you’re asking yourself to achieve will feel so much more possible with a team on your side, cheering you on, helping you steer.

It makes such a difference to have other people who understand what you’re feeling and fearing, people around who SEE you, and who are right there trudging alongside you.

That’s why my Club members jump at the opportunity to do this Challenge while it’s happening in the community.

The collective energy of everybody moving through their resilience, building up their confidence, putting themselves out there, taking risks, giving and getting support — that energy will help you reach your revenue goals.

Seriously, that’s why we make so much money as a community whenever we do this Challenge. In our first two 10k in 10 Days Challenges, our members earned a combined total of 4.9 MILLION dollars.

Lemme break that down for you. In July 2020 we hit 2.3 million. In November 2020 we hit 2.6 million. Those are EPIC numbers. Numbers that shift things. Numbers that make a difference in individual entrepreneurs’ lives and on a broader scale in the small business world.

So if you wanna get in on our next community Challenge, I suggest you get on the waitlist for The Club.

And when you do, keep your eye on your inbox — there will be a waitlist-only, super-top-secret opportunity coming your way soon! 😉

Good luck with this Challenge. And I hope to see you in The Club for the next one!


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