Say goodbye

99% of business advice boils down to this: you should be doing more.

More marketing, more networking, more hours, more clients, more sales calls, more webinars, JUST MORE.

Here’s what I hate about the whole “do more” thing. It’s total bullshit. And it’s unrealistic.

We know that the only difference between us and Beyoncé is not that she just sets her alarm an hour earlier. It’s not that she just hustles harder. And if you could just squeeze a little more productivity out of your 16-hour days, then maybe your business (and dance moves) would be fucking fantastic too.

Of course not.

And the worst part about the “do more” myth? It is the thing that is preventing you from scaling. You’re so busy trying to cram one more facebook post into your day that you’re missing the big picture.

Instead of doing more, try saying goodbye.

To your worst clients. The ones who aren’t paying you, aren’t putting in the effort or aren’t the right demographic.

To the random marketing that you’re doing when you have no idea if it’s even working.

To constantly thinking you need a nicer website or better graphic design.

To employees and contractors that you should have fired months ago.

To networking with people who will never actually help you get business.

To creating custom service packages for clients that you don’t even want to work with (hint: that’s why you don’t have an already established package for them).

To comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs. Even me. We’re all at our own stages in our businesses and believe me, everyone has some kind of ugly shit going on behind the curtain.

To the idea that you can do it all on your own.

The key to scaling is saying goodbye. And the faster you can say goodbye, the faster you can scale.

That’s why the first thing I’m doing with my Million Dollar Badass mastermind members is showing them where they can start saying goodbye in their businesses. Then I’m going to hold them to it.

Streamline, simplify and make room to scale. Because it’s one thing to say you’re going to say goodbye, and it’s another thing to actually do it. And doing it is the prerequisite to significantly increasing your revenue.


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