Check out the amazing products my clients are creating #results

Check out the amazing products my clients are creating #resultsI launched my first e-course in September 2011. It was called 21st Century Lawyer: Lifestyle Design with a Virtual Law Office (I wasn’t an expert in branding yet). The course taught lawyers how to start a practice that could be run via the Internet. I had learned the ins and outs of how to setup a virtual law office (the term for an online-based law firm, a very new concept in a very traditional field, at the time) and was ready to spread the knowledge. For a small fee.

I had 27 lawyers and law students sign up for my class and made around $3,000. A tidy sum that, at the time could cover three months of rent, more than I was paid for my first three legal clients. After teaching this e-course live a few times, I turned it into a digital product that my customers could purchase from my website at anytime.

Since then, I have been in love with digital products. I have created so many products that I’ve lost count. These products have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for my business over the last five years. Not only have they made me lots of money, but they have also changed entrepreneur’s lives and businesses for the better.

When it comes to our careers, is there anything better than doing life-changing work that pays well?

I think not.

This is why I am so incredibly proud of my Multiply + MADE clients who have taken massive action to create their very own digital products. Each one of them thoughtfully chose to create a product that utilizes their very real expertise to help people accomplish important goals and solve big, painful problems.

I encourage you to browse this list of amazing products that are in the process of being created by each of these action-taking entrepreneurs. You can sign up for their pre-launch list for the ones that spark your interest.

Frisky: Reclaiming Desire: a digital program that takes you on a practical and holistic journey into reawakening your sexual desire and reclaiming pleasure and passion in your world by Dr. Juliana Morris.

Armed With Care: a child custody legal kit for parents who can’t hire an attorney by Pawnee Davis.

Divine Entrepreneurship: a business kit to help you turn your brick and mortar business into a vehicle that brings more love, light, and joy to the world by Katharine McMahon.

Becoming New: an 8-week multimedia program for successful professionals to help you win at home like you do at work by Julia Woods.

Guarded: a digital product that gives you the knowledge you need to appear at your child support hearing feeling confident, empowered and relaxed by Kelly McGriff.

Flaunt: a digital guide for lifestyle brands who need a social media marketing plan that is smooth, strategic and speaks straight to the heart of their unique business – one that gets serious results by Nailah Blades.

Code Calm: a digital product for busy women struggling with burnout, panic, pain & stress by Tracie Braylock.

Pricing Ninja Solo: a digital pricing product for entrepreneurs who are hustling 24/7 but still not making enough money by Ariane Trelaun.

Life: Rx’d: a digital product for those who are physically & emotionally exhausted from dieting that will educate you on making the best sustainable decisions for your body, and get you feeling back in control of your life by Andrea Grunberger Moore.

Red Shoe Clarity: a digital product for women who are tired of being “worked” by work and ready to breathe and step into clarity by René Washington.

No Uh Oh: a digital companion tool to empower your social enterprise to get the legal TLC it deserves by Natalie McFarlane.

Sugar Slay: a digital product to help you gain control over your diabetes and finally decrease that awfully long medication list by Cori Cooper.

My Broadway Coach: an online multidisciplinary program for a new generation of rising broadway stars that teaches you singing, dancing, and acting with Broadway's hottest stars from the comfort of your living room.

Let’s give a round of applause to these professionals for risking their egos and taking action to create these incredible products.

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your next big thing

Making the decision to create a product is one thing, but deciding what product to actually create is a whole ‘nother ballgame. You likely have tons of product ideas swirling around in your head, but how do you know which one will make a huge difference in your customer's lives AND make you lots of moolala? In this webinar, I will teach you my scientific and not-so-scientific methods for choosing which product to create for your audience. Get all the details about this webinar and sign up here.

To your Next Big Thing!

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