Meet a few of my new favorite Million Dollar Badasses

Meet Sundi.

Sundi is basically a magician. She has built a business helping women with curly or “unmanageable” hair feel and look beautiful. And it’s bigger than that (because hair is always bigger than just hair). Sundi believes that everyone ( especially women of color) should feel comfortable with how they look and embrace their own hair texture instead of getting caught up in the bullshit of “normal” hair.

And now Sundi wants to grow bigger. She's ready to turn her expertise into a training program that hair stylists all over the world can use. More trained stylists = more impact.

Meet Joan.

Joan took a belief, that nobody is too large to ride a bike, and turned it into a six-figure business. I mean, let’s just take a minute to process that. Like, how fucking cool is that?! This is a woman who had no clue how to build a bike and had never worked in the bicycle industry before. Didn’t matter. Joan knew a powerful idea when she saw one. She built a team that believed in her mission and she created Zize Bikes, which creates “the world’s strongest and most comfortable bicycles.” This is what I love about entrepreneurship – not only does it change your life, but it’s the most effective way to change a whole lot of lives.


Meet Nailah.

Nailah is a communication genius who has built a business helping lifestyle brands build enormous followings. Oh, but that’s not all. Despite running a successful business and being a mom to an adorable babygirl, Nailah also has a dream. To help women of color feel comfortable outdoors. That’s why she’s launched Color Outside (omfg, I don’t think I got that name until right now and it is so freakin’ on point). Here’s a little snippet from her site: “Color Outside is here to help normalize the idea that women of all shades, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds are out there, enjoying all that nature has to offer us.”

Sundi and Nailah and Joan have seven-figure business potential.

How do I know?

  • They took a “concept” and turned it into a business. They are living proof of the fact that “ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless.” All three of these women had solid ideas, actually took them to market and got the money flowin’. That’s hard to do and it shows flexibility, faith and hustle.
  • They are BIG thinkers. These are not small-idea businesses. Joan could have just built herself a bike. Sundi could just keep her years of beauty secrets and skills to herself. Nailah could be just camping with her friends on the weekend. Nope. These three aren’t holding themselves back by believing internal limitations.
  • They want to scale. These three have built businesses that rely…on them. And instead of just working harder and longer, they understand that in order to grow, they have to break free from the hours = money trap.
  • They are looking for expert help. Nailah and Joan and Sundi are all part of my Million Dollar Badass Mastermind because they understand that it’s not just about getting to seven-figures, it’s about how long (and how hard) it takes to get there. They can all do it on their own over the next few years, but that’s years of wasted opportunity, struggle and lost revenue when they can do it much faster with my help.

What about you?

Have you taken your concept and turned it into / started to turn it into a business?

Are you ready to scale? Are you building a business that can still grow if you are working less?

Do you have expert help? Are you investing in the best of the best? Are you doing the basic math behind the cost / benefit of revenue growth?

It’s not just the business that is worth seven-figures. It’s you. Your IP. Your vision. Your sweat equity. So go take a good hard look in the mirror. I believe in you, future millionaire.


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