Fix your cash flow problem.

The problem isn’t that you have no leads—it’s that you don’t have a strategy to get consistent new leads, engage the leads you do have, warm them up, and turn them into clients. 

The technical term for this is, no joke, leaky funnel. And if you have a leaky funnel, or worse, no funnel at all, growing your revenue and impact is going to be nearly impossible.

When you think of what makes a funnel successful, you probably think of the moment when a sale is closed—when a client says, “yes, I want to work with you! I’m ready, let’s do this. And also, yes, I will pay your price cause I know it’s worth it.” This is an exciting, exhilarating moment that we all live for, and when you do it consistently and successfully, you become a Close Queen. 

To become a Close Queen and a Million Dollar Badass ya gotta…

According to research by Inside Sales, more than 40% of salespeople say that finding leads is the most challenging part of the sales process, and further stats indicate that at least 50% of the prospects found aren’t even going to be a good fit for what’s being sold. And then the most profitable companies only close about 30% of their qualified leads. This means that, at best, you’re going to close 15% of the leads who come your way.

This means that for every 10 people who join your community, you’ll get an optimal return on your marketing investment/be converting well if ONE turns into a sale. So if you’re trying to sell 30 spots in a program, you’re going to need at least 200 leads entering a well oiled funnel.

Right now, your lead generation may look like…

  • Being beholden to referrals who sometimes show up and sometimes… don’t.
  • Losing interested leads because you don’t have a “next step” to lead them down the funnel.
  • Investing in random marketing without understanding why you’re doing a particular thing
  • The inability to scale because when you need new clients, it’s already too late to acquire them quickly.

I experienced this very same thing in my law practice, until I finally got pissed off enough about having $20k months that were followed by $7k months, followed by $12k months. So, I built an engine in my law practice to generate a steady flow of leads. This funnel allowed me to scale my practice from around $60k per year to $600k per year in 2-3 years. 

I want you to have a fully scalable business so that your income potential isn’t severely limited. It is not scalable to constantly be HUNTING for leads and then manually convincing them to buy. What is scalable is to work hard once setting up a funnel so that leads come to you and then are automatically turned into customers. 

Becoming a Close Queen and selling the shit out of your programs has almost nothing to do with that moment when you make the pitch on a sales call and pretty much everything to do with what you do BEFORE that moment.

You need a Million Dollar Funnel that will allow you to…

  • Stop losing customers halfway through the sales process because you will have been talking to them at every stage. 
  • Have less random marketing and more of a marketing engine that just works.
  • Increase the ROI of your Facebook ads and other paid tactics because you’ll have a funnel that turns clicks into customers.
  • Pour more gasoline on that engine to acquire more leads and scale whenever you want.
  • Relax your worries about business drying up suddenly because you will have a steady flow of leads coming your way and a conversion system to turn those leads into clients. 
  • Get out of the feast or famine cycle because you will feel confident in your ability to find leads and convert those leads. 

Let me show you what our funnel looked like two years ago in Hello Seven:

Here’s how you can build a Million Dollar Funnel in 5 simple steps:

  1. Keep it simple. You do not need 17 over-complicated funnels. There’s a pervasive myth out there that you’re only one more funnel away from your revenue goals—so hear me when I say: You only need ONE Million Dollar Funnel to bring in dozens of prospective clients and warm them up so that they are ready to hire you without each lead being a manual process of pushing, pulling, and convincing. You need one funnel designed to get you on a call with your ideal clients. That’s it. If you have an offer to sell and a client to sell it to, then you have a business. If you have an offer to sell and lots of clients to sell it to, then you have a thriving business. Do not over-complicate matters. When you build complicated funnels, you leave lots of room for mistakes and poor execution. Keep it simple and profit focused.
  2. Make sure the remedy fits the illness. Not all of your leads are ready to work with you today. Some are, and some aren’t even aware of how acute their problems are. So you want to make sure you are pitching the appropriate remedy at the appropriate stage. If you’ve got someone new to your world, who is not sure about what you really do and the kinds of problems you solve, invite them to sign up for your list rather than inviting them to book a sales call. You don’t want to jump the gun. It’s very similar to when you are chatting with someone via online dating and they immediately invite you to a booty call. Maybe they could have got in your pants had they taken the time to get to know you and given you the opportunity to get to know them, but now it’s a hell naw. It also comes off as desperate, and nothing good comes from desperation.

    For example, where do your email subscribers who have never bought from you before lie in the funnel? You’ve got to think about your prospects in stages and stop expecting that people who are cold to you—or literally just discovered you—are going to immediately buy.

    Where in your funnel do prospects go who have…

    Purchased your course but not your product?
    Joined your FB group?
    Attended your webinar?
    Booked a sales call?

    Your job as a business owner is to build relationships with your customers and take them on a journey with your business. And the funnel creates various stops and opportunities along the journey.
  3. Optimize for connection. Don’t expect your website to do all the work for you. Instead build a funnel that is optimized for connection, giving your prospects the opportunity to engage with you as a human being. You are much more likely to take a prospect from cold to hot when you are willing to connect with them, hear them out, and provide specific feedback. 
  4. Reach & repel. Here’s the truth of the matter: you can’t create a five-star prospect. They either are or they aren’t. You can’t turn a one-star prospect into one. You want to reach the right people and repel the wrong ones. Your funnel should be designed to determine whether or not a lead is a five-star prospect for your offer; only the five-star prospects are considered qualified leads, and only they should move through your funnel.  If they aren’t, your funnel should catch them and repel them from moving forward. This allows you to sort prospects long before you attempt to sell to them. 
  5. Work hard once. You saw this coming. You are going to build a single funnel, designed to draw in your best clients and repel the ones you don’t want to work with. And then you are going to let it do it’s thing. You may review the stats and tweak one piece at a time. But what you don’t want to spend your time doing is rebuilding the whole damn thing over and over again. That does not a million dollar business make. Work hard building this milkshake out today and let it bring ALL the boys to your yard. Okay? Let’s not make life harder than it needs to be. Simple is our friend. 

Here’s the deal: when there is a piece of your business that isn’t working properly and that is throwing off the entire engine, you don’t ignore it, you dive all the way into it. You swim around in it until you figure out the solution, and we’ve created a Million Dollar Funnel Workbook to help you dive into your current funnel and identify where there are gaps. 

Download your Million Dollar Funnel workbook here, and build a strategy to get consistent new leads, engage the leads you do have, warm them up, and turn them into clients.


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