Your revenue GOAL isn’t interesting…your revenue PLAN is

You know what I’m sick of? Bullshit revenue goals. Like people who tell me they want to make a million dollars but when I ask them how, they got nothing for me. It’s not impressive to tell me that you want to make $30K in 30 days…if you haven’t spent a single minute coming up with a plan.

I feel like there’s this whole perception in the “self-made entrepreneur” business that you can just yell out a big number and woosh! It’ll happen. But ANYBODY can yell out a big number. My eight year old daughter can yell out that she wants to make six-figures next year. Yelling it out is not impressive!

What it is…is punking out on yourself. It’s doing half the work of having a big dream and then giving up before you make it all the way. It’s saying you want to make the Olympic team and then never hiring a coach or showing up to a single practice.

I was at an event a while ago, and people kept getting up and yelling out their big revenue goals — “I want to make a million next year,” and “I want to earn another six figures by the end of the quarter,” etc. And every time somebody would yell out their big revenue goal, everybody would clap and cheer. After a while, I just wanted to yell out: your revenue goal bores me!

I get it — it feels good to say you’re going to do something. And it feels good to claim your big goal in front of a lot of people and get some encouragement. But it doesn’t feel good when you wake up the next day and just go about your life…without doing a single thing to make that big goal happen. That’s not impressive!

What is WAY more impressive is when somebody can tell me their big revenue goal and then tell me how they plan on getting there. Show me that they believe in themselves enough to put a little time and energy into figuring out a realistic way to get what they want.

Like telling me you’re going to make 30K in 30 days by creating a $2k upsell program and selling it to fifteen of your former clients. Or saying you want to build a seven-figure business from scratch, and then showing me a plan to create a pipeline through affiliate partnerships

I know what you’re thinking: but plans aren’t sexy! And saying I want to double my revenue next year is.

Well, here’s my answer to that: there’s nothing sexier than actually hitting your goals.




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