What do you want? And, what are you going to do about it?

Years ago, back when I was a struggling entrepreneur with a piddly income and massive student loan debt from law school, I went for a walk in a bougie neighborhood filled with million dollar homes. 

I saw my dream home. Brand new. Shining. Exquisite. Up on the hill. It was for sale. Only problem, it was about $700k more than my budget would allow. 

I went back to my tiny crammed house, flopped onto the couch, and threw myself a pity party. I moaned to my husband and said, “Everything is so expensive!” “I’ll never be able to have what I want!” “Our house is so packed with kids everywhere. I just want more space!” 

Husband listened quietly. Then, he asked me one question:

“Okay, so… what are you going to do about it?”

I glared at him for a sec. But I realized, he’s got a point. What AM I going to do about it? Am I going to sit here whining? Feeling sorry for myself? Or am I going to take action to change my situation? 

I decided that taking action would be a lot more exciting than sitting on the couch and moping.

“Here’s what I’m gon’ do…” First, I hired a business coach. I devoured podcasts about marketing, sales, investing, and wealth. I took courses to learn as much as I could. I did things that terrified me, like posting videos online to drum up more leads for my business. I promoted my services and lined up more clients. I raised my prices. I overhauled my mindset which required coaching, therapy, journaling, and daily work on my thoughts.

And wouldn’t you know it, I started making more money.

A few years later, I bought my dream home. Then a few years after that, I glowed up once again and moved my family to a 57 acre horse ranch. (Real estate is my love language!) 

I want to ask you the same question that my husband asked me:

What do you want? And, what are you going to do about it?

If you do exactly what you’ve done in the past, you will remain exactly where you are.

If you’re willing to do something new, that’s what changes your life.

Rachel and the Hello Seven Team

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