Before I die…

Before I die…

  • I will help 10,000 women (or more) become millionaires and become rich in all ways—financially rich, emotionally rich, rich in time, peace, power, and joy.
  • I will create a fund so that my children (and my children’s children) can go to college and get a BA, MA, PhD, as many degrees as they want, and graduate debt-free. 
  • I will raise millions of dollars to create a program that provides Doulas to Black mothers*—so these women can have a strong advocate and caring presence during pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. So that Black mothers stop dying in hospitals.** 
  • I will urge 7,000 small business owners (or more) to build an equitable, anti-racist business. I will ask them to sign a Pledge. I will follow up and make sure they actually do what they’ve promised to do.
  • I will be a NY Times bestselling author. Twice. Maybe thrice.
  • I will use my voice assertively and unapologetically to call people out and call people in.
  • I will laugh loudly every day (okay, almost every day) because they*** will never steal my joy.
  • I will build a safer world for my babies. I will do it through my words, my actions, and my wealth.

Some of these things, I have already accomplished. Some are still a work-in-progress. All are part of my legacy—the projects I vow to complete while I’m here, so they can echo long after I’m gone.

What are you determined to do…before you die?

Think on it. Get a piece of paper and a pen. Write down Before I die, I will… at the top. Start making your list. 

This exercise is simple and powerful.

It might help you clarify what you really want to be doing with your life. What you want to focus on. What you stand for. What your legacy will be.

As you write your list, you might see patterns emerge. Maybe nearly everything on your list is related to politics or decluttering or creativity or healing from trauma or education or something else. Huh. Interesting. Maybe that’s your life purpose—or your next million dollar idea—staring you right in the face.

Make your list. Get moving. 

Do the most good for the most people, in the time that you’ve got. 

Please do not postpone your purpose until next week or next year. 

Because today is all we’ve got, and tomorrow is never guaranteed. 

This is precisely why our virtual retreat in The Club later this month will be centered around FOCUS. Because I want you laser-focused on the work you were meant to do.

The work you want to leave as your legacy.

Not the busy work that keeps you small and polite. The work that moves you towards checking off your “before I die” list.

If you want to make more money–and make a bigger impact on humanity–while doing less busywork, come to the Million Dollar Focus Retreat. It's happening soon. 

This virtual retreat is free–exclusively for our Club members. 

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Get yourself in the Club and we'll see you soon!

Your legacy will be fulfilled, or not, depending on the choices you make today.


* Oh snap. Did I just publicly announce that huge audacious goal?! I did. Now I really gotta do it. Okay. Hold me accountable to this.

** “According to the CDC, Black mothers in the U.S. die at three to four times the rate of white mothers, one of the widest of all racial disparities in women's health.” —NPR

*** They = the patriarchy, the racist oppressive systems, the bullies, the trolls, the haters, the Orange Cheeto masquerading as President and all of his cronies. So many theys.

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