How Great Entrepreneurs Make Important Decisions

I have an important message for you today so hear this:

You do not need anyone else’s advice. You got this.

udaa35_fzcs-elijah-hailI am all about seeking the wisdom of advisors. Just this weekend my best friend helped me make an important decision about my business. I wouldn’t have gotten to the right answer without her asking me the right questions. I have had business advisors since I started my business and working with them has helped me grow tremendously. But at the end of the day, I rely on my own gut.
It’s not about what the gurus are saying. It may not even be about what your business coach is saying. So what is it about?
It’s about what you want for your business and your life. And it’s also about how uncomfortable you are willing to get to have the things that you want for yourself. And that’s about all.
Your guru doesn’t know.
Your mama doesn’t know.
Your business/life/money coach can maybe point you in the right direction but still doesn’t know.
Your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t know.

So who freaking knows what’s up?!

You do.
Your soul knows.
Your gut knows.
Your body knows.
When your insides hurt, that’s a flashing yellow sign pointing to the right answer. That pain in your chest is telling you what your next move is. The exhilaration you feel is a blaring horn. Your frustration, your anger, your heart beating out of your chest, your migraines … pay attention to these things. That is your body telling you everything you need to know.

The problem with asking for advice is that if you do it too much, you wind up overriding your body’s signaling system.

And guess what that’s gonna do? It’s gonna cause a short in the signaling system. Then it’s gonna be all these flashing yellows, flashing reds and flashing greens and you won’t know what the hell it’s trying to tell you. And that is a scary place to be.

When you need to make a decision, try it on.

Visualize that you have made that decision, you have gone in a particular direction. How does it feel? Yes, feeeeeeeeeelings. It is all about how it feels. Is it simply uncomfortable? Or is your gut screaming “DANGER! DANGER!” You know.
And if you have been overriding your body’s signaling system for too long. If you have been relying on the advice and guidance of others since the beginning of time, stop that shit. You’re not a teenager anymore. Go on an advice diet and rely on your own wisdom for a while. When you need to make a decision go for a run or a walk instead of calling a friend. Spending some time in nature is a great way to really get in touch with yourself and turn off outside influences. Lay in bed and just let your mind wander. Spend some time alone with yourself, and your uber reliable signaling system will start to kick back into gear.

Body knows best.

Listen to it. Let it guide your decisions (from what to eat to whether to stay or go). Rest easy in that feeling in your body that tells you this is the right way to go. Then take bold action.
Have you been listening to your body or are you spending too much time listening to experts? When you experience Advisor Overload, how do you get back in touch with what your body is trying to tell you? Comment below.

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