A hot date with your money.

Happy Holidays,

When was the last time you scheduled a hot date… with your money? 

Just you and your finances. Candles. Rose petals. Red wine. Maybe some Marvin Gaye. (“Helps to relieve my mind, financial healing, baby, is good for me…”) 

Just like you set aside quality time for the people you love and the causes you care about, it’s important to carve out time to focus on your money, too. 

Now is the perfect time to do your Annual Money Review. Take time to review your earnings, expenses, and decisions from the last 12 months.

Whether you have $1,000,000 in assets or -$23 in your checking account and overdraft fees (I’ve been there), you need to do your Annual Money Review. This is a non-negotiable date regardless of how much you currently make. 

Not sure how to do an Annual Money Review? You’ve never done this before? 

My team and I made a beautiful workbook for you and it’s free! You can listen to the audio version of the workbook, too.

Set aside an hour or two and snuggle up with your money. 

You’ll be glad you did.

Rachel and The Hello Seven Team

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