The financial revolution we need.

Women comprise half the earth’s population. So, women should control half the wealth. Most sane people would agree that this is reasonable and fair.

But this is not the world we live in. Not even close. 

The facts:

  • Nationwide, 13% of men earn $100K per year and above. Only 6% of women earn that much.
  • Worldwide, 89% of the world’s billionaires are men. Only 11% are women.
  • 30% of US businesses are owned by women, but only 2% of women-founded businesses reach 7-figures in revenue: $1 million per year and above. Men are 3.5 times more likely to reach the million dollar mark.
  • Older women (age 70 and above) are 80% more likely than older men to be impoverished. 
  • On average, a Black household in America has a net worth of about $17,000. For a white household: $170,000. Literally 10x more. 

The facts are startling, and the facts don’t lie.

We live in a world that is painfully imbalanced. 

We have a huge wealth gap between men and women. 

We also have a huge gap between white people and people of color. This has carried on for centuries and it is abhorrent. 

It is not okay for men to control the lion’s share of the world’s wealth while elderly women die in poverty. 

So, what is the solution? How can we fix this? How can we redistribute wealth so that women hold just as much as men?

It starts with you

It starts with you, one female, making a decision. A decision that sounds like this: 

“I am determined to earn more money than ever before. I will make history. I will break the cycle. I will be the first in my family to become a millionaire. My very existence will change my community and the world.” 

I want you to get a piece of paper and fill in the blank: 

“I want to earn more money because ________________.”

Make a list of your reasons. Read it back to yourself. Let the words motivate you to take the next step on your journey to financial power. 

The next step might be asking for a raise, finally launching your business, or joining the Club so you can increase your income by 30% (minimum) over the next year.

When one woman becomes wealthy, it changes her community. 

When millions of women become wealthy, it changes the whole world. 

It changes elections. It stops wars. It builds schools. It dismantles prisons. It passes laws. It saves lives.

Making more money doesn’t just enable you to have a nicer house, as lovely as that is.

As a woman, making more money is a revolutionary act. 

Every time you earn an extra $100 or $1000 or $100K that you didn’t have before, instead of feeling guilty for having more, remind yourself, “I am healing a broken system. I am bringing the economy into balance.”

Ladies, this is how we fix the world.

We do it with courage and we do it with cash. 

One more fact:

  • When women earn more money, they typically reinvest 90% back into their families and communities. Men? Just 35%. Further proof that women ought to have more money because when we do, we use it to do great things. 

When you build wealth for yourself, you build a better world for all.



PS. To quote the late great RBG: “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.” And we belong in those places with phat bank accounts, and with just as much financial power as the men at the table. This is EXACTLY why I created We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club. If you are ready to be part of this revolution for both your own wealth and the world, come join us here.

PPS. Make this your new daily mantra: “More money for me equals more balance in the economy.” Win-win. 

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