You’re the boss…so act like it

Ever since I started writing about how I take two weeks off over the holidays, I get a lot of emails in December from clients and readers asking me how I manage it: taking time off, setting expectations with clients and with family, dealing with business crises, etc.

What I keep hearing is that you guys don’t feel like you’re allowed to take time off. You think your businesses will falter, your clients will be pissed, your revenue streams will dry up, etc. Or it’s the opposite, and you want to work through the holidays but don’t feel you’re allowed to spend your holidays focused on anything but your families.

Look, it’s your business! You’re the boss–you make the rules. If you think you need to work, then work. And if you think you need to take time off, then do that! You know what your business needs, and you know what you need…so make it happen!

But asking me, or your family, or your clients for permission is NOT what a boss would do. This is just leftover employee behavior, from your days working in a cubicle or turning in PTO requests.

I take two and half weeks off over the holidays for the same reason that I took three months of maternity leave and fly my kids with me on business trips: because I want to. I don’t ask permission, I don't check in with my business coach, or chat about it with my entrepreneur friends. I just decide it’s the right thing, and I do it.

This year, I’ll be with my hubby and my babies in our new home. We’re going to relax by the fire, bake all the things, take a couple day trips and mostly just enjoy each other’s company with no scheduled anything. Sounds divine to me!

So now it’s your turn. What does your business need this year? What do you need this year? What’s the boss decision you need to make? Whatever it is, don’t ask permission–just do it.




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