You are getting the results you deserve

This is going to be one of my hardass letters to you.

So first, I want you to know that I think you’re amazing and I want you to absolutely CRUSH it and that’s why sometimes I have to deliver tough news because I know it’s what you need to hear:

You’re getting the results you deserve.

That webinar that nobody showed up to? You earned that.

Your email list staying strong at 200 subscribers? That’s all you.

The client who got upset and asked for a refund? Yep, that too.

When your bank account is lower than your confidence? Uh-huh.

It’s true for my business, too. I can look back over the past twelve months and every time something flopped, or I lost clients, or I felt frustrated by the results (or lack of) that I was getting, I can find a connection to how much effort I was putting in. How much focus I was giving. How willing I was to hear feedback that I didn’t want to hear.

It might not be a direct correlation. Just because nobody comes to your webinar doesn’t mean that you suck and your business should be shuttered. It also doesn’t mean that you didn’t try your hardest to fill the seats. So what does it mean? It may mean that you don’t really understand your customer and what they care about so the topic of the webinar is all off. It may mean that your brand doesn’t stand out or confuses people. Or maybe Saturday at 8am isn’t the best time for your ideal client.

When a client says to me that “I’m trying my best but nothing is working,” I know there’s more to the story. In all the businesses I’ve helped, I’ve never seen a situation where somebody was giving 110%, putting in the hours, willing to make the changes they needed to make, and still had no success.

What I have seen (countless times) is a situation where somebody is giving 80%, putting in a few hours of focus but a lot of hours of busy work, willing to make a few of the changes they needed to make…and having no success.

Not only have I seen it, I guarantee it. If you don’t show up fully, I promise you that you’ll see that reflected in your results.


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