When the dream costs money

Your dream is going to cost you money. This fact costs people their dreams every single day.
As a collective, we have been taught to avoid spending money on anything that is not a necessity. We are “allowed” to spend money on modest shelter, food and necessary transportation. Pay for water, gas and electricity but don’t buy anything else.
As a result, we are afraid to spend money on the very things that would get us out of the matrix. We want to escape living paycheck to paycheck and having basic needs met but never having our greatest desires happen. We want to build wealth so we can have more options, experience more freedom and invest in the things that matter to us. 

We want to use money to love on ourselves and on our people, but there is one step that we are simply unwilling to take to make it happen: spend money.
And yet, dreams cost money.

In order to start doing business, you first must create an LLC.
In order to sell the beautiful jewelry you want to make, you first must buy the beads.
In order to open that retail store, you first must lease the space.
In order to get your stuff in front of customers, you first must pay for marketing.
In order to grow your business, you first must sign up for the program to learn how.
Making your dream happen will cost you money. It will require you to invest in yourself in dollar amounts that terrify you. And as a result, you won’t do it.
You’re too afraid to pay $1,500 to start the LLC that will make you $15,000 per month. You’re too afraid to pay $500 for the beads so you can make the jewelry that you can sell for $5,000. You’re too afraid to lease the space for $10,000 that will make you $100,000 this year. You’re too afraid to pay $5,000 for ads that will allow you to sell $50,000 worth of your services. You are terrified to pay $25,000 for the program that will result in you making $250,000 or more every single year from here on out.
When the math maths like this and you still say no, you are making a Broke Ass Decision.

And I know why you are making this Broke Ass Decision: society has done their best to convince us that the smartest money move is always to keep the money in our pockets where it’s allegedly safe. Safe from scammers and waste. But also safe from interest and return on investment.
Don’t you believe it.
If you want to be wealthy, you have to be willing to look your fear in the eye and spend the money.

Wealthy people are always looking for investment opportunities. We don’t worry about the cost of things, we worry about the value of things.
Let me say that again: Wealthy people don’t make buying decisions based on what things cost, we make buying decisions based on what things are valued at.
For example, I saw a piece of property a while back that cost $3 million. I had never bought a piece of property that cost anywhere near that. It felt like a lot of money to me at the time and it felt scary. However, when I looked into the neighborhood, I found that the value of the neighboring properties were significant. I wound up paying $250,000 over asking for the property because I understood the value. Exactly one year later, the property is valued at $5 million. I made $1.75 million in 1 year because I make purchasing decisions based on value and don’t let the cost scare me.
Was it guaranteed that this property value would immediately go up? Absolutely not. 

But I strongly believed, based on all the data available, that it would, even if it took a little time. I was willing to hold on to the property and wait for the value to go up. And I knew that I could put in work to increase the value (like doing some minor renovations and putting effort into creating a killer short-term rental listing for it).
Here's another example: recently I purchased a coaching program to learn some new strategies,  identify my limiting beliefs and understand where I’m holding myself back. The coaching program cost me $375,000. Yes, you read that right: three hundred and seventy five thousand dollars.

Was I surprised when I heard that number? Absolutely. But I didn’t worry too much about the cost. I chose to consider the value. I believed that what I would learn and the coaching that I received would yield results valued at far greater than $375,000. Why did I believe that? Because the coach had already achieved what I was trying to accomplish. I know that this coach knows how to get to the place I am trying to go ‘cause they are already there. And I want to get there fast, as in now, not later. I want to achieve my dream as soon as possible so I can enjoy living my dream life for as long as possible (as we all know, tomorrow is not promised). So I made the investment.
Three weeks later, I applied the teachings of the coach to my business and made $2.7 million dollars. 

That’s an immediate $2,325,000 return on investment. And what’s even better than that is that I can use the new skills that I learned to continue to create these kinds of results every single month!

If you are wondering what’s standing in the way of you and your dreams, the answer just might be: writing a check. As Jay-Z says “everybody’s bosses until it’s time to pay the invoices.”

Don’t let making an investment in yourself stop you from achieving your dream. My secret to success has been that I have always been willing to invest in my dreams so that I can make them happen. And yes, I have gone into debt to invest in my dream many times over the years. I have used credit cards, lines of credit, family loans and other forms of debt in order to invest in myself. (Here’s a secret: you may have heard that debt is bad but the truth is that all wealthy people use debt strategically to make smart investments). 

I encourage you to trust yourself, stop living in fear and invest in your future. 

I believe in you. 


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