What You Need to Do to Have Your Most Epic Month Again and Again.

We all see those posts on Facebook:

  • Just had my first seven-figure launch!
  • Just booked my first $50,000 client!
  • Already exceeded last year’s revenue and there are still 3 months left in the year!
  • I booked $300,000 in revenue this month!
  • I’m moments away from hitting $1 million in revenue!

trophy-2First, let me say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with shouting from the rooftops about your success.

I recently saw an article that called into question whether the entrepreneurs who were sharing their financial successes publicly are actually any good at what they do or whether they even care about their clients.
Now I know there are plenty of charlatans who don’t deliver on their promises in the online and offline business worlds. But I also know that there are many more business owners who truly care about their clients and who are trying to make a good living, take care of their families and do their best work. I would argue that their financial success (assuming it’s an honest report, which I would give them the benefit of the doubt that it is) is most likely a result of them caring about their clients and doing good work. Why shouldn’t these successes be celebrated?
If you find yourself feeling jealous when someone else is celebrating their financial success, it’s really not about the person with the seven-figure launch. It’s about you and can actually be a good thing because jealousy will point you to what you truly want in life.

Show me an entrepreneur complaining about another entrepreneur announcing their financial successes and I’ll show you an entrepreneur too focused on what other people are doing to have their own financial successes.

It is not my style to share the financial details of my business except on rare occasions when I think the numbers actually help people. However, I don’t begrudge the next entrepreneur from publicly celebrating what they’ve accomplished (in fact, it’s good business). And I reserve the right to shout from the rooftops about my own epic successes should the spirit one day move me.
But, what is my style is focusing on how to have epic revenue streams month after month and year after year. Because creating a repeatable, scalable system to generate revenue for your business rather than living launch to launch is so much sweeter.

Eliminating the up and down of cash flow crises every single month makes your business truly epic and your nights a lot more sleepful.

Whether epic means hitting 6-figures consistently each month or reaching for 7-figures for the first time, it’s not something that happens by mistake. It takes careful planning and strategic decisions to grow your business in a smart, sustainable way.

So if it’s not about launching and it’s not about having one epic month, what is it about? I’m glad you asked. It’s about:

  • Creating a webinar sales system where you conduct a webinar for new additions to your audience every week to generate new leads and sell your services.
  • Or conducting an in-person event every month that fills your monthly quota for new clients.
  • Or consistently sending a newsletter, writing articles, recording podcast episodes and videos that bring new people into your audience week after week.
  • Or building an evergreen email marketing sequence that automatically upsells your current customers to other products or services they may want or need without any intervention from you required.
  • Or consistently developing new streams of revenue by creating new partnerships, licensing relationships and other methods of delivering your expertise.
  • Or some combination of all of the above.

Having an epic month is the result of focused, concerted and consistent effort that is usually happening weeks, months or in some cases years before the epic month occurs.

What you want for your business is not just one epic month. What you want is a growth engine.

So this December, before you begin planning for 2016, take the time to map out the process your customers go through as they interact with your business.

How do they find you in the first place? What experiences and interactions do they have with your company once they do find you? What’s the story you tell them about why they need your services? How do you confirm for them that they are in the right place and you are the right provider? Once they’ve purchased from you what does your onboarding process look like? And do they remain a satisfied customer seeking your services again and again? Once the engagement is over are they still engaging with you? Are they sending you referrals? Are they telling you what they want you to make for them next?
Care about your customers.
Hand-craft an epic customer journey for them.
Deliver fresh content and incredible results. Consistently.
That is how you have an epic month every month. It’s also how you create an epic business.
What are you doing to generate consistent bumps in revenue, month after month? Comment below and let me know. I want to hear about it. And if you want my help turning your business into a growth engine, click here to get all of the details about my new mastermind program.

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