True or false?

When it comes to building wealth and becoming a millionaire…

What’s true? And what’s false?

Let’s bust some million dollar myths.

“If you want to run a company that generates 7- or 8-figures per year, sure, it’s possible. But it takes a really long time to get there. Like 10 years, at least.”


My company, Hello Seven, specializes in helping you scale your income from $100K per year to $1 million. 

For the majority of our clients, it does not take 10 years to accomplish this. With the right strategy, systems, community, and mindset, a realistic timeline is closer to 3 years. 

Sometimes more. Sometimes less. But 3 years is doable for most.

“If you want to run a successful business, it’s important to go to graduate school and get a business degree like an MBA.”


I’m making a mental list right now…of the top 10 most successful people I know. All of them are entrepreneurs. All of them are millionaires, or getting close. None of them went to a traditional collegiate business school. 

Higher education can be a great move. My law degree gave me a professional edge, in many regards. It also put me $250K in student loan debt. One could argue that it helped…and it hurt. 

If you want to earn a degree, go for it. Get that diploma-paper. But it’s not a prerequisite for success.

“If you want to launch a business and earn your first $100K, you need a beautiful website, professionally designed logo, branded marketing materials, a mailing list, social media ads, landing pages, webinars, email funnels, and…”


You don’t need all the bells and whistles when you’re just starting out.

All you need is *something to sell* (this could be a service, program, course, etc.) and *some way to take payments* (PayPal works just fine!). And then you need to reach out to people (friends, family, colleagues, etc.) and invite them to hire you. 

That’s it. Start there. Keep it simple. Get that first paying client in the door. Make that first chunk of cash. You can hire someone to build that gorgeous website with all the trimmings…later.

“If you’re a person of color, then you need a white man to be your mentor and champion, to help you make professional connections, and open doors for you.”

Absolutely false. 

I was given this advice as a young attorney and quickly learned: it’s bullshit. 

You don’t need a white cis male to open doors for you or invite you to have a seat at the table. 

We’re building our own tables.

“You should refrain from mixing politics and business. If you’re outspoken about your political viewpoints, you’ll drive customers away! You’ll lose money!”


These days, it’s exactly the opposite. 

If you remain silent on political, human rights, or social justice issues, your customers will notice…and they’ll raise an eyebrow at you. And they’ll wonder why you’re so cowardly.

Speak up. Stand for something. Do the right thing even when it’s uncomfortable. Be willing to take imperfect action and “get it wrong.” Make amends when you mess up. That’s how you’ll win people's trust, respect, and sales. 

Will you occasionally lose customers who don’t agree with you? Yes. This is a good thing. Like weeding the garden! Because do you really want Trump-supporting gremlins lurking around your community, anyway? I hope not! How delightful that they’re making their exit! Buh-bye!

“Money changes you.” 


It sure does! 

Now that I’ve got serious money, I can afford lots of things I couldn’t obtain before. I can put my kids in the best schools. I can hire a nanny and housekeeper and pay them generously. I can take my family on life-changing trips. I can donate to charities in a major way. I can back political candidates I believe in. I can give bonuses to my team. And my daughter can finally have a pony like she always dreamed. 

Many changes. Beautiful ones.

“Community is everything. If you start hanging out with ambitious, high-achieving women, their golden money-making magic-dust will rub off on you.”


This is exactly why I started We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club

Because when you roll with ambitious, wealthy, flourishing badasses, you become one. 

We’re not taking new Club members right now. But in the future, we will. 

Join the wait-list to be notified when The Club doors are open again. And tell your friends, “You should get on this wait-list, too.”  

“I can be the first millionaire in my family. I can leave a legacy for my kids and grandkids. I can make serious money and make history. I can do this.”

100% true.

And we’re with you. All the way.


PS. Make a list of your strongest beliefs about wealth, business, and success. Then, challenge each belief. Is it actually true? Are you sure? Can you prove it? Where’s the evidence? Could you gather evidence to prove that, in fact, the opposite is equally true? Convince yourself to believe something that helps you reach your goals, instead of something that holds you back.

PPS. Because of the serious growth Hello Seven has just experienced, we’re growing our team in lockstep. This means we’re hiring for a variety of roles right now, and when we say, “we should all be millionaires,” we mean ALL of us. This is why we are committed to honoring, celebrating, and fostering diversity on our team, in our clientele and within our community. Our team must reflect our community. Which means we’re looking for candidates that represent diversity across all identities including, but not limited to, ethnicity, race, gender, LQBTQIA, age, religion and abilities. If you’re committed to our mission and our values, take a look at all our open positions here.

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