Is it time for you to shake shit up?

A couple of weeks ago I let you in on the boundaries I recently put in place that made a huge positive impact on my life and my business. Well, this week I wanna tell you about how I’m shaking shit up!

In fact, the other day I came across a quote that really resonated with me and perfectly applies to a recent decision I made (more on that below):

“That moment where you look at your life like a snow globe and go ‘I’m gonna shake the shit out of you.’” – Jan Robinson

Right on, Jan.

Our cute little house that we said goodbye to this week.
Our cute little house that we said goodbye to this week.

In life and in business, there are few worse feelings than the feeling of being stuck, or uncomfortable, and not feeling empowered to do anything about it. Sometimes what you need to propel you forward is a big, fat, scary change –cut off all your hair, break up with your partner, move to a new city–hell, a new country! But fear of the outcome so often holds us back. We need permission to take risks. We need to be able to find comfort in knowing that if the new thing doesn’t end up being what you thought it would be, if it doesn’t work for you, you can always un-do it.

Don’t like your haircut? Get a wig or a weave. Don’t like your new city? Move to another one. Don’t like being single? Find a new partner.

Nothing is permanent. Everything is progress.

It’s no secret that I’ve been shaking shit up in my business this year–it’s basically been one big, long experiment. We put together some new offers that were great and that we plan to offer again in the future (like Cake & Coaching and our Multiply class). And we’ve tried some new things that actually were also great but that we won’t be offering in the future because they don’t fit in with our new business model and take time away from other things that we’ve decided to focus on (like one-on-one coaching and Handled retreats).

Going forward, we’ve decided to focus almost exclusively on our flagship product, Small Business Bodyguard, which is a huge change for us, but something that we are really excited about. We wouldn’t have gotten to the decision to double down on of our most valuable asset if we had been afraid to try new things.

Give yourself permission to shake shit up and rest comfortably in the knowledge that if you don’t like what comes out of it, you can always put things back to the way they used to be.

Once I shook shit up in my business, things still didn’t feel quite right–I still felt a bit uneasy, so I didn’t stop there. I just shook the shit out of my personal life too.

That’s right, as you read this, my family and I are in the process of moving to North Carolina. Actually–hopefully by the time you are reading this all of our boxes are unpacked and we are happily snoozing away in our new home city. It’s something that’s been in the works for a while, and we are motivated to move out of the grind of the NYC area. But, even still, in the weeks leading up to the move, I’ve been having some second thoughts. Much like when I was 19 on the verge of my move to D.C. to intern for then-junior senator, Hillary Clinton (this was my first move away from NY), I started to fear the worst–what if it isn’t a good fit? what if we miss our old city? what if we hate it there?

Luckily, at this point in life, I know that the uncertainty is ok. I am able to admit that I don’t really know if this is the perfect choice, or how well it’s going to work out, but I am certainly willing to take the risk. And, I take comfort in knowing that if it isn’t a good fit, my family and I can pack our stuff right back up and head back from where we came–or to somewhere completely new.

Anything is possible and we can do whatever we want. And you can, too.

So, next time you’re at a point where things feel stagnant, I encourage you to grab the snow globe that is your life and shake the shit out of it. See what comes out of it.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Get some fresh energy. Pick up some momentum.

Consider this the permission you need to shake up your own life.

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