Choose your Money Mantra for 2023.

It’s 2023 which means… it’s time to choose your Money Mantra for the new year!

Pick a phrase that makes you feel powerful, capable, and filled with possibility. Repeat it yourself daily. Build a new and better mindset with every repetition.

A few suggestions:

“I know what I want—and I’m taking steps to get there.” 

“I’m giving my money attention so that it expands.” 

“I’m excited that I am maximizing my earning potential in 2023.” 

“No matter how much I’m currently making, I will make more.” 

“I am never out of options. There is always another move.”

“I have a rich life regardless of my current income.” 

“I succeed. Period.”

“I’m not stopping until I reach my goals.”

“I’m making more money, and elevating my individual life, my family, my community, and the world.”

“My financial future is very different from my past.”

“Madam CJ Walker became a Black woman millionaire over 100 years ago. She did it then, so I can do it now.”

“Everything is possible.”

(And, to quote one of my hilarious clients…) 

“I’m not broke. I’m pre-rich.” 

Happy New Year!

Speak to yourself like a millionaire. Plan like a millionaire. Act like one, too. 

Rachel and The Hello Seven Team

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