This is the #1 thing keeping you from scaling to $1m (and it ain’t your mindset)

Have you ever seen a new player come on to the scene in the online business world and all of a sudden she’s got a million followers and a million dollars and she’s only been in business for like 7 months?

WTF, right?

Why is it that some entrepreneurs seem to scale and amass an audience quickly and others move at what feels like a snail's pace?

If you stay too focused on what you see others doing, it will start to wear you down. You might be thinking, “well that’s wrong with me that I have been at this for a few years and can’t seem to crack the code.”

Trust me, I know that feeling well. I have been in business for eight years. And while I scaled to $500k pretty quickly, it took me a while to get from $500k to $1m. And yet, just last year, I coached three of my clients to $1m in revenue in 12 months.

So what’s the difference between going fast and going slow?

You are expecting me to talk about mindset here but that’s not what we are talking about today. Yes your mindset has a lot to do with it but there is something else that matters just as much.

If you want to know the #1 thing keeping you from scaling to $1m, here it is: invoices.

Yes, I am serious. Invoices are keeping you from scaling and invoices are allowing others to scale quickly. Let me explain.

I love these lyrics because it is so freaking true. Everyone claims to be a boss until it’s time to do boss things. Believe it or not, boss things aren’t flossing in your new Gucci boots or taking 12 pictures of yourself on a first class flight. Hey, I love a designer boot and first class but those are not the things that grow my business and make my dreams come true.

What grows my business and allows me to scale to $1m and beyond are all the invoices I pay to help me make it happen. The events that I attend, the coaches I hire, my team, my nanny, my mastermind and the expensive software. Yes, it’s about the investments. And to be clear, these investments aren't comfortable. I don't love plunking down thousands of dollars to various entities every single month. It still gives me heart palpitations. But I know this is what it takes and I am willing to take on the responsibility of making these investments.

When you see people making millions a lot faster than you I guarantee it’s because they have made investments you are not willing to make.

Here’s where you say, “no, Rachel, it’s not that I’m unwilling, it’s that I truly don’t have the money. I look in my bank account and there is not enough to make the boss moves I want to make.”

And for many that is where the conversation ends. But for me, and for those like me who are committed to making this happen despite what limitations may appear, that is where the conversation begins.

I get it, I used to think that way, too. But I can tell you for sure that kind of thinking is slowing you down. Cause here is the dirty little secret that no one else is going to tell you, but I will (lean in close, I am only going to say this once): literally no one has the money.

It’s a rare entrepreneur that just happens to have $100k in a savings account that they can use to invest in their business without limit. The rest of us just go and find a way.

So instead of thinking “I can’t afford to grow my business, I can’t afford to invest, I have to wait” why not ask yourself “what am I going to do to get this money?” And “how am I going to make this happen?” Resourcefulness is an essential quality of a million dollar CEO.

Take out a sheet of paper and brainstorm your options. Or enter your email below to download my guide, 12 Creative Ways to Raise Capital Quickly.

And then when you find the answer, don’t hide in the corner. Rise to the occasion, do the work, make the money, make the investments and grow. your. business.


Rachel ‘Resourceful AF’ Rodgers

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