The fastest path to building real wealth is…

The truth is this…

The fastest path to building real wealth, the kind of wealth that will serve you for generations, on your own terms, is entrepreneurship.

And for systemically marginalized folks — Black people, people of color, women, queer folks, disabled people, and other groups who have been historically disadvantaged — building a business is a far more realistic way to generate sustainable wealth than saving or climbing the corporate ladder.

I dug deep into this topic in my latest Facebook Bulletin post this week — and you can read the full article right here.

In case you missed my announcement — I’m so excited to be launching Hello Entrepreneur, a dedicated space on Facebook Bulletin where you can learn from me and my team.

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This will be a space where my team and I will be sharing content and expertise from our zones of genius every single week, digging into the how-to content and detailed explanations that will help you grow a seven-figure, sustainable company.

We’ll be talking all things entrepreneurship, business development, and #millionairelifestyle.

Want to get yourself on a realistic path to becoming a millionaire in 3 years (or less)?

Hello Entrepreneur is the place for you.

Every post will be filled with actionable advice to level up your life, your business, and your bank account.

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You can start reading right now — my first two articles are up and running! Check them out right here:

Your Path To 7 Figures In 3 Years — Without Sacrificing Your Latte Habit

The harsh reality is, the world is severely imbalanced when it comes to money.

Most people know that there’s a “wealth gap” between men and women, white people and Black people, cisgender people and the queer community, able bodied people and disabled people.

But really, it’s better described as a wealth chasm of Grand Canyon proportions. Read why we believe why we marginalized folks need to create our own wealth, starting NOW.

The Fastest (And Most Sustainable) Way To Become A Millionaire 

To say that marginalized folks have a much harder time climbing the corporate ladder and face many more barriers to career advancement is not just an assumption.

It’s a fact, and it’s been keeping people financially oppressed for far too long. Find out why the solution for marginalized groups is entrepreneurship.

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I am so excited to be sharing more life-changing, real-talk, millionaire-making content with you.


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