The energy we ALL need right now.

Recently, I sat down with Dr. Myron Golden for a conversation on wealth and economic power.

Myron is, hands down, one of the most inspirational people I know. He’s a Black man, expert business advisor, and self-made millionaire. He’s also a songwriter and owns a record label. As a child, he contracted polio and has used a metal brace to walk his entire life. Nonetheless, he became a black belt in martial arts. 

Myron is the kind of person who refuses to let excuses get in the way. He finds a way to succeed no matter what. And THAT is the kind of energy we ALL need right now.
If you’re feeling tired at the end of a long week, and need something to lift your spirits, go watch (or listen) to my conversation with Myron.
We discuss:

  • My childhood, growing up in a low-income family, and how I learned to be extremely resourceful by watching my mom.
  • How I learned how to negotiate at age 18—by calling financial aid offices and asking them to give me more scholarship money for college and then law school.
  • How I handle negative reviews and nasty messages about my book—and why I refuse to water down my opinions to get people’s approval.
  • The attitude that drives everything I do: “There is always a way. If there’s a will there’s a way and I will find it.”

What do you want to accomplish right now?
How will you find a way or make one? 
Bring THAT level of determination into your week. Do not expect to fail. Expect to win.


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