The blueprint for a $10,000,000 business

Rachel Rodgers here. CEO of Hello Seven and bestselling author of We Should All Be Millionaires. 

I have an exciting, transformative and fun new way that I am working with a select few clients and I want to share it with you. 

I have designed a process and system to scale your business to million dollar months while having fun, working less and delivering an amazing result to your customers. 

People think building a multi-million dollar business with a team, systems and a well thought out product suite is really hard. Not to mention, they don’t know how to do it. 

So they settle for a business where they are always launching something new to pay the bills, always putting out fires and nothing gets done unless they do it themselves. 

What they don’t realize is this so-called “easy way” to build a business (launching all the time, not creating scaleable processes and not hiring employees) is actually the hard way. 

Not only is it hard, it’s slow. 

If you want to be running a business that generates at least $100,000 per month, or WAY better, $1,000,000 per month every single month (not just once or twice per year) without a lot of extra efforting, then you need the Hello Eight VIP Experience. 

Had you hired me for a VIP experience, four years ago like my client K did, you would currently have a $5m business like she does. K came to me with $100,000 in annual revenue and 3 different niches she was trying to serve. She is really good at what she does but the right, scaleable business model for her brilliant work hadn’t yet emerged. She was struggling to choose a focus for her business and a clear product. Together we created a framework and a program that took her business to $1m in revenue in 6 months and now she’s running a $5m empire with the same program we created all those years ago.

Or, if you would have worked with me back in 2018, you might be like my client R who put the fee to work with me on a credit card and was only making $50,000. After working together R grew their service business from $50,000 to over $1m in revenue. They also created a cutting-edge brand and framework that allowed them to land a major, six-figure book deal (using my contacts). 

So what’s holding you back from achieving these kinds of results? 

If your business isn’t where you want it to be yet despite trying lots of different things and investing in lots of coaching, courses and masterminds over the years, I understand why. 

The real problem is that most business strategists and coaches teach you social media marketing or they teach you how to develop a course or they teach you how to launch a retreat or live event or they teach you how to use software for project management. What they don’t teach is all of the elements of building a profitable, sustainable multi-million dollar business in a holistic way. 

You need a system that shows you all of the elements of a successful business, not just one or two of them. 

Think about it: if you have strong sales and marketing but you don’t have a good customer service system to deliver for those clients, your business will be broken. 

If you have an amazing delivery system but no one is buying, your business will be broke. 

And if you don’t have strong operations with a solid team, project management system and leadership, your business will take up all your time and be very inefficient. 

In order to build a highly profitable, impactful business that doesn’t take up all your time, you need to understand all of the elements of a strong business and build each of them into an efficient business model. 

Why don’t most business coaches teach you all of these elements? Because they haven’t done it. 

They have mastered one or maybe two aspects of building a business, not all of them. That’s why most business coaches aren’t running $10 million dollar businesses that are rapidly growing. When you understand all of these elements, you and your business become unstoppable. 

How do you learn all of the elements of an 8-figure business? The best thing you could do is hire a mentor who knows how to do exactly what you want to do (because they have successfully done it) and are willing to show you the way. 

The strategies you used to build the business you have now are not the strategies you’ll need to use to build an 8-figure business. 

The sooner you start making the right “8-figure moves” the sooner you will see your revenue, freedom and impact grow.

Most entrepreneurs making $10 million or more do not have time to teach other entrepreneurs how to get to eight-figures and I am no exception. I have several new book deals, a television show and other exciting opportunities in the works. Once those deals are done my schedule won’t allow me to continue to offer this Hello Eight VIP Experience. 

Only an elite few who raise their hand now will have this opportunity. Those will be the same folks you’ll watch catapult to $10 million and more over the next year or so. You’ll see them everywhere, folks will be talking about their business and you’ll see them hiring, building next level offers, making major investments and closing major deals. 

You can either watch these other entrepreneurs winning at that level, or you can be the one winning. You can be the one others are watching and wondering “how did they do it?!” Do not miss this rare opportunity to work with me 1:1. 

At this point, I am an award-winning business coach and bestselling author running a highly profitable business with a team of 30 full-time employees and working three days per week. 

It’s easy to look at where I am right now and think it all happened overnight in some exciting, instant moment like some kind of Multi-Million Dollar Big Bang. 

The truth is success almost never happens that way. And even if you are lucky enough to have a “big bang” moment (like going viral) you still have to have a solid plan, infrastructure and brand in order to even take advantage of a moment like that (there are plenty of people in the world who have gone viral and still have empty bank accounts).

I used to be you. 

I remember when I had my first million dollar year. I had just moved to North Carolina from New York. I wanted more money but I also wanted a calmer life. I had three kids and wanted to get more off of my plate so I could free up more of my time. 

I thought $1 million in revenue was gonna be the pinnacle. I thought “Mama, I made it.” But the truth is: a million dollars is the floor. Seven-figures is when you are just truly getting in the game. You’ve built an audience, you’ve figured out an offer that works well enough and you have a small team. 

If you have reached $1m in revenue you should be proud. Only 9% of all small businesses in the U.S. (over 30 million businesses) make over $1m. If you are a woman entrepreneur, it’s only 2% that reach $1m. And if you are a woman of color entrepreneur, that number falls to less than 1%. 

As a Black woman, I’ve beat the odds and you can too. But that means you have to keep going. And there is good reason to. 

At a million dollars in revenue, I was still making all the strategic decisions in my business, there was still a lot of client work that only I could do, my calendar looked bananas because I was trying to maintain my current success while also finding a way to grow to the next level. I was still spending a lot of time putting out fires, I didn’t have enough systems in place or enough team members to clear my plate.

 I had very little time to actually act as CEO because all of my time was spent managing team members, taking care of clients, posting on social media and recording videos and producing content for marketing, trying to get press and still trying to learn and find a way to scale beyond my current level. My cell phone was always dinging demanding my attention when I was trying to rest or get in quality time with the fam. 

It was a lot. And I wanted to scale to multi-millions as quickly as possible so that I could hire not only more employees but more experienced employees. I also wanted to build better systems and processes using the best technology and project management. And I wanted to take home more money so I could not just make $1m in revenue but have more than $1m in profits sitting in my bank account. 

Once I figured out what was holding me back, everything changed. 

My revenue grew to $2 million, then $5 million and then $10 million really quickly. I was able to hire leaders to create a truly amazing workplace for my team. I was able to build the right systems that make things operate so much smoother and save time for every team member. I can make major investments in my business without hurting current operations and I’ve been able to build and diversify my personal wealth in major ways as well, investing in tech startups, real estate and more. 

I’ve also built a brand that helps to grow the business. I’ve written a bestselling book and sold over 100,000 copies. I’ve gotten a speaking agent,  TV agent, a literary agent, and a publicist who are regularly securing deals on my behalf. And I’ve appeared on TV in places like Good Morning America, had profiles about me appear in The New York Times, Women’s Health, Forbes, Inc., Business Insider, Fast Company and more. I’ve been on the biggest name podcasts like LadyGang, School of Greatness and Professional Troublemaker. And my company has been on The Inc. 5000 list (in the top 20%) two years in a row.

I know what it takes to go from $0 to $10 million. 

I know every step you should take and the ones you shouldn’t. I understand the risks and rewards of every strategy ‘cause I’ve tried it all. I’ve helped thousands of clients make millions of dollars over the years because I want to help as many entrepreneurs as possible build highly profitable, highly successful multi-million dollar companies. 

If you’d like to hire me for this Hello Eight VIP Experience, here’s how it will work:

Together we will walk through my Shmillionaire Framework (yes, that’s what it’s called – thank you, Cardi B). I use this framework to assess the main issues in your business that are causing the most inefficiencies and profit leaks. Once we have identified the main problems in your business, we will assess the major opportunities for growth within your business (every business has them, as CEOs we often can’t see them for ourselves because we’re blinded by all the stuff that is keeping us busy). We will also deep dive on your desires. We will align the needs of the business with your personal and professional goals. 

Once these assessments are complete, you will already feel like you got your money’s worth. Clarity is the precursor to cashflow. 

Armed with clarity, we will begin rebuilding your business model into one that will turn you into a Shmillionaire. A Shmillionaire is a business owner of a 7, 8 or 9-figure business who works part-time and makes a massive impact on their customers and clients. 

We will re-work your marketing, sales, product development and service delivery, team, operations, systems and business finances into a business that can scale to $10 million or more. You will leave with a blueprint for an 8-figure business that you can begin to execute on immediately. This blueprint will completely align with the life you want for yourself. Using my years of experience, Shmillionaire Framework and our combined creativity you will have a business you love that makes more money than you ever could have imagined. 

I call this experience Hello Eight (as in eight-figures). Hello Eight is a 3-day private, VIP experience with me where together we will develop your blueprint for your eight-figure business in a delightful, luxurious environment. 

This experience is for entrepreneurs who are ready to scale to $10,000,000 and want to understand how they are holding themselves back from achieving these results. During this retreat you will experience transformational coaching, you will get specific, strategic business advice and we will re-imagine your entire business model to one that will give you everything your heart desires (including financial freedom, time freedom and impact). 

Here’s how we will work together:

Once you are officially accepted into the program you will complete pre-work that will allow me to begin assessing your business and considering various strategies for you before this VIP experience even begins. You will receive an exciting, luxury gift to get you in the right mindset.

You will choose one of my three luxury properties to have your private retreat: a private island in Antigua, a ranch in North Carolina, or a villa in Lake Como. The choice is all yours. The concierge on my team will assist you in making travel arrangements. Everything will be handled for you from accommodations to airport transfers. 

On the first day of your arrival, you will get checked in and have time to relax, take a nap or get a massage. In the evening, we will get together for a fabulous dinner and our initial coaching session. You’ll have lots to consider as you dream that night. 

On day two, you will join me for breakfast and we’ll spend a half-day together conducting assessments and building out your eight-figure business model. In the afternoon, you will go on a fun excursion which depending on which property you choose could be boating, horseback riding, hiking, snorkeling and more. We’ll find the right excursion for you. After a fun afternoon, we’ll have dinner together and another work session to finalize your blueprint. 

On day three, we’ll have breakfast together and I will interview you for my podcast (both audio and video) to create some visibility around this new blueprint right away. Then you will check out and have a lux travel experience home. 

When you return home you will have been transformed by this luxury experience, expert coaching and you will have the mindset and action plan to build an eight-figure business. 

Your Hello Eight VIP Experience will include:

  • Pre-work and a luxury gift to help you prepare for your private VIP experience ($2,500 value)
  • Use of our concierge to assist with your travel arrangements ($1,000 value)
  • Eight hours of in-person 1:1 coaching with Rachel Rodgers ($300,000 value)
  • A visit to one of Rachel’s exclusive, luxury properties including two nights of luxury accommodations, airport transfers and all meals during your stay ($25,000 value)
  • An interview on Rachel’s podcast ($41,500 worth of publicity)
  • Access to Rachel’s Rolodex – I will make a very valuable introduction for you that makes sense for your goals, at my discretion ($100,000 value) 
  • 12 months in Rachel’s mastermind which includes bi-weekly coaching with Rachel and two in-person retreats. ($100,000 value)
  • Limited-time bonus: Bring a companion! You can bring your significant other, business partner, team member or friend to experience this retreat with you at no additional cost. ($25,000 value)
  • Limited-time bonus: I am feeling generous so I am going to throw in first class airfare as well for the first three people to sign up. ($5,000)

The total value of this exclusive, VIP experience is $600,000. Your investment is much less than that. 

At this point you can see exactly how transformative this experience will be for your business, bank account and life. I showed you how my past clients turned a VIP Day with me into a $1m payday and a $5 million business. I’ve broken down the processes I am going to take you through to achieve these results. And my credentials speak for themselves. Now it’s up to you to decide. 

The way I see it, you have three options.

Option 1: You can do nothing. Take no action and keep trying to build an eight-figure  business on your own through a lot of trial and error. You will probably eventually get there if you don’t give up but how long will it take? And what’s the value of making $10 million dollars on an annual basis starting ASAP versus eventually getting your company to $10 million in annual revenue in five years or more?

Option 2: You can hire another coach. There are a lot of business coaches out there and most of them charge way less than I do. Most of them also haven’t built an 8-figure business from scratch and even if they have, they haven’t developed a formula to help you achieve the same results. You have to ask yourself: do I want the less expensive, less experienced coach or do I want to work with the best?

Option 3: You can say yes and use my years of experience, connections and coaching as your shortcut. The biggest conundrums in your business? I’ve already been there and solved that problem (in most cases more than once). You can join me for a completely life-changing experience and create the business of your dreams that generates the kind of money you have only dreamed of sooner rather than later. Why learn the hard way when you can learn the fast way?  

The choice is entirely up to you and I trust you to make the decision that’s right for you. 

Most entrepreneurs say they want to build an eight-figure business. They want to have a big impact and still get home in time for dinner. They want to change the world through their work. But when the opportunity presents itself to accomplish exactly that sooner than they imagined possible, most entrepreneurs will talk themselves out of it potentially never achieving their big goals. Some people dream about it, some people talk about it and other people jump on the opportunities to learn, grow and make it actually happen. 

If you’re still with me, my guess is you are one of the action takers. If you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity, simply complete this application to take the first step towards booking your VIP Experience

I review every application personally and will only accept entrepreneurs who are: 

  • Coachable, ready to learn and take action (if you are sure you already know everything than this VIP experience isn’t for you). 
  • Running a successful business with a strong desire to scale to $10 million. 
  • A high integrity person that is committed to doing your best for the people you serve. 
  • Has the ability to travel to North Carolina, the Caribbean, or Italy in order to meet with me in person. 

I have capacity to take on a total of 7 clients for this VIP Experience (I had 8 but one of the members of my community grabbed a spot before this announcement even got published). 

If you are ready, complete the application (I’d do it sooner rather than later – I’ll be reviewing applications as they roll in). 
No matter what you decide, I encourage you to keep going. The world needs more of what you’ve got.


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