The 6 things you need to do for your business

Where were you this Friday? What did you accomplish? How much progress did you make on your business?

This Friday I spent eight hours with 60+ women entrepreneurs in my virtual workshop, Hello Seven Incubator. These women are successful, talented, articulate, motivated…and all looking for an answer to this question: What do I need to do to make seven figures?

8 hours later, they had the answer.

The first step in BIG transformation is understanding where you want to go…and then taking a realistic look at where you currently are. So, I asked everyone to write out their future business and compare it with their current reality.

This is what one woman wrote. 



See, when it’s laid out like that, how clear it is? If she wants to go from $$ to $$$$, she better be prepared to turn her entire business on it’s head.

So what’s stopping her?

She doesn’t know what to do.

And that’s what we spent all day Friday figuring out.

2. You need Million Dollar Behavior. Million Dollar Behavior (the other MDB…) is so many things and I’m going to be covering it in depth in an epic blog post soon. But for this workshop, we covered two elements: Hyper-focus and being seen. I asked these women what it would mean to their businesses if they could drop all the busy and the noise and just go all in on a few key projects. What would happen to their brand if they weren’t hiding in the background? If they weren’t embarrassed and feeling like an amateur? This is one of my favorite things to teach. I can honestly point to it as one of the main reasons I’ve achieved the success I have. And from what I saw in the group chat, it resonated with almost every woman in the workshop.

3. You need a million dollar brand. What do you do, who do you do it for, why should they care. This shit is so simple but so vital and almost every business owner I’ve EVER worked with has needed work in this area.

4. You need a million dollar business model I walked everyone through my Tetris Business Model, a powerful visual aid to see where your business isn’t making sense, is keeping you small and is confusing your ideal customer.

5. You need a million dollar backend ????????????. You can’t build a team if you don’t know your role. Solopreneuers are so good at hiring another solopreneur for an isolated task (designer, accountant, etc) instead of hiring a team member who brings a strength that they don’t possess (organizer, manager, strategist, salesperson, etc). That’s the fast track to staying small and overworked and ineffective. I had each attendee honestly assess what their strengths are, what they’re going to keep doing, every single thing that needs to be done that they’re not going to do. Who is going to do that? This can be a life-changing business-changing revenue-changing exercise.

6. You need to do yoga to CardiB.

Alright, if you weren’t at the Hello Seven Incubator on Friday, what were you doing? What did you learn about your business? What do you still need help with?


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