That thing you’re afraid to say…

Is there something you’re afraid to do or say…to your clients, to your community, or to the world? 

Maybe you passionately support Black Lives Matter (in private) but you’ve never shared your views publicly because what will Uncle Steve think? 

Maybe you’re a therapist and you believe that 7 days of unplugged time in the wilderness can change your life faster than 7 months of traditional sit-on-the-couch therapy. You even have evidence to back this up. But you’re terrified to say this aloud because what will your peers think?

Maybe you want to do something radical in your business (burn down an old program, reinvent, start fresh) but what if some of your customers prefer things the “way it used to be” and send grumpy emails to you?

When you choose the cowardly path of silence, you lose people’s respect and money, too.

When you hide what makes you special, you become invisible.

When you keep doing something that’s not working just because you don’t want to rock the boat, ultimately, you drown.

October is Build Your Brand Month inside the Club

Whether you’re a Club member or not, let this email be an invitation to you.

It’s time to stand up for what you believe in, embrace what makes you different, and do the scary thing you’ve been avoiding.

And, it’s time to dig deep inside of yourself and find the courage to CALL IN the clients you love and REPEL the clients you don’t. 

Yes, Karen might send you a nasty email and you know what? You will live. And Karen can unsubscribe and get out of your life and detoxify your inbox. What a treat. 

Here’s your action plan for October:

  1. What is something that feels “too risky” or “too bold” to say publicly? Do it.
  2. What is something about you that is “different” compared to most people in your field? A different approach? A different point of view? Maybe even a controversial stance? Share it.
  3. What is something you see in the world that breaks your heart? Take a stand and do something to be part of the solution. And invite others to join you.

When one person takes a stand, it creates a ripple effect. 

As soon as one person does something courageous, suddenly, hundreds of other people feel inspired to do the same. Be the first brave stone in the water that causes the ripple. It only takes one.

Be the one.



PS. Q4 is HERE and this year is not over yet.

Right now Shmillies (that’s what lovingly call our Club members, y’all), are seeing and posting their wins EVERY day. 

From Satya who made $6700 within 24 hours of her FIRST EVER webinar…

To Samantha who just scored at $10K grant for her business (and actually enjoyed the application process!)…

To Brittenei who’s brick and mortar practice just had its highest-grossing month EVER…

To Cindy who’s online business just had its first six figure MONTH (after a total pivot back in the Spring)…

You can absolutely still beat those revenue goals you set waaaaaaaay back in January, no matter what 2020 has thrown at you. If you’re ready for the coaching, mindset work, biz education, and a community over 1500 strong to get you there, don’t waste another day. Get in The Club right now.

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