The NEW Rodgers Collective (a behind-the-scenes look)

Pour the mimosas! Big changes are afoot! I started my business, probably like you, with a laptop and a dream. For years, the only thing I offered was legal services. Since that fateful day on September 1, 2010, my business has grown and evolved and so have I. Every year, I set big goals for my business and make changes and improvements to facilitate those goals.

Well, this year the changes are bigger than I even imagined they’d be but I am already so happy with the results.

So what’s changed? A whole bloodclot lot!

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First, I have redefined what we offer. This is something that has been in the works for almost a year and means that I will stop doing work that doesn’t utilize my greatest talents and do more of the work that facilitates the greatest results for clients. Second, I have restructured my team to better suit our new business model and focus.

This new business model allows me to operate at my highest level, which means you get the best version of me and this company when you work with us. These changes have also greatly reduced my stress level (hallelujah!), made us more profitable (which means I get to take home more — which is a big part of the reason we’re in business in the first place) and it has allowed me to have more face time with you– my peoples! I have been craving deeper interaction with my clients and community and now I’ve got it. Yay!

So here’s what the redefined Rodgers Collective looks like:

The biggest, most exciting part of these changes for me is that my husband, Dediako Rodgers, has joined the company full-time as our Business Manager. He has been helping out and working in the business here and there for years, but now he is an official full-time member of the squad. I absolutely love working with my husband, we make a great team at home and it turns out, we also make a great team in business. Dediako now handles the behind-the-scenes so I can stay focused on the front-of-the-scenes? (whatever, you know what I mean!).

Another member of the team that has been working with me for a while, but will now take on a more pivotal role on the squad, is Chris Matthew. Chris is an IP and small business attorney who is going to serve as our new Community Manager for the Small Business Bodyguard Facebook Group. If you are a member of SBB, you can ask questions in the Facebook group whenever you need some guidance in the legal arena and Chris will be there to answer and point you in the right direction. Yay for next level service!

Rodgers Collective will also continue to be supported by our amazing extended team including our designer, Michelle, our copywriter, Lyndsay, our developer, Alison, our FB ad expert, Nic, and our photographer, Chelsea.

Speaking of the squad, while we’ve gained some new team members, we’ve lost a few as well. Lauren Turner, formerly our Associate Attorney, and Tressa Beheim, formerly our Operations Manager, have both moved on to new projects. We parted ways amicably and in a way that was mutually beneficial for all parties. I wish Lauren and Tressa the absolute best in their new endeavors.

And here’s how we will serve you moving forward:

We now offer a variety of services at Rodgers Collective, all with the goal of helping entrepreneurs secure and create strong businesses overflowing with intellectual property. We are especially passionate about serving women entrepreneurs and people of color entrepreneurs who need guidance and support to create businesses that not only generate significant income, but are also highly valued assets that can live on without the founder and create value long term.

We have a new Work With Us page up on the site that outlines our various coaching offers, which include:

MADE: My week-long retreat where you can work with me and my team to create a product that generates revenue for your business even when you’re not working. I am currently in France preparing for the MADE: IN FRANCE retreat (there’s still one spot left if you want to join me). The next MADE will take place in Charleston, SC in February.

MULTIPLY: This is my new 8-week masterclass where you can work with me virtually to create your smash product. Have me guiding you, coaching you and cajoling you (if necessary) through my specific process of creating an effective product that makes bank. The next class starts on October 5th and we have just a few spots left.

HANDLED: This is a 48-hour retreat where you get to come hang with me in my new hometown in North Carolina for two days of business planning, prepping and pampering. If you need clarity to figure out your next move for your business, come get handled. My previous Handled clients have all launched new businesses, offers and websites since their retreats. Each of one them showed up thinking they just needed some quick fixes, what they got turned out to be much deeper and impactful. Handled is about making big plans and then executing them (all while being pampered of course, because why not?). I have opened up 3 dates in October and November for Handled retreats. Get the details here.

NEXT: If you are looking for long term help fixing things in your business that are not working the way you want, check out NEXT. This is my one-on-one coaching offer where you get to work with me one-on-one over six months to usher in the next level of your business. Please note that NEXT is specifically for entrepreneurs who are ready to take bold action to reach new revenue and business goals. If money doesn’t matter to you, then NEXT is definitely not a good fit because it’s all about the moolah. I have two spots available for one-on-one coaching, apply here.

[We may also be hosting another Cake + Coaching event in the near future. Stay tuned!]

In addition to our coaching offers, we will continue to help entrepreneurs build legally viable businesses.

Legal Kits: Our legal kits have helped approximately 2,000 small businesses handle their legal needs competently and reliably, all while being entertained (because we like to make you laugh). We will, of course, continue to sell our legal kits and we’re in the process of vastly increasing the amount of entrepreneurs we serve through Small Business Bodyguard and the rest of our kits. My goal is to serve another 10,000 entrepreneurs and bring SBB sales up to $100k per month and we’ve already begun. To that end, we have added new community benefits and are planning for a newly redesigned version of SBB to debut in 2017.

Legal Services: As we increase our effectiveness through coaching and our legal kits, we are winding down the one-on-one legal work. We have a handful of select legal clients that we love and will continue to work with. However, we are taking new legal clients on on a very, very, very limited basis going forward.

Rodgers Collective turned six years old this past Thursday, September 1 (we celebrated with biscuits – don’t be jelly!). I am so proud that we are not only still standing, but that we’ve consistently grown at least 20% every single year. I can only imagine what the next 6 years will bring.

To more joy, more love, more cash & more light,
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