Spreading yourself too thin?

Jani White has always been a hard worker. 

She’s been a college professor for 30 years. However, working at the college didn’t provide the income and lifestyle that she wanted. Like many educators, she continually looked for ways to scrape together extra coins on the side.

And so, Jani became the Queen of Side Hustles. She got her real estate license. She did multi-level marketing. She ran a gym. A little bit of everything. 

At times, it felt like she had a dozen side hustles going on simultaneously! Each one provided a little money, but not a ton. Her attention was pulled in many different directions. It’s a difficult way to live. Exhausting. Not sustainable.

After discovering Hello Seven, Jani had a mental shift. She asked herself questions like, “What would happen if I focus my energy on creating one extremely profitable business instead of doing so many things all at once?”

And it inspired her to focus, focus, focus…and develop ONE brand new program.

Today? Jani is hustling less and earning more. She reports, “I’m making more money. I’m traveling. Eating out. Enjoying life. I can donate to GoFundMe and help people in need. I couldn’t do that back when I was broke.” 

Focusing brings you the funds!

You can work 80 hours a week and run 10 mini-businesses that each produce a few hundred bucks. Or you can work 30 hours a week and build a company that generates millions. 

Be busy and struggling? Or be focused and wealthy? Both paths are challenging in different ways. Which type of challenge would you prefer? 

Jani adds, “A million dollars is not that hard to get. We just need to decide and do it.”

Decide to stop spreading yourself so thin. Decide what kind of business you want to build and go ALL IN. Decide that you CAN be successful doing one thing, and you don’t need to create 10 backup plans just in case you fail. Decide to focus. 

This is how you shift from overwhelm…to an overflowing bank account.



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