To make millions, solve *one* problem

Every year, Forbes releases a list of the 100 fastest growing companies in the world.

Just a few from the latest list: 

Amazon. Grubhub. Netflix. iRobot. Planet Fitness. Salesforce. The Match group (they own Tinder, Match, Hinge, and several other dating apps). Hooker Furniture (confession: I included this one because it made me lollll), but they’re generating $676 million in revenue per year, so that’s no laughing matter.

What do all these multi-million and billion-dollar companies share in common?

They are focused.

They do one thing.

And they do it extremely well.

Grubhub – Come here. Pick a delicious meal. Get it delivered to your doorstep.

Netflix – Come here. Choose a show or movie. Watch it from your comfy couch.

iRobot – Come here. Purchase the best vacuum cleaning robot on earth. You’ll never have to manually vacuum your floors ever again. 

Match – Come here. Search for your soulmate. Connect. Find love. 

Okay, now consider your own business.

Do you solve one problem, or are you trying to solve 10 different problems? Do you have one crystal clear message, or 25 different messages? Can people sum up what you offer in 10 seconds or less, or do people struggle to find the right words to explain because “it’s complicated”? Are you offering too many things? 

I see so many women entrepreneurs who are doing way too many things. Unfocused. Spread too thin. All over the place. 

It’s like…Come here. Get holistic health coaching, financial advice, occasional Zumba classes, plus astrology every other Tuesday, elder care, and we have a summer camp for teen girls, too! By the way, we also offer couples’ counseling!

That is not the makings of a million-dollar empire. 

When your business is unfocused, it’s confusing. When customers are confused, they do not open their wallets. 

And when your business is unfocused, it’s emotionally exhausting for you as the CEO. Like one teaspoon of jam spread across 12 pieces of toast. It just doesn’t work.

Imagine how powerful it would feel to choose one problem you’re going to solve for your clients…commit 100% to solving this problem…gain absolute mastery in this one area…refine and perfect your systems…and develop the best solution on earth. Doesn’t that sound refreshing and sexy?! This is what I call million-dollar commitment. 

This is what I’ve done with my own business. 

I run a company called Hello Seven. I have one mission: to help every woman I meet earn seven figures and become a millionaire. Period. That’s it.

My company offers a very small list of services to help you become a millionaire. We do one thing, and we do it very well. This is how we’ve grown our revenue to $5 mil per year and climbing, yes, even during the pandemic.

“But I am multi-passionate!” I can hear you saying. “I contain multitudes! My soul is a tapestry woven with infinite threads of possibility! I can’t possibly commit to doing just one thing!” 

To that, I would argue, go ahead and be multi-passionate…in your personal time! 

On your days off and weekends, do it all! Do salsa dancing. Ride ponies. Learn French. Read romance novels. Practice calligraphy. Bake scones. You don’t need to monetize every single one of your passions. You can have a multi-passionate life. But you need to have a uni-passionate business if you want to make serious bank.

In conclusion:

To make millions, solve *one* problem.

Commitment leads to cash. Lack of commitment keeps you tired, stressed, over-extended, confuses your audience, and leaves you crying tears of frustration into your laptop instead of swimming in coin. 

If you would like to generate a modest income each year (say, $100-$400K or below) feel free to continue solving 20 different problems for your clients. That’s fine. Carry on.

However, if you would like to make $1 million per year (and above) and build serious wealth, then you need to focus. 

Choose one problem you’re going to solve. Commit. Solve this one problem better than anyone else.  

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Focus brings you all the funds.


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