How to Create Lucrative Partnerships for Your Business

Have you seen The Avengers? Nevermind. Doesn’t matter.
Let’s pretend that I’m Black Widow. I could go around, by myself, spying on enemies and kicking ass in my tight, patent leather catsuit. And that would be pretty damn cool.
Screenshot 11-18-15But what’s even cooler is if I, Black Widow, team up with you (assuming ‘you’ are Hawkeye) and together we take down ALL the bad guys.
You with your bow and arrow.
Me with my ass-kicking boots.
Together? We’d be unstoppable.

And that is the whole damn point of creating lucrative partnerships: teaming up with other companies or entrepreneurs that have unique talents, skills or assets that complement your unique talents, skills and assets, the combination of which enables you to unleash a product or service for your clients that is so much better than you could ever create on your own.

But how do you make amazing partnerships like this happen? What steps do you take to get another superhero to notice you and want to work with you?
Well, that’s exactly what I’m talking about in today’s episode of RRTV.
Check it out. Your future partner is waiting …

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