Privacy Policies: 2 Mistakes Online Entrepreneurs Make

This is the fourth and last video in my series, The 4 Key Areas of Business Law that Online Entrepreneurs Need to Know. Video#3 is here. This series is all about empowering you to understand the legal needs of your business so you can be more productive and make more money.

When your business has an online presence there are a variety of laws with which you need to comply; especially when it comes to privacy online. Several states have established laws governing internet privacy. In addition, the Federal Trade Commission has also developed various guidelines relevant to online entrepreneurs.
But how are you supposed to know what's required?
Watch this video to learn about privacy policies, the 2 mistakes online entrepreneurs make with their privacy policies and how you can avoid them.
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Do you have a privacy policy on your website? If not, why?  Let me know in the comments below.

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