Such a common mistake.

Have you ever created a course, workshop, seminar, retreat, academy, or some other kind of educational program? 

Did your clients get astounding results? Or, not so much?

Did 100% of your clients complete the program and feel victorious? Or, did you have lots of people flaking out, giving up, or mysteriously vanishing mid-way through?

Were your clients engaged the whole time? From day one all the way to the finish line? Or was there a spike of excitement at the beginning, followed by a steep decline?

If your clients:

  • Struggle to stay motivated.
  • Don’t complete the programs you create.
  • Aren’t getting excellent results, consistently.

There’s a simple reason why.

Your clients are overwhelmed.

Your program is probably too daunting, too dense, too jam-packed with information, too confusing, too difficult, too mentally taxing, or maybe just too big and too long.

Thus, your clients dive in and feel overwhelmed. Overwhelm kills joy, hope, and motivation. It paralyzes people. It blocks your clients from getting the results that they want. (And paid for.)

You might think you are being “so generous” by heaping tons of things onto your customers' plate. This special guest instructor! And this extra e-book! And this 90 minute training! And this bonus module! 

Nope. You are actually doing them a disservice.

Simpler is better. Less is more.

By stripping your offer down to the bare essentials, you create less work for yourself (hooray!) plus you set your client up for success. 

The next time you are developing (or refining) an offer, ask yourself the following q’s:

  • How could I make this simpler?
  • What could I delete?
  • What is the simplest path to success?
  • What does my client absolutely need to know and do? What’s essential? What’s not?
  • How can I make sure my client does NOT feel overwhelmed?
  • How could I make sure my customer feels competent and capable, and feels a strong sense of accomplishment (“I did it!” “I am doing great!”) instead of feeling like they are drowning?

If your customer feels powerful and successful, they will stick around. 

If they feel exhausted and overwhelmed, they will leave. (Or complain. Or ask for a refund. Or write a nasty review.)

Your clients actually want you to do less. Not more.

Give them less info, less homework, less to wrestle with, fewer steps to complete…and that’s how you will build a million dollar offer that changes their lives and yours.

Keep. It. Simple. And. Do. Less.


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