Prioritize like a pro to achieve million-dollar productivity

I'm regularly asked how I get everything done. Between building my business, serving clients, showing up for my family, and taking good care of myself, it's easy to see why people think I must have discovered some extra hours in the day. It’s not that at all, though. I have the same 24 hours in a day as you (and Beyoncé). There's another crucial piece to this productivity puzzle that I'm sharing with you today: effective time management.

Effective time management can lead to million-dollar productivity—the ability to prioritize and give yourself enough time and space to achieve your personal and professional goals. Making the most of my limited time is key, especially with all the tasks I have to juggle daily.

With million-dollar productivity, you’ll: 

  • Get more done in less time.
  • Make important deadlines.
  • Avoid stressful time crunches.
  • Feel more energized, confident, and calm.
  • Have more leisure time.

But first, you have to identify your priorities. I'm super clear about my priorities. I know what I want to do in my personal life and my business. And, just as important, I know exactly what I won't do. Things that don't align with my priorities either get outsourced or fall by the wayside. I know what you might think: “outsourcing work is way outside of what I can do right now.” 
But even if you can’t outsource things on your to-do list right away, there are some things you can probably scratch off due to their lack of importance. 
Here are the questions you should ask yourself when prioritizing the tasks you need to get done. 

  1. What would I like to do more of with my time?
  2. What are my favorite things to do on my schedule?
  3. Does this task align with what I want to do with my time?
  4. Which tasks take more time than they should?
  5. What is the outcome if I prioritize this, and what is the result if I don’t?
  6. Will this help me grow professionally and personally?

By answering these questions honestly, you should be able to glean the importance and urgency of each task and prioritize them accordingly. 
It’s crucial that your time management is effective because if it’s lacking, you can: 

  • Miss project deadlines.
  • Produce low-quality work.
  • Disrupt your work-life balance.
  • Become more stressed.
  • Harm your professional reputation.

You can get so much more done than we think. We overestimate what we can accomplish in a day, but we can get a lot done in a year or over the course of six months. And to do that, you have to decide what's important to do and drop everything else. 

Decide what's important to you, not just what’s important to society or your mom, clients, children, or spouse. Set your own priorities and effectively manage your time from there. 

Once you master that, million-dollar productivity is waiting on the other side. 


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