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Hello Seven with Rachel Rodgers | The MOST with Susan Hyatt and Robert Hartwell

092 The MOST with Susan Hyatt and Robert Hartwell

I have The MOST exciting news to share with y’all this week. Are you ready?!

I am delighted to be joined this week by my two dearest friends, Robert Hartwell and Susan Hyatt. And you know that when we get together, y’all better expect something incredible is coming your way!

This week, we are talking about being THE MOST and our incredible retreat coming up soon. We are so passionate about helping you embody being THE MOST, and we’re spilling all the tea about why we created this offer, what you can expect from the retreat, and all of the amazingness that we have planned.

If your glass is feeling half-empty after navigating your life, business, career, or relationships in a worldwide pandemic, it’s time to fill that glass up, boo. You did not survive a pandemic to stay exactly where you are. This is where big moves happen. Your whole life is going to change.

Tune in this week and hear more about how we are coming together and sharing our magic to help you unleash what you have to offer to the world. You are going to be so grateful for investing yourself in this way, so don’t miss this episode to hear what you can expect from THE MOST retreat.

If you have visions and dreams for your business and life, stop everything you’re doing and LISTEN UP. You have until Monday, June 28th to submit your application to join us in West Hollywood from July 30th through August 1st. Click here to secure your spot – get yourself THERE, boo!

It's finally here! Order your copy of my new book, We Should All Be Millionaires! Click here for details. When you get it, tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #WSABMbook and let us know what you think!

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • What THE MOST is and how it came to be.
  • How this retreat can change your entire life.
  • Why THE MOST only happens when you are in the right company.
  • The type of energy it takes to be successful.
  • Why betting on yourself leads to everything that you want.
  • Our tips for being successful in a post-COVID world.

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I love that and I think that is the kind of energy that it takes to be successful. Whether you’re an artist, or creative, or building a business, or working your way up the corporate ladder you have to have the energy of like, “It’s mine and I’m coming to get it.” And when you’re very laid back and chill and waiting for life to happen to you, it don’t happen, boo. You got to go out there and grab that shit by the balls and be like, “You mine.”

Welcome to the Hello Seven Podcast. I'm your host, Rachel Rodgers, wife, mother of four children, a lover of Beyoncé, coffee drinker, and afro-wearer, and I just happen to be the CEO of a seven-figure business. I am on a mission to help every woman I meet become a millionaire. If you want to make more money, you are in the right place. Let's get it going.

Hello hello friends, it is Rachel Rodgers with a very special episode of the Hello Seven podcast. I am delighted to be joined by my two dearest friends, Robert Hartwell and Susan Hyatt, for this episode. We are talking about being the most and our special retreat called The Most that is coming up real soon.

You will hear all about how we created this retreat and offer. How we go about deciding what we are going to create. Our tips on what we think is required for being successful in a post Covid world. And you will hear all the juice on this fabulous event that we are planning that is happening from July 30th through August 1st. July 30th through August 1st in Las Angeles and West Hollywood and we hope that you will join us.

So if you’d like to hear all the tea we’re going to spill and hear about how we have had success over the last year and the things that we are going to be sharing with you at The Most please listen in. And if you are interested in joining us for this incredible retreat, please go to to check it out and secure your spot today.

For now, please enjoy this hilarious and inspiring episode of the Hello Seven podcast.

Susan: Welcome everybody, to The Most.

Rachel: Yes.

Susan: Robert, what were you calling it?

Robert: Welcome to The Most FM.

Rachel: The Most FM, yes!

Susan: Yes, The Most FM, and we’re here to discuss this amazing event that we’re doing in West Hollywood. And Rachel was just reminding us of how this came to be. Because I have had to explain myself to my husband, to my team. Like how did this happen?

Rachel: Yes, when you do something that's like an epic retreat that was not in the plans, you know what I mean? That you're just like, “Oh, you know, we were going to go on vacation together, but instead we're going to do this epic retreat in addition.”

Robert: Why not? Why wouldn’t we like come through?

Rachel: So I think the way this started is that I was like, “Don't we want to travel? We're all vaccinated. Where are we going?” And we already had on the books Memorial Day weekend that we spent on the North Carolina coast. And we were like, “Okay, we've got that one trip, but we need another one.” And I was like, “Can we go to Hawaii? Let's just book a trip to Hawaii.”

And Susan and Robert were like, “I don’t know, I'm busy. Let me check my calendar.” And I was like, “Well, what if we made it a retreat and made it profitable? And did some fun business stuff and got to do our thing again?” And they were like, “Okay, now I'm listening bitch.”

Susan: Basically, I know I said, “Oh, you're speaking my love language now.”

Rachel: Yes.

Susan: Okay, because at first I was like, “Bitch, I just went to Puerto Rico. I am not going to Hawaii. I have things to do.” And you're like, “What if we made money?” “Okay.”

Robert: But here's the thing, we're sitting here laughing and it is ridiculous because the three of us are, we are just ridiculous. But what I love though, is like how real it became for us when we got together on Memorial Day weekend. You know what I mean? We totally thought that like, “Okay, so yeah, so we're bringing, y’all’s husband's, the kids. We're all coming together for this incredible weekend. Oh, well, we should definitely have a fully styled photo shoot by Elsa on the beach and be so ridiculous.” But like for me, that was the turning point when we all got together and then it dropped in for like what it was actually going to be. And we were like, “Oh, this right here, this is it.”

Rachel: Yes. It's so true because first it was like, “Okay, let's do something. Maybe it's in Hawaii, maybe it's somewhere on the West Coast on the way to Hawaii, we'll see. We have a friend's wedding to go to, let's like do something fun and throw a fabulous retreat.” So, then we're like, “Okay, we're going to be together this weekend, should we do a photo shoot?”

The moment you say, “Should we do a photo shoot?” Everyone's like, “Duh, we're doing a photo shoot. Is that a question?” The next thing you know there's gowns involved, there's satin suits, there's hair and makeup. And suddenly on Memorial Day weekend we're literally in sequence trotting around on the beach while people are in their boats waving their American flags with their bikinis on.

My favorite though, was during that ridiculous photo shoot we're in full extravaganza and they are unbothered. Like these people on the beach were listening to their soft rock and like chilling.

Susan: They had on some Jimmy Buffett, they had grills going. They couldn’t have given two shifts that we are all in full hair and makeup and gowns.

Rachel: On the beach.

Susan: They're just like, “Okay, we don’t know what’s wrong with them, but all right.”

Rachel: That was my favorite. It reminded me so much of New York because New York you could just be walking around in any extravagant thing and people are like, “So, you're on the train. So am I. You’re on your way work? Is that what you wear to work? Okay.” Just unbothered. But I also love that we were like, “Oh, let's just get a local photographer.” The next thing you know we're flying in a fabulous photographer from LA, there's Elsa styling us.” It got real ridiculous real quick. It was the most, yes, we are the most.

Susan: Well, I was just going to say, and while we are the most, we know y'all are the most. And so Rachel had to go buy the URL, because what we hope to do with this event is create the most epic mastermind experience where we're all coming together and sharing what we have to offer to the world and helping you unleash what you have to offer to the world. And often all you need is to come together in community and see other people doing it and get some behind the scenes details on how to do it. And then you're off to the races.

Rachel: That’s right.

Robert: I mean, I even think that's how we got off the ground with this, right? Because the most only happens, I think, when you are in the right company. But truly, when you put yourself in the most of an environment, right? So yes, we have this incredible idea to come together, but when we put on our most extravagant outfits, put ourselves in that place of possibility that weekend, that's when the ideas really started to get juicy. And that's when like the juicy bits started to come out. And so that's what I'm just like most pumped about for the weekend in West Hollywood, is for everyone to be around each other's magic.

Rachel: Yes.

Robert: Because you can not produce the most for your life sitting in your home by yourself. You have to put yourself around people that are excelling, putting yourself around people that are striving and going after the thing. And I think that's where the magic happens. And so that's truly why I'm so pumped to be with you all that weekend in West Hollywood. And for all our friends that are listening right now to stop playing themselves and get themselves there too. Amen?

Rachel: Yes.

Susan: Totally. There was one applicant that I howled when I read her application. She was literally like, “I don't even know how I'm getting across the border, but I'm getting across the border and I will be there.” And I was like, that's the kind of energy it's like you want to be in the room where it happens and this is definitely the room.

Robert: Yeah.

Rachel: Yes.

Susan: This is definitely the room.

Rachel: I love that. And I think that is the kind of energy that it takes to be successful. Whether you're an artist, or creative, or building a business, or working your way up the corporate ladder, you have to have that energy of like, “It's mine and I'm coming to get it.” And when you're very laid back, and chill, and waiting for life to happen to you, it don't happen, boo. You got to go out there and grab that shit by the balls and be like “You mine.”

And that's the kind of energy that when I see that I'm like, “Oh, you're
going to be successful. I'm going to see you in the New York Times in a couple of years. You're going to be on Good Morning America soon because you are out here in it to win it and you've got that energy behind it.” And I think that's very important.

Robert: It’s that fire, right?

Rachel: Yes.

Robert: And you can see it, you can feel it. But it's like a good piece of chicken, you got to put yourself in fire. You got to put yourself in the oil baby, okay? You got to put yourself in there.

Rachel: A good piece of chicken.

Robert: A good crispy piece. A good crispy piece.

Susan: Yeah, don't give me any soggy chicken. We don't want to get chicken or no soggy bacon.

Rachel: No soggy chicken and no- I don't know, my favorite part of the sales page for this event, which you can see at, and we will actually tell you what it's all about in just a second. But my favorite part of the sales page is the refund policy, which I want to read to y'all. Let me recite it.

It says, our refund policy is, “We subscribe to the Beyonce policy, which means all of your payments, including your initial deposit are nonrefundable. We only want you to attend The Most if it's a thousand times yes. If it feels like a whiny “But I'm not sure” this experience is not for you.”

I love that so much. And listen, for those of you who are like, “I'm not ready to leave my house” or “I have other things I want to do, I don't know” this ain’t for you. And that's fine, we still love. You can still come hang with us and play with us and sit at our table, but this isn't for you.

But for those who are like, “Oh, hell yes.” Then this is for you. And trust me, that hell yes is going to lead you to magic we can't even describe on a sales page. Like there is no copy for how amazing and inspiring and mentally elevating this experience is going to be for you.

Robert: Oh, wait. Okay, so you just said something about leaving your house, right?

Rachel: Yes.

Robert: And that weekend that we all got together, you know, on Memorial Day weekend and really went through The Most, that was my first time getting on a plane in 15 months. And I was so scared, but I knew that the fog that I had been feeling the past couple of months was going to be cleared when I was near Rachel and when I was near Susan, and when I really put myself in that place.

So for anyone right now that is feeling like, “I don't know if I'm ready”, I want you to really take a moment to think about who do you want to be? And this is something that Susan and Rachel have both been talking about a lot about this event. It's like, “Who are we reemerging as?”

Rachel: Yes.

Robert: And I know that version of you will be found in West Hollywood. Like, first off, it's West Hollywood, there are way too many gay people around for you not to find yourself.

Rachel: I mean, come on.

Susan: Exactly, exactly. And if you're thinking about, like if you are the most, and you have visions and dreams for your business and for your life, this is absolutely the environment to be in, in West Hollywood. And not just in West Hollywood. What we have curated, we recently yesterday had a meeting where we were making decisions and solidifying what's actually going to go down during this event. And I think we should talk about it a little bit.

From the moment your mostest self steps foot in this event, whether you're a regular ticket or a VIP, you are going to be so grateful that you invested in yourself in this way. Because what we have planned, I am so jacked up about it. And I've been doing events and retreats for 14 years. And this, my friends, I'm like, “Oh, this is going to be the best thing we have ever done. It's going to be so amazing.”

Rachel: I mean, we literally were voxing this morning about how this is our dream event. This is the event that we thought about throwing that we were like, “We came close, but it just wasn't quite this.”

Susan: Right.

Rachel: And now we have the connections, the resources, the ability, and I think there's something about – I remember Susan, one of the things that you said early on, when this pandemic was just beginning to rage and you were talking about how it took a pandemic for me to do X, Y, Z, right?

And I think that's what it is for us. We have to think about, like, you know, we've just gone through something that we none of us ever expected, it was a collective traumatizing experience. And so we have all been sort of faced with the reality that life is short, right? And so what are we going to do with our time here? How are we going to make an impact? Are we going to keep saying someday or are we going to make today someday? Are we going to start making decisions?

Because when I look back and think about- People always ask me all the time, “How do you become a millionaire? What is the best million-dollar decision you've ever made? Or what is the thing that is the most pivotal thing?” And I'm like, “The thing is betting on myself. It's taking a risk. It's making an investment.” There was a time where I put money down on an event that was a little bit scary for me to take that risk and invest in myself in that way. But it's those investments and those risks that I've taken over the last decade that have led me to where I am today.

I love when people are like, “Oh, I just found you in the last six months. You're an overnight success.” And I'm like, “Honey, please, okay. I wish. I wish I was an overnight success.” Bullshit, okay?

So you might have to just decide whether you want to invest in yourself in this way with this retreat, if you want to take a risk. And do it, you know, if it feels good to you and if you feel led to it, I just want to support you in that decision. Because I know how it is where your family and friends think you're crazy and you're scared to make that move. But it is those investments, it's those risks and betting on yourself that actually leads to everything that you want.

Susan: The thing that you said that just struck me, two things for sure. Like what we've learned through this pandemic, I received last week, gosh, the days are running together. I think it was over the weekend, a woman who has every single year that I have been advertising retreats, every single time she emails me and same questions and then doesn't follow through and says next time. And a few years ago, she went so far as to put down a small deposit on my Italy retreat, and then backed out because of some family obligations.

And she emailed me an email that just broke me down, where she said, “Why didn't I choose to go? I've just been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. And they've given me at most six months to live.” And I had a physician in my mastermind tell me that basically when they talk about pancreatic cancer it’s 666. You have either six days, six weeks, or six months. And so she's like, “Why didn’t I choose to go? Why didn't I choose to live?

Nothing here is promised, you know, nothing here is promised. And she was like, “Please use my story.” So she gave me permission to tell this story to tell people like don't wait. And so if it's not this event, like whatever you're hesitating on, knock that shit off because nothing here is promised. And if you resonate at all with what we're saying, get your ass in that room. Because lives are going to change, businesses are going to change.

Rachel: It's absolutely true. And one thing I will add to that is people always ask me, why do I have this like fire or like I'm always going and getting out there and doing things and how do you convince yourself to do those things? It's partly that. My father died very young and I think what I took from that as a 12-year-old girl was like, “Okay, get to it.” And so it's translated into me being very busy.

I've had to learn to get unbusy and enjoy my life more. But, yeah, I still am going to make sure that things that are the most important happen and make those investments, take those risks. I think that is a crucial part of this. And I think it's not talked about enough. Like people want it to be comfortable. They're like, “Well, you know, I have to have the perfect plan, and the perfect budget, and the perfect things.” And I'm like, “That perfect scenario is never going to arise, friend.”

Susan: You're going to be waiting forever.

Robert: Susan, that is so beautiful and I'm so glad that you shared that. I heard a song lyric at a concert, my first like concert map on Saturday here in New York City and the person said, “I'm going to let my light shine. I am reigniting, I am getting myself back out on the stage.” And this will be all of our first events back to the stage, right?

Rachel: Yes.

Robert: And the fact that we get to do it together. I've been to Susan's events on my own, I've been to Rachel’s events on my own. And to see the amount of light that each of you brings to your event, and to think that we are now about to put these three mega lights together. Baby.

Rachel: You don't want to miss this, yes.

Robert: You don't want to miss this. This is going to be it. This really is.

Rachel: Exactly. It's a reemergence, right? Because we are all now in a post Covid world where we're talking about inflation, where people are talking about working from home. There's just like a new economy and a new way of being that's emerging. And let's figure out what that looks like for you going forward.

What do you want the rest of 2021 and beyond to look like for you? And let's go dream it up, and then go build that thing and get you the resources and the network that you need to make it happen. That is the purpose of this.

Robert: I was talking to one of our confirmed attendees, and I was telling him I was like, “Something that I'm most excited about, is because of the combined forces, now each of us has our own like piece of magic that we're going to bring to be able to from the business strategy, to getting yourself on the stage, to the life coaching, to the mindset, to the financial wellness of it all, to the wellness of it all with all of the work. It's just going to be special.

Susan, you were talking a minute ago about what's going to be happening in the room. What's happening?

Susan: In the room where it happens. Okay, before we dive into that, I have one more quotable, which is my imaginary best friend Cody Rigsby from Peloton, who basically said we did not survive a pandemic to fake orgasms. Okay? So fill in that blank. We also did not survive a pandemic to not show up at The Most, okay? Get your asses on these planes.

Because Friday, so the VIPs will have a private lunch with us on Friday. And where are they having this private lunch?

Rachel: Oh, at this spectacular, how do I call it mansion? I don't know.

Susan: Yeah.

Robert: I mean the pictures are redonkulous. Susan sent us the pictures and I was like, there are 9,000 bedrooms, there is a pool.

Rachel: There’s marble.

Robert: There’s marble, it's just opulence. But it's like, again, you have to put yourself in that house to be able to see it, to be able to feel it, to be able to really then, I think, start to visualize yourself having that.

Rachel: Oh, hell yes. Because let me tell you, going on Miss Susan Hyatt’s retreats in Italy and France and all of the places. Where else did we go? Barcelona.

Susan: Spain.

Rachel: Yes, on yachts and I'm just like, “This is possible for me.” Like it's possible because it's happening right now and it's real. And how else can I make it happen? And now, you know, like I used to go to retreats at mansions and now I own mansions.

Susan: I know, right? It's probably difficult for you now to go because you're like, “My house is better than that.” But yes, the VIPs are going to enjoy an amazing luxury-soaked private lunch with us. And then that evening-

Rachel: Well, I want to stop you and talk about that private lunch a little bit.

Susan: Okay, okay.

Rachel: Because first of all, these VIP spots are flying off the shelf. So if you want one, you better grab one because by the time this podcast goes live, they might have gone.

Susan: Yeah, I think they might be.

Rachel: Get on it, these are the first things to go. Because part of what it is is like you're getting us unbuttoned and behind the scenes where you can ask us anything, where we're going to have conversation. Where we're going to talk about what you're looking for, what your biggest struggle is right now. The things that might be in your way that are such a struggle for you, that conversation might lead to literally millions of dollars. That's been true for me at mastermind events. So like you better snap up one of these VIP spots friend.

Okay, keep going, Susan.

Susan: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then everyone is invited to a welcome reception at the swanky and luxury- And I do know that Netflix has their launch parties there at 1 West Hollywood Hotel, which is on the Sunset Strip. And it's a beautiful environment.

And what's happening? We can't really say names but we have some special guests.

Rachel: Yes, well, first of all, we have DJ Shammy Dee. And I absolutely love Shammy. So we're going to have a fabulous dinner, it's going to be this indoor-outdoor experience. And we also have my favorite DJ, I feel like he's just like my personal DJ now. He comes to all my events, he DJs all my events for the last few years.

And it's we're going to have a party so if you are ready to shake your ass, then you need to come to this event and come shake your ass, okay? Because that's going to be fabulous. But we also have a variety of VIPs who will be in attendance, people you want to network with and meet in addition to the other attendees of The Most. There are going to be some very successful people in the room that you can learn from and get to know and befriend.

Robert: Yeah. And I mean, we can't like, say their names here, but something- Okay, I'll just spill just a little, just give a little droplet at the tea.

Rachel: Give a little tea.

Robert: A little drip, drip. Something that's been so exciting to watch over this last year is like, as our teams have grown, the people that have begun to support us in our other endeavors, you know, in and outside of our companies. And a lot of those people who live in LA, and so they are going to be there. And you're going to be able to hear from them, you're going to be able to, you know, just share in that space. And I'm just so excited, because there are things that have happened in many of our lives that I did not think was even possible. But it's because of, you know, some of the talent that supports to getting our talent out and I’m so excited for these folks to be able to be in that same room.

Rachel: Yes.

Susan: When I say be in the room where it happens, listen, get your ass in that room.

Rachel: Exactly. If you are looking for, if your dream is to have a book deal, or brand partnerships, or a TV show, or other ways that you want to get your talent out there. You want to have major publicity, trust me, all of how to make that happen is going to be in the room. So yeah, get thee to The Most.

Susan: Yeah, and this isn't like we just have gathered- These are real industry players, do not go to sleep on this. Okay?

Rachel:  Exactly, these are respected people that when they say, “You need to talk to this woman, she's very talented.” Trust me, like the TV producers and big gatekeepers are like, “Tell me more, let me stop everything and have a meeting.” These are the kinds of people that can make those kinds of calls and have those kinds of Rolodexes.

And I think networking is such a crucial piece because if you're from a marginalized community, if you didn't go to a top university in the US, if you didn't work at a fortune 500 company, if you didn't grow up in an affluent neighborhood, then your chances of having a strong network are pretty slim. And so this is how I have built my network, is I've paid to play.

So like, I paid to be in these rooms. And they were smaller rooms, and they were less expensive rooms at first. And then they grew to more expensive rooms. But I have paid to get myself in the place where I can learn some of these things and meet some of these people. I didn't know what a talent agent was. I didn't know that people had publicists. Like I didn't know about any of this world, and so we want to demystify it for you and even introduce you to some of the players and you have an opportunity to sell yourself in the room. So I'm really excited.

I mean, we want this to be a real way for you to have an impact. This is not just like, you know, something cute.

Susan: Right. Wait, we’re going to look cute, but that's not the real draw.

Rachel: Exactly.

Robert: I think that's like part two of the Cody Rigsby quote, it's like we didn't survive a pandemic to be cute. We survived the pandemic to actually get the things that we believe and know will carry our mission forward done.

Those things require knowing the right people. And we have all like been able to connect ourselves with new agents and publicists and publishers to be able to allow our mission to truly take root outside of our company, but truly out in the world. And those are the folks we're going to be assembling.

Rachel: Yeah, and investors. I mean, there are people who are investors who are going to be in the rooms. So if you want to learn about investing in other companies and real estate and that kind of thing, that is going to be part of the discussion as well.

This is really about making careers and making big moves happen. This is not like, “Oh, we're just going to teach our course live.” No, it's not that. And there's a time and a place for that and that is valuable, but that's not what this is. I mean, there is so much more that's going to be happening here.

Okay, Susan, tell us about Saturday.

Susan: I’m so excited! Okay, so then Saturday is a full day at this amazing West Hollywood penthouse that is, I don't know, like 6,000 Square. It's huge.

Rachel: It's jaw dropping.

Robert: Yeah.

Susan: It is jaw dropping.

Rachel: When we saw it, we had like all these different venues in front of us and we were like, “This place is the most so this is the one we have to go with.”

Robert: Yeah, we just were laughing. We were like, “This is ridiculous.”

Rachel: If it's absurd, if it's like an absurd level of fabulous, then that's what we need to choose.

Robert: Yes, and can I just say really quickly, and what I love is we're asking them to invest, but we are as well. Because we looked at the cost of this venue, we're like, “This is ridiculous.” But it's like, again, it puts you in the place, it puts you in the mindset. And you have to go there. So this is not one of those mastermind experiences where we're going to be out here in the streets cutting corners. We didn't survive a pandemic to be at a cute place, you know?

Susan: We’re not putting you up at the Marriott.

Robert: Not the Marriott, get out of here.

Rachel: Can we talk about how there's a coffee bar and a barista that comes with the venue? I mean, you are going to have your latte, sis, while you learn and schmooze. I mean, I can't even.

Susan: And listen, I am personally picking out these snacks. And when I tell you that you're going to have like a meat and cheese board, you are going to have the shark coochie tray. That's what we call it shark coochie.

Robert: I am like dead. My favorite though is that Susan's version of a snack is my version of like an actual elegant, five course, like five-star dining experience.

Susan: I mean, listen, this is going to be a pleasure-soaked experience. And that includes your pleasure food. We are not tripping around here.

Rachel: We want cappuccinos, we don't want your six-hour old drip. Okay? That’s trash. And we need to have oat milk, right, we've got all your options. Listen, this is the stuff that's important. These are the questions that I have when I'm looking at an event.

Robert: Milk options, okay? Milk options. Okay, 2%, skim, whole, goat.

Rachel: Macadamia, okay, if we really want to get crazy.

Susan: Listen, don't y’all come to this event and tap me on the shoulder for macadamia nut milk. I will send you over there. I will send them to Robert.

Rachel: Oh, my gosh, I love it. Okay.

Susan: But it's a full day and a beautiful environment where you will have plenty of hydration and fuel to soak up all of the wisdom of these two people talking about macadamia nut milk.

But no, we are going to devote ourselves to curating a curriculum for the day that's going to help you put this stuff in place and make these big moves.

Rachel: Absolutely. And one of the things that we are doing is we are collecting information about each attendee as you join, so that we can really customize the content to exactly what you want to learn about using your voice, earning more money, having more impact, enjoying your personal life more, taking better care of yourself.

So we are going to hit a lot of different topics, and really give you the juiciest, most important pieces of information. Like this is not the stuff that you're going to read a blog post and be like, “This could have been an email.” This is not going to be like this could have been an email or this could have been a blog post. It's going to be like, “Holy shit, my whole life is changed and we're only like 20 minutes in.”

Susan: For sure. For sure.

Robert: I mean, my life was changed just looking at the sales page. I was like, “I feel blessed.”

Rachel: And listen, we didn't even begin to share, like we got to share more of those photos because those photos, I can't even. They are just ridiculous. I mean, I hope that they express the level of redonkulous that this event will be.

Susan: Us in the back of a pickup truck with our books, and gowns, and tux, anyway.

Okay, now we're moving on to Sunday.

Rachel: Yes.

Susan: Which Sunday has an amazing brunch for everyone, at the penthouse. Which again is super high level and amazing. And we have lots of surprises also baked into each day and each experience.

Rachel: Yes, guest speakers and just like interviews and magica.

Robert: Entertainment magica too.

Susan: Yes.

Rachel: Entertainment, yes. You know, we got to edutain. We love to edutain.

Susan: Can we t shirts that say edutainment.

Robert: That's the swag bag.

Susan: Right. You're also getting swag that Robert is in charge of FYI.

Rachel: Oh my god, first of all, have you seen the boxes that he sends to these children, these musical theater cuties? I swear to God, these boxes, the box itself is absolutely absurd. And then there's ribbon, there's tissue paper. Robert was once called out by his financial planner over their ribbon line item because they spend so much money on ribbon at the Broadway collective.
Robert: But listen, it matters. It so matters. And that is like what we are going to be sharing with you all. Because we're like sitting here joking about love languages, but like it's so real. That ribbon matters to somebody and so it’s got to matter at The Most.

Rachel: That presentation, yes.

Robert: Right? But you know what's the real of the real? Is I learned that by going to Susan's events. I learned that going to Susan's events. I learned speaking in front of rooms and figuring out how to have my team also do parts of breakouts from going to Rachel's event. I learned what luxury felt and looked like on a retreat by going to Susan's events.

These are all things that we're going to be talking about and you're going to be experiencing. And then you're going to then be able to share with your people. Because I know that when you start to truly share the next level of your offerings, that's when the prosperity and the abundance comes. And that's when you wake up one morning and you have a 57-acre home.

Rachel: There are certain things, yes, that you can't- So here's the thing, certain things matter, I feel like, more than money, right? So when I was making the swag boxes for my book launch and the original version had like a notebook and a mug, and I'm like, “That's cute, but I want them to open this box and feel like a millionaire. What do I need to put in this box? What does this box need to look like to give that experience where somebody feels like a millionaire?”

Because if you can start to feel like that and embody that, and then you also have the tools on top of that to know exactly how to get yourself there, that's when it happens. That feeling is so important. And so that's part of what we're doing with the swag box, with every decision we're making about The Most. It's about curating that feeling of you are already that person. You're already that star and it's just about stepping into it and we want to help you step into it.

Susan: Yes. And then after the brunch, the VIPs go back to where we're staying which is yes amazing luxury mansion for a half day of coaching and private attention in a space.

Rachel: Pool side.

Susan: Pool side, yes.

Rachel: Swim suit optional.

Susan: Oh, I'm going to have to get a new suit.

Rachel: I mean, first of all, I have five sitting in my house that I have yet to try on. Because here's what you do y'all, let me just give y'all a little gem right now. When it comes to styling and feeling your best you just order everything, okay? If you see 5 or 10 swimsuits you like you order every single one of them. And then you try them all on and then you keep the ones that look the most fabulous and you send back the rest.

This is how it's done, friends. You just can't take a guess and then settle and be like, “This doesn't quite fit right, I don't quite feel as fabulous as I want to feel. But I’m going to settle for it anyway.” No, honey, you're not settling in a post pandemic world. That is not what we're doing. We are going to order 12 bathing suits and then we are going to choose the top three and we are going to rock the shit out of them. Okay? That's how this works. All righty?

Robert: You can not be out here shining your light in some uncomfortable clothes.

Rachel: I mean where your boobs are smashed and the fit ain't quite right. Hell no. We are not settling for anything, okay? Our snacks will be amazing. Our coffee will be spectacular. And we will have fabulous clothing. Okay?

Robert:  Macadamia milk, macadamia milk.

Rachel: Yes, hashtag macadamia milk. That's the level you want to be on, okay? Almond, that's cute. Oat, yeah, that's all right. But do you have macadamia though, friend? That’s what I’m looking for.

Susan: Now I’m going to have to find some macadamia nut milk. Y’all assholes are making the logistics-

Robert: Wait, but the thing is, the level of the venues that we have, if you think that there is not macadamia milk already sitting in that fabulous place. Like they're literally going to laugh at us when we even ask if they have macadamia milk.

Rachel: Exactly, of course we have macadamia milk. Of course, you can get avocado on the side, of course. Okay?

Susan: Okay, I'm going to say cc Robert Hartwell when I ask them, okay?

Robert: At me, okay? At me.

Susan: Okay. So in conclusion, we are so passionate about and helping you embody being the most, whatever that means for you. In fact, as a homework assignment after listening to this, other than signing up and applying, really think about what does that mean for you? If you are the most, what does that mean? And what kind of action would you need to take to embody that for yourself?

Rachel: Yes, what is the movement that you want to create? What is the career? The charitable things that you want to do? The impact that you want to have, how you want to make people feel. How you want to feel every day. Think about those things, meditate on those things. And let's come together and help you figure out how to make it happen, because we know how to do that.

We've done it for ourselves. But more importantly, we've done it for others. I mean, this is what we do on a daily basis is help other people make dreams come true. And I feel very privileged to be able to do that kind of work. And so we're excited to do it with you and to bring all of our magic.

I mean, Robert, first of all, don't sleep on him. First of all, I want to go to Broadway Collective. Can I go to Musical Theater Camp? His Musical Theater Camp is like luxury for teenage children who love to sing and dance. I mean, it is absolutely fantastic. And we have the help of his incredible team with planning this event. So you are going to experience something fabulous and theatrical as well.

Robert: I love you for saying that. But can I just say something really quick? It's like, Susan, I loved what you just shared about what it is, you know what it is of them coming to the event. And I remember one of the first events that I came to with you, Susan, I was scared to pay for it, right? Like I was scared to put that money in because I was scared to bet on myself, which is something that Rachel preaches all day, every day.

And so for anybody that may be feeling right now that you can't do it for yourself, something that Susan helped me see years ago was to then connect to the why of what my impact of going to this event could then do for other people. And when I began to see what it could do for my mom, what it could do for my family, what it could do for my students, I was like, “Why the hell would I stand in the way of my own breakthrough?”

Rachel: Yes.

Robert: So I just want to encourage anyone out there right now that you are being the bottleneck in your own blessing. That I know that something so special is going to happen that weekend and you have got to get out of your own way and get this application in because your best days are connected to your best decision right now. Which is betting on yourself because the impact is going to be greater and bigger than you but it's going to require some uncomfortable movement. You're going to have to move some money around right now to cover this deposit, right?

But here's the thing, what's on the other side of it, you will look back at this investment and literally laugh at that amount of money one day. It may not be tomorrow, but one day you absolutely will. And there will be a giant thank you that will be connected to you saying, “I bet on myself and I connected into that why, and I got myself to”

Rachel: Yes.

Susan: I think that's a wrap.

Rachel: That says it all, that says it all.

So listen, go to, get all of the details, put your application in, you have until Monday. Monday June 28th. So go ahead, spend this weekend getting your applications in, if you want to VIP spot, grab it. This discussion that we've just had is going out to over 100,000 people via email. So make sure that you get yourself there because I think these spots will be gone pretty quickly.

Thanks for listening. Now before you go, it's an incredibly exciting time here at Hello Seven. That's because my new book, We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman's Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power is on bookshelves now. You can pick it up from Amazon, Target, Barnes and Noble or your favorite Black-owned independent bookstore.

When you buy, you'll be getting my playbook on how to make million-dollar decisions, how to increase your income right now, no matter what your current profession and no matter what's going on in the economy. And why earning more money as a woman is not selfish or greedy but in fact a revolutionary act that brings the economy into balance and creates a better world for all. Go to for more information and
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