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035 How Alexis Hart Became an Underworked Attorney

When you’re at a stage in your business where you’ve got excess cash after paying yourself, your bills, and your staff, that’s a great position to be in. But just because you got there, doesn't mean the work stops, right? You need to put that money to work, earning you even more money, and my guest this week has some great insights into a way you can do that while also empowering the people around you.

Alexis Hart McDowell is a real estate lawyer, mother, and she has just launched her new business E.P.I.C Impact Investors: educating private investors in communities of color. She is also one of the most prolific members in my Million Dollar Badass Mastermind, and what she has for you today might completely change your life.

Join Alexis and I this week as we discuss how she went from working a regular job while running a whole law practice as a side hustle to empowering entrepreneurs to give back to their community while also earning them money as an investor.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Alexis has always embodied the mindset required for success.
  • Why I’ve always loved having Alexis in my Million Dollar Badass Mastermind.
  • How Alexis was able to get over her hesitation and fear around hiring and doing less work to earn more money.
  • What changed for Alexis when she stopped thinking vertically when trying to expand her business.
  • Why it’s easy to put long-term investing for retirement on the back burner when you’re an entrepreneur.
  • Some of the misconceptions that exist in our community about who can invest and how it works.
  • How Alexis is empowering our community and the world as a whole through private money lending education.

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Once you get to even several hundred-thousand a year or a million and you’ve got excess cash, you need to start thinking about what can I do with this money to improve it, and start putting your wealth into other assets, whether it’s real estate, stock, whatever. So, I love this because I think it’s really valuable and really smart of entrepreneurs to take some of the cash out of their businesses and put it in a real estate deal where you now have another place where you’re earning money.

Welcome to the Hello Seven Podcast. I'm your host, Rachel Rodgers, wife, mother of four children, a lover of Beyoncé, coffee drinker, and afro-wearer, and I just happen to be the CEO of a seven-figure business. I am on a mission to help every woman I meet become a millionaire. If you want to make more money, you are in the right place. Let's get it going.

Rachel: Well hello, Alexis, welcome.

Alexis: Hi. How are you?

Rachel: I’m so glad to have you on the podcast. I’m really excited for everybody to learn how amazing you are and about your expertise. So, introduce yourself. Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do.

Alexis: Well, first of all, thank you so much for having me on. I love listening to your podcast. You have some of the best guests ever. So, I am very happy to be among that number. So, a little bit about myself is I am a real estate attorney. I’ve been a practicing real estate attorney for 18-plus years. And I have my own law practice, and I also recently started a new business, because I think I start a new business like every other year. But my new business is called E.P.I.C Impact Investors. And E.P.I.C stands for educating private investors in communities of color. And it is an education and private lending platform to empower, educate, and equip private money lender sot lend money in communities of color.

Rachel: Wow, okay, so I can’t wait to dig into that because that sounds like something that is really needed and not common, you know. This sounds like one of those – like, private money lending is one of those things that I’ve heard about. It’s like an investor secret. It’s like, I’ve heard of it, but I have no idea really what it is.

Alexis: You are absolutely correct. It’s like a little niche and you being an attorney as well, when you find a niche that is not like heavily government regulated, whether state or federal, then you’re right, that’s the best-kept secret. So that’s exactly what it is. It’s a little area of real estate investing that is not governed by the feds or the state government.

Rachel: Awesome, and does that mean that creates a lot of opportunity there then?

Alexis: Oh my god, yes. It is a best-kept secret and there is so much opportunity there. But our communities have not been exposed to it on a grander scale as much as other nationalities have been operating in it since the beginning of time. So, it is much, much needed. It helps our communities. And it allows us to invest in our communities and earn a return on your money as well. So, in my eyes, it’s a win-win situation.

Rachel: That is awesome. I love that and I love that that’s what you’re teaching. That’s awesome. Okay, I want to hear a little bit about your journey, and then we are going to dig deeper into really what you teach. I’d love to just hear a little bit more about it. we can give the audience a little taste so that they can understand it and understand whether they’d be a good candidate for it, because I would love to talk about that too. But tell us a little bit about your journey. So, when you decided to join – you were a member of Million Dollar Badass and a delightful member. And one of the things that I love about you, Alexis, is that you’re always so positive and you’re always smiling. You’re always so friendly and joyful and that is just so, like, literally just delicious. It’s so nice to be around people who are really positive, right, and just always have a positive outlook.

Alexis: Mmm-mm good…

Rachel: Exactly, but not only that. Not only are you super-positive, but you also do the work. I love that. We do office hours every week and you come to office hours and you’re like, “Okay, this week I need to work on this I have a question about that.” I answer your question and then you kind of go away and do your work, right?

Alexis: That’s right. You’ve got to put the work in. you cannot achieve any dream, any goal without putting in the work. And I’m serious about putting in my work because this is a goal of mine. And when you invest in yourself, you have no one else to blame. It begins and ends with you. So you have to put your work in, in order to achieve it. And you are an assisting factor in that, but it means nothing. Everything that you give me means nothing if I don’t put the work in myself.

Rachel: Listen, I 100% agree. And that’s the thing that I’m attesting to is that, like, you come to a session, you get your question answered, then the next week, you’re like, “Okay, so I got that done last week, now I’m onto the next piece. Here’s my question this week about this piece.” And then I answer that, and then you go and d it and then you come back the next week, “Okay, that’s done too, here’s how it’s going.” You know what I mean? And I’m like, I love this. Literally every week, you are like, banging it out and getting it done without hesitation. You don’t hem and haw for six months about it. you’re like, “Nope, let me go get to it.” I think that’s awesome.

Alexis: Thank you, thank you.

Rachel: I love it. And I mean, this is why you’re having success, right? Because that’s what’s required. That’s all it is really. You don’t even have to be the most talented. You don’t have to be the prettiest or the nicest or the whatever bullshit people think. All you have to do is be somebody who’s willing to put in the work and be consistent.

Alexis: Absolutely, and that was truly part of my journey that brought me here. So, I always have my own law firm on the side, like your side hustle…

Rachel: I love that your side hustle is an entire law firm though.

Alexis: I’ve run an entre law firm of many years just on the side. I had a fulltime W2 job. I was the head of a department at a non-profit and I basically was counsel for their publishing division, you know. And I had two babies while I was there and when I had my second child, my daughter, a year after I had her I said, “I don’t want to do this anymore and I want to have a better work-life balance. I want to be home a little bit more.” And I resigned my position. And so I had two little babies at home and I said, “We’re going to do this law firm fulltime.”

And I never looked back. And so that first year, the very first year, I think I struck out in May or something like that. And I think I made $50,000 that year. And then the next year was like 100, and then the next year was like 150. And then I’ve had two consecutive years of $200,000. But I killed myself getting that $200,000 the first year. And I was like, “I’m dead. I can’t. There’s no other way. I can’t do this anymore.” And so that’s when I started looking into, okay how do I scale this? How do I do this differently? What do I need to do differently to keep my sanity, to make this business work?

And two friends of mine actually had brought you up. So, my first girlfriend brought you up a couple of years ago and I just started following, and she followed you off of Small Business Bodyguard. And so she had been following you since then. And then my other girlfriend, who was in MDB as well and who is an attorney, recommended you. And then I was like, that’s two people recommending the same person. Let me just see what’s going on with this, you know.

And sure enough, after that, I was basically month for month about to hit $200,000 again for the second year and I was like, “I need some help. I need some direction and guidance.” And I joined MDB in August and just a complete 180 for me; complete 180. And what I mean by that is when I hit the $200,000 the first year, I was going vertical because that’s what attorneys do. That’s how we’re taught. What do you do? Add practice areas.

Girl, I added estate planning. I hate estate planning. I hate it. What are you doing? Signed up for a whole program, because you know they have those document preparation program services and all of that? Signed up for that. Presold everything. Made over $10,000 doing all of that. Pre-sold it all. But what do you have to do after you pre-sell something?

Rachel: You’ve got to make it.

Alexis: You’ve got to make it. You’ve got to do the work.

Rachel: You’ve got to deliver.

Alexis: So, I found out after that, I was like, not really what I want to do. So, I added estate planning, Rachel, no kidding, for one year. I did one launch of estate planning, finished it out, and then I closed that practice area off. It was right after I got into MDB and you were like, “It’s vertical. You’ve got to find your passion, find what you love, find what you want to do and work it from there.” And ever since then – I signed up in August, I went to the first retreat in September. And mind you, I had nothing in September. I had no framework. I had no concept. I had no idea of who the hell – nothing, right? Nothing.

Rachel: All you had was a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard.

Alexis: That’s it. That’s all it took; a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard because that’s literally all I brought to the table at that time. And so, after the retreat and the worksheets and everything, I was really able to sit down and answer the questions that you asked. Okay, yes, what do people come to me for? What do I like doing? What can I do for the rest of my life? And lo and behold, it was what I love doing, which is real estate.

So, I was doing trademarks as well and I was like, I hated that. And I shut that down too. I shut trademarks down last year. I really consolidated. And you’re fearful; I’m not going to lie. I had that fear because, you know, someone’s telling you you’ll make more money if you do less things, you’re like, “I don’t know.”

Rachel: You’re like, “That math don’t add up.”

Alexis: Let me tell you, it works. It’s proof. So, I am proof because consolidating everything freed up my time, specialized in what I was already specializing in, which was real estate, really put the machine behind that, hired someone right before the retreat, literally a week before the retreat…

Rachel: I was going to say, you did that immediately.

Alexis: I did because I watched Top Your Team. I think it was one of my first questions in office hours. I was like, “Okay, let’s go hire someone next week.” And that’s what I did.

Rachel: I love it because listen, when I tell people to hire someone, they’re like, “Okay,” and then literally six months later they’re miserable and exhausted and they’re like, “I’m really going to do it now,” you know. But you were like, “Okay, next week? Cool, done.”

Alexis: Yes, even in that, I had fear because I believe you told me I need to hire an attorney. And I was like, “I’m not ready for that.” I hired a paralegal, okay. And so…

Rachel: Paralegals are amazing. A good paralegal is sometimes more useful than another attorney.

Alexis: Yes, but I tell you what it was that you knew at that time that I didn’t know at that time. So, here we are six months later and, true to form, yesterday, I informed my paralegal that I would be discontinuing her services and I hired an attorney, an actual attorney. And it wasn’t – it took another six months for me to say, okay. Because the business started coming in, but what I needed was to duplicate myself. So, I can’t be there anymore showing up to closings. And so I needed another attorney on my team who could do what the paralegal was doing but then also show up to closings and help with the marketing of the company and all that other stuff. So I just did all of that within 48 hours, made an offer to an attorney and discontinued services with the paralegal.

Rachel: Yeah, that’s huge. I mean, exactly. That’s how it feels. It almost feels like you’re running a marathon, but you’re building something that is going to create your freedom. And you may not get that freedom right up front. Like, it may not be happening right now. And I think that’s what happens. People feel like, “Well, I did this thing yesterday and today it ain’t working yet.” And I’m like, “Okay, give it a minute. It’s going to work, just stick with me here.”

Alexis: And that’s the truth. If you stick with it, it works. And so the blessing was, when I had the paralegal, she took so much off my plate that I actually built my flagship, like built and launched my flagship within, like, September, October, November, three and a half months. Because I launched the flagship in December. So, if I hadn’t have had her, I never would have gotten the curriculum done, got it planned out, none of that. So, that’s the blessing of that.

Rachel: Exactly, so you have somebody doing work that is super important in your business but maybe not the most high-level stuff. And then your freed up to really now take the genius out of your brain and put it in a tangible form, creating that proprietary system that you can sell over and over again and you can scale with, you know.

Alexis: Yes, and I was doing no CEO work, as you like to call it. I was in the trenches doing the work, that I was doing absolutely no CEO work. And I actually mentioned that to one of my accountability groups. I was like, you know what, I’m running around here talking about like I’m my own law firm, I’m this, that, and the other. They’re like, “Girl, you don’t know not one statistic on your business.”

Rachel: Yes, it’s true. You need that time to look through the data, to make decisions, see the patterns that are happening, you know.

Alexis: Yes, and it’s life-changing. It’s game-changing. And that’s when I realized, one of the office hours you had, Evolve Finance on and I copied that dirty budget. And when I put my numbers in that dirty, I was like, “Ooh, this is why. This is where everything is going…” because you’re spending money on this, that, and the other, so let’s get it together. So it definitely helped me make a more informed decision that is benefitting my bottom line immediately.

Rachel: Oh my god, so good. You just said so much good stuff. I love it. I’m like, okay, what thing do we dig into? Well, just to review, I love that you looked at everything that was happening in your business and you dropped the things that you didn’t enjoy, that you didn’t really want to grow. You probably saw, a lot of my business is real estate, which is what I love. I can drop trademarks, I can drop estate planning. And no matter what your business is, I think a lot of us, we create 17 offers and then you realize, the vast majority of my money is coming from this one offer. Why don’t I double-down on that and focus on that?

Alexis: Double-down on that.

Rachel: Yes, streamline things. Make your life easier. Be less stressed. And be happier because you’re doing what you enjoy, you know.

Alexis: Yes, and the math works out. It definitely worked out for me. I had my best month ever in January and I can definitely attribute that to immediately doubling down on the real estate part of it. I didn’t feel like I was overly stressed or overly worked or, you know, didn’t have time for family, you know. I felt like my work-life balance was good. I was definitely more conscious of it and it just happened better, in a more holistic way, actually.

Rachel: Oh my god, you’re making me so happy. And I have to say, following you on Facebook, you’re constantly at some gala or you’re traveling with your girls, you know. You’re always doing something, you know what I mean, that’s not work. Like, you are exactly, especially for attorneys, I know attorneys listening to this are like, “How? Tellme everything.” Because we feel like it’s impossible when you’re in it. And then you realize, if you take a step back and start implementing some of these things, you can really free yourself up and make the same money or better and feel way less stressed in the process as well.

Alexis: That less stress is priceless in and of itself.

Rachel: 100% exactly. Because if you’re not healthy – first of all, even if you have time with kids, you can’t even enjoy the time with your kids because you’re exhausted.

Alexis: Because you’re looking on your phone the whole time. You’re looking at emails the entire time. And people talk about beast mode, like, my 2018 was my beast mode year. And unfortunately, my beast mode puts me into bitch mode, unfortunately. It’s the truth. I’m like, if it don’t have anything to do with money, then I don’t know what you want me to do, you know. And so my husband felt that, my kids felt that, and I was like, “Alright, we’ve got to do something different.”

Rachel: For sure, yes, oh my gosh, beast mode puts you into bitch mode. That is a great quotable because it’s true.

Alexis: It’s horrible but it’s a good one.

Rachel: Yes, because it’s a good reminder for us, like, listen, yes you might have to muscle some things. You’re going to put in work, right, to build this more scalable business, but it should not be hard long-term and it should not feel like pushing a boulder up a mountain for years and years and years. Hell no, that’s not sustainable.

Alexis: Exactly, and that’s where I was. I was in an unsustainable place, just completely unsustainable, personally and professionally. It wasn’t going to work in either realm.

Rachel: I love it. okay, so what do you feel like is next? What are you working on now?

Alexis: Okay, so, what I’m working on now is E.P.I.C Impact Investors, as I mentioned. And that is my private lending, education, and lending platform for people of color. And so that is what my flagship is around. I’m working on building out the website. I’m in the middle of my beta right now, so I’m loading class seven out of nine, I think, today. And then the beta will be done and I’ll get the testimonials, I’ll get the feedback. I’ll get people in my beta invested in a deal, see what’s going on with that. And then I will get everything re-set up and then actually launch the official version of it.

So, that’s on the horizon. I’m super excited. I have a Facebook group. And I’ll just tell you how funny this was. I was at the retreat in September. I was like, “So, should I launch the Facebook group? Like, I’m not even on Facebook all the time.” They were like, yeah. So, I was like, “What do I talk about.” And then they were like, “What are you doing right now?” And I was like, “Thinking about real estate.” And she was like, “Talk about that.” I was like, “Do people really want to hear that?” And she was like, “Yeah, talk about what you’re doing now to build this business and what you’re doing in your practice and your personal life.” And I was like, “Okay.”

And I turned around, started a Facebook group. I’m over 200 members now. And I thought it was going to be extremely hard, but I post in there like every single day. And they really, really like it. And I currently have a $60,000 investment that I’m in, so I kind of chronicle that. I chronicle the rehab of it, the numbers behind it. When I’m vetting a new deal, I chronicle that for them. I kind of do some case studies for them and stuff like that. And that really builds the interest. And lots of education because there’s so much that they just don’t know is available to them as far as real estate investing and doing it passively that they really enjoy the education part. So that Facebook group has turned out to be way better for me.

Rachel: Tell us where this free Facebook group is because I’m like, that sounds super juicy. That is such valuable stuff that you’re sharing, and just for free in the free Facebook group. I can’t even imagine what you’re sharing in the actual program.

Alexis: The actual program is insane. So, the Facebook Group is called Epic Impact Investors. It’s the same thing on Instagram as well and it’s a private lender development program. And I really teach people in Enrich now to vet a private money lending deal. And private money lending has been going on since the beginning of time, you know. Back in the day, we may have called them loan sharks or something like that. But it’s completely legal. And I teach you how to vet a deal.

So, if you have $10,000, if you have $60,000, $80,000, I teach you how to say, hey, put it out there that you’re looking for a deal. People will come because people are always looking for money. You need to learn how to evaluate that deal, secure your deal, so I can even give you sample contracts to use, that kind of stuff. And we just talk about putting together your strategy. I talk about where you’re going to get your money from because a lot of people don’t even know that they can use their 401K to invest in real estate, you know. And so, I teach them that, like, you can keep your W2 job, start your own company on the side, and then get your own solo 401K is what it’s called, and invest in real estate.

And it’s those types of tidbits and knowledge that the wealthy use consistently to build their wealth in real estate that we just have no clue about, just none whatsoever. And some of these are relatively new developments in the law. And I say relatively very lightly because you could use your 401K to invest in real estate since 2001. It has to be a solo 401K, not your employer-sponsored plan. And you’ve been able to use like a self-directed IRA since 1974 to invest in real estate. So this is not technically new, but it’s new to an entire community of people who just had no clue about it before.

Rachel: Yeah, oh no, this is so good. And I think it will be very interesting to the entrepreneurs that are listening because one of the things that I think is very important as you start to grow your business and you are making more and more money, there comes a point in time where your lifestyle, you don’t really need to keep upgrading it. once you have a comfortable place to live, your kids are in a good school, you go on vacation once or twice a year, maybe you buy yourself a nice pair of shoes every now and then, there’s only so much bullshit you can buy. At a certain point, you need to start thinking about investing and diversifying your wealth.

I don’t want 100% of my wealth coming from my business. So you want to get there, you want to build up your business to a million but then once you get to even several hundred-thousand a year or a million and you’ve got excess cash, you need to start thinking about what can I do with this money to improve it, and start putting your wealth into other assets, whether it’s real estate, stock, whatever. So I love this because I think it’s really valuable and it’s really smart for entrepreneurs to take some of the cash out of their businesses and put it in a real estate deal where you now have another place where you’re earning money.

Right, and I’m so glad that you said the entrepreneur, because one thing that I talk about a lot is making right now income for the bills that are right now as an entrepreneur, but then we also need retirement income. So we have right now income…

Rachel: Hello, yes, talk about it. So important.

Alexis: Yes, and you forget it – it’s easy to not forget about it, but to put it on the back burner when you’re an entrepreneur because when you’re a W2 employee, that money is coming out automatically to your 401K, so you have a little bit of retirement. Nobody’s retiring off their 401K by the way. Unless you’re sitting at this job for 30 years, it’s very difficult to do that.

So, right now income and retirement income, and you’ve got, as an entrepreneur, you have to focus on both, otherwise you’re going to be here at 80 behind the mic and be like, “I don’t know…”

Rachel: Seriously, you don’t work your whole life to be struggling when you get older. And also too, you might want to retire earlier. So you really do have to start – and even if it’s as little as $100 a month that you start putting into a solo 401K or an IRA, whatever format you want, and you can go on NerdWallet’s website and get all the details on the different types of retirement accounts that you can start investing in. But you have got to do that as an entrepreneur and just start doing it gradually and just get into it.

And then, this is a great way that you could say, “Okay, I’ve got $10,000 sitting in a solo 401K. Let me put it into this deal.” And what kind of returns do people get, Alexis?

Alexis: Anywhere from 10% to 20% return on money, you know. And yeah, it’s been great. I did my average and my average was 21% return.

Rachel: Which is more than you can get in the stock market.

Alexis: Way more than you can get in the stock market.

Rachel: And you have to leave it in the stock market for at least a decade to see even just a 6% or a 10% return, you know.

Alexis: Exactly, probably longer than that. And then the other thing that I really love about this is that this is passive real estate investing, okay. So, once I vet the deal, I loan the money, I’ve secured it with the appropriate contracts and everything, I’m just waiting for them to finish the renovation and then to sell that and then I get all of my money back plus the interest, okay. And I have not picked up one hammer. I am not your HGTV star, alright. I have no vision for interior design. I have been in my house for 10 years and I literally put paint on the walls last year, okay. I was institutional white walls for 10 years. It’s just not my thing.

And then on top of it, when I painted it, no lie, my father walked in and he was like, “Oh, this is a nice institutional grey that you picked.” I was like, I can’t win. It’s either institutional white or institutional grey. So, it’s not my thing, but real estate investing is.

Rachel: Yes, exactly, so you’re sitting there making money. Maybe you’re checking it out or getting updates along the way as this building or a home that you’ve invested in gets renovated. But you don’t have to be involved. Because let me tell you something; my husband used to flip houses for years. And I know you’ve talked to him a little bit about real estate. And he wants to learn from you too. He flipped houses in New York in Brooklyn and Manhattan for years. And whenever he wasn’t at work, he was running around to those houses looking for a plumber or looking for somebody to do the electrics or meeting with the bank again or whatever – I mean, flipping houses is not a passive thing at all.

Alexis: It is an active investment, especially if you want your money back on it because you’ve got to coordinate calendars, coordinate contractors, make sure they’re doing their job, permits, every single thing. It’s definitely a great way to make not only right now income but retirement income.

My husband and I just bought a condo here in Chicago last week out of our 401K accounts. And there’s a tenant in there, so we have that rental income coming in every month. And I teach people, you know, we don’t invest with any money that affects your household operations. I do not believe in that. I do not believe in that. So, if you only have money and it’s for the mortgage, it’s for a kid’s tuition, then that’s not what we’re using to invest. And I can show people where to get money, and a lot of deals, you can do for as little as $10,000. And I also think that’s another big misconception in our community is that they feel like, “Oh, I need all of this money to invest.”

Rachel: Like hundreds of thousands of dollars…

Alexis: Yeah, and you don’t. And you just start where you are and you just continue to build on that principle and you just keep building and building or adding to it. And that’s how you build wealth. And people forget that building wealth is a journey. It goes to the turtle. It’s slow and steady, you know. Stop looking for the quick flips and get rich because you’re going to get broke real quick.

Rachel: Listen, not only in real estate investing but also in entrepreneurship in general, building a business online or any kind of service business, yes, it’s that consistency. And honestly, just a little bit of consistency. Like, if you can be consistent for six months or for a year, you are going to start to see the kinds of returns that you’re like, “I get it now, I can build on this.” It’s the starting and stopping, trying new things, reinventing yourself every five minutes that really slows people down and prevents them from building wealth long-term, you know.

Alexis: Yes, and I believe that and I’ve been a victim of that, a victim of my own choices in doing that as well. But showing up consistently is just the number one thing. If you cannot do that, nothing else is going to fall into place for you. You’ve got to show up consistently.

Rachel: I love it. so good. Okay, so, two last quick questions for you; who would you recommend MDB to and why? Like, who do you think is a good fit for the mastermind? Who do you want to mastermind with?

Alexis: Personally, I love likeminded women of color, whether they’re moms or not. I only say moms because I’m a mom, and I feel like when you’re a mom, you’re just like, your time is… so you’re a little bit more about the business.

Rachel: You’ve got no time to play games when you’re a mother.

Alexis: You’re like, I have no time to play games with you because in a minute this kid is going to wake up or I have to help somebody do homework or cook a dinner or something. Definitely, clearly as you state, entrepreneurs who are making at least $100,000. I mean, this program will absolutely build your business if you’re making at least 100K or more. And when you’re making that level of money, you kind of understand the work ethic that goes behind it and you put some type of investment in yourself to get there, whether it be education or just your personal time in order to build that business is an investment as well.

And so, I would enjoy continuing to be around women of that nature, who really do love what it is what they’re doing, who have a positive outlook, but know that they don’t know everything. I’ll tell you a secret – and I tell people this – Rachel gives you the secret to your success in the first three minutes of Glow Up video number one, okay. In the first three minutes of Glow Up video number one, she’s going to say, “You have to change your mindset,” okay. And the mindset has just been amazing to me.

So, when you have people who come in knowing that they don’t know everything and that I can receive and not only on the business tip but the personal tip as well, you can change some things in your mindset on the personal tip, it’s going to impact your business exponentially. And it has certainly done so for me because it allows you to change your perspective. It allows you to widen and broaden your thought process behind things and why you do and don’t do things and what self-imposed limitations you’re putting on yourself that is keeping you where you’re at. So, you’ve got to come in knowing that you don’t know everything and be open to not only the business work, but the mental work as well.

Rachel: Oh my god, so good, I just want to stand up and clap.

Alexis: I’m speaking about it from a personal transformation point, you know. And that has truly opened my eyes and opened my mind to some things that I otherwise would have been shut off to or just completely unaware of.

Rachel: Yeah, for sure. I mean, what you’re speaking about is the fact that who we are today is not going to create the business at the level that we want. Like, Rachel in February 2020 is not the 10-million-dollar entrepreneur yet. I have to change some things. I have to grow. I have to be open. And it’s the same thing when you’re at 100K and you want to get to 200 and 300 and 500 and a million. It’s that same thing. You’ve got to be open to that transformation and trying it a different way. And sometimes blowing shit up, you know. Sometimes, you’ve got to blow up an aspect of your business to make it happen.

So, thank you for sharing that. I think it’s really, really helpful. And I love what you said to about when you’re at that 100K mark already, you’ve already got that work ethic, you’re not here to play games, so now, let’s get in here and next-level. And that’s why we have that parameter in place because really it’s meant to be advanced business training, right, that really helps you to next-level. And can you come in at zero and probably still have success? Yes, but we really focus on women at 100Ka and better because we’re asking you to already have that work ethic before you come in the door because we can’t give that to you.

We can give you all the strategy, mindset coaching, the camaraderie, all of that. But you’ve got to be the type that is ready to put on your overalls and get to work, you know.

Alexis: Right, you hustled you made your money, and you’re like, “Okay, this was great, now what do I need to do to get to the next level? It definitely makes a difference. It definitely makes a difference.

Rachel: I agree. I agree. Okay, so tell everybody where they can learn more about you and sign up for your next cohort of this amazing program that you have.

Alexis: Alright, so, my real estate law firm is and that’s in Chicago, Illinois. And then is my private money lending development program. And that’s also on Facebook and Instagram as Epic Impact Investors. My program is called Enrich, and it allows you to not only enrich your life but to enrich the lives of your community as well through private money lending.

Rachel: That is so awesome. And I love how it helps you make more money, but it also helps you to improve your community, where you’re taking an old dilapidated house and updating it and investing in pieces of real estate in your community. I love it. And you’re investing in another entrepreneur too.

Alexis: Absolutely, and I teach this in Enrich as well, you know, when you take that vacant house off of a block, you’re putting back on the tax rolls. You’re putting a family in that house. You’re building that neighborhood back up. You’re bringing life and sustainability back into that neighborhood. You helped a contractor and his family who was working on the house. And historically, our communities have been so hit by adverse financing regulations, whether it be redlining, whether it be federally mandated redlining back in the day, to predatory lending practices which was the most recent part of the financial crisis that we just had. That happened in a lot of black and brown communities.

So, when other people come in and do these things to your communities, they don’t care about the community. They don’t care about the people. They don’t see those faces. They just see the building and that is it to them when you invest in your own community, you care about those people. You don’t even have to know them because they look like you. They come from where you come from. And so, this allows us to invest in our community and not be predatory about it but you earn a return as well and you help our communities come back up and build back up to be the once amazing communities that they were before they got hit really hard by either financial crisis or institutional things, whether it be racism or redlining or whatever. So, it really gives us an opportunity to kind of build ourselves back up.

Rachel: Yeah, and also too, the other people of color that are homeowners in that neighborhood, their property value is going to rise when their whole neighborhood and their whole block, every one of those houses is filled in and quality and renovated. So, there’s a lot of winning there. And I also love that what you’re really tacking people how to do is win on both sides. You can build wealth and also be contributing to the world in a really positive way at the same time, you know. And that’s a really beautiful thing.

Alexis: It’s so important to me because, me personally, I know what my calling is and it’s to be of service, like Dr. King said, “Rent is the service that we pay.” And I love to be of service and to help my community and to help people be better, you know, and to help them overcome, empower them to help themselves overcome so many of the adversities that they’ve been subjected to. And this is just one of the ways that I’m able to do that is through real estate investing in our communities.

Rachel: I love it so much. Oh my god, I know you inspired so many people just now. You’re like one of my favorite guests.

Alexis: Thank you.

Rachel: Thank you, Alexis.

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