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006 How to Overjoy with Jadah Sellner

Here's the Recap:

Published author, international keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and poet. Is there anything Jadah can’t do? Find out in this latest episode where Rachel interviews someone who truly embodies the promotion of women in business. From $42,000 in debt to three successful businesses, Jadah is a badass in her own right.

In this episode, I’m interviewing Jadah Sellner, the woman behind the Love Over Metrics Incubator. At its core, the Love Over Metrics movement helps visionary women entrepreneurs expand and grow their businesses while serving the community in a meaningful and authentic way. Jadah recounts her entrepreneurial journey from Simple Green Smoothies, a company she co-founded, to her career as an author and international keynote speaker.

Here’s what you’ll get out of this:

  • The power of intentional trade-offs
  • How Jadah grew a massive social media following in just six months
  • How women can use love as fuel to make more money
  • The moment Jadah realized the value of tying your personal goals, dreams, and ambitions to the betterment and good of the community
  • Why holding a space for a greater vision within yourself is vital
  • The importance of fostering trust, surrendering, and having patience
  • The value of getting your daily dose of Vitamin V—Self-Validation!
  • Celebrating yourself in all forms
  • How setting tiny goals can lead to great accomplishments
  • Why it wasn’t always smooth sailings for Jadah in her entrepreneurial journey
  • How affirmation and gratitude are key components in Jadah’s daily routine

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What We Covered:

00:52 – Introducing Jadah Sellner

01:33 – Jadah talks about her recent trip to Amsterdam, Brussels, and London

03:48 – The planning process behind Jadah’s trip

06:18 – Intentional trade-offs

07:23 – Jadah’s background

11:23 – The initial launch of Simple Green Smoothies

15:59 – Breaking the conventional rules of Internet marketing

18:56 – Jadah discusses how leading with love can lead to making more money

22:47 –The importance of sharing your fortune and giving back to your community

26:13 – Trust, surrendering, and patience

29:52 – Jadah shares how she encourages self-validation within her daughter

34:47 – Celebrating yourself in every form

38:36 – Jadah’s childhood dream jobs

40:12 – The progression of Jadah’s entrepreneurial journey

45:31 – Jadah describes what it felt like to take a risk becoming an author and keynote speaker

52:09 – Daily habits Jadah incorporates into her routine

56:41 – Where you can follow Jadah and current projects she is working on



[bctt tweet=”“I feel like being intentional is powerful.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“That’s nice for you, but I’m a black woman with a family and I’m not going to sacrifice my children for this mission.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“We grew our Instagram following from zero followers to thirty thousand followers in six months.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“What really has been helpful for me, in my journey, and generating income for myself is taking the attention off myself and actually putting it on others. And that’s what love looks like.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“If we can release our attachment to when it’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen, I think that piece is really important. So, the “when” is the patience.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“There’s no more gatekeepers anymore. You don’t have to wait for someone to wave a wand and say ‘You are an author…an artist…a business owner.’ So, the only gatekeeper right now, in this generation, is ourselves.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“On this journey of trying to accomplish more, or be more, or make more, I think it’s so important to really stop and celebrate yourself in all forms.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“The question that you need to be asking is ‘can magic strike twice?’ And the answer is ‘yes.’” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“I don’t think comfort and safe is where your soul is lit up and fully expressed and on fire.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“The opposite of creativity is rage. It’s not boredom. It’s rage.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

Links Mentioned:

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Jadah’s Website

Love Over Metrics Incubator Website

Simple Green Smoothies Website

Jadah’s Podcast Lead With Love

Jadah’s Instagram

Jadah’s Twitter

Jadah’s Facebook

Jadah’s YouTube Channel

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