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003 The Baddest Mama Jama

Here’s the Recap:

In this episode of the Million Dollar Badass Podcast, Rachel Rodgers hosts her very first solo episode. Rachel takes this opportunity to introduce herself to the audience in order to share the details of her life as a lawyer, business coach and entrepreneur. Rachel reveals seven things about herself that she wants the audience to know. These range from her childhood, upbringing and how she thinks about money, to her first business venture and current goals.

Rachel speaks to her passion for helping women entrepreneurs, especially women of color, as Rachel herself comes from a diverse background. She shares her experience growing up as a bi-racial child in a loving home that sometimes struggled with financially security. However, much like her parents, Rachel is a hustler. She knew that in order to achieve financial freedom, and even generational wealth, she would have to work harder, faster and more efficiently than ever before. Finally, Rachel discusses her role as a business coach and how the Million Dollar Badass Podcast has become her passion project to help women everywhere scale their business in order to become millionaires.

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What We Covered:

  • 00:50 – Welcome back to the Million Dollar Badass Podcast
  • 01:53 – Seven things you should know about Rachel
  • 03:18 – Number 1: Rachel did not grow up wealthy
  • 04:18 – Rachel recalls a vivid memory from her childhood
  • 11:07 – Number 2: Rachel still worries about money
  • 15:21 – Number 3: Rachel is bi-racial
  • 20:04 – Number 4: Rachel’s first business was an unsuccessful t-shirt company
  • 23:10 – Number 5: Rachel’s defining moment was an embarrassing situation in a bank
  • 28:32 – Rachel discusses the moment she found the internal strength to succeed no matter what
  • 31:25 – Number 6: Rachel is the creator of Small Business Bodyguard
  • 33:14 – Number 7: Rachel is a business coach who works with women entrepreneurs
  • 36:16 – The goal of the Million Dollar Badass Podcast
  • 37:28 – Rachel recaps all seven things on her list
  • 38:36 – Where you can follow Rachel
  • 39:02 – Rachel encourages the audience to reach out with any feedback
  • 39:29 – Rachel gives shout outs to reviewers of her podcast
  • 41:02 – Rachel’s Guide: 12 Creative Ways to Raise Quick Capital


[bctt tweet=”“I want to start with the first thing you should know about me. So, number one, I did not grow up like this.”” username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“This is one of those stories that, like, I think of my mom as literally, like, the most baddest mama jama because of this story.” ” username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“I come from a family of hustlers. Like, we found a way, no matter what, to take care of ourselves, to survive and to try to thrive.”” username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“That is a big thing I’m always looking at. Like, am I being a good steward with the money that I am earning?”” username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“When you become wealthy and when you have more resources, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re gonna stop worrying about money altogether. I think what it means is that your money worries will change.” ” username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“It did very much rile me up and sort of set the stage for me to be somebody who is all about diversity and who is very, very committed to the advancement of people of color, and especially black people.” ” username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“So, I said in that moment, ‘This will never, ever happen again. I will never, ever be in a position where I have to beg the bank manager to make a check available, where I have to beg anyone for money.” ” username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“I was going to dig deep and find the strength and the right mindset and the help that I needed and do the work that was necessary.” ” username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“I work with women entrepreneurs of various backgrounds. A lot of my clients are women of color and I am, ya know, really focused on serving women of color especially.” ” username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

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