Playing this role is keeping you broke

Here’s some truth for your weekend morning: I make businesses.

There are many businesses out in the world, mostly run by women but some by men, who wouldn’t exist today without my advice, encouragement, ideas, inspiration and shit ton of referrals sent their way.

Building better businesses is what I do.

Helping people get the out of their own way, see their potential and jump into the fastest path to profits is what I eat for breakfast.

And not just for my clients.

I also have done this for many of my friends, vendors, former coworkers, colleagues and even family members.

I did this for my husband when he was flipping million dollar houses.

I did this for my designer when she was working a job she hated.

I can’t help myself.

Building businesses is what I do.

You’ve heard of The Oprah Effect? Well, there’s a thing called The Rachel Effect, too. And the shit works.

I am done being humble about my expertise and what I bring to the table.

Because who does that serve?

It helps no one if I pretend that I am not phenomenal at what I do.
The same is true for you.

So why are you playing the humble role?

Why aren’t you shouting from the rooftops about your badass boss status?

Why aren’t you letting a motherfucker know how good you really are?

Why do you think you should keep it a secret?

I encourage you to stop hiding your greatness. Share it with the world for all to see.

I want to see it, hear about it and straight up WATCH YOU BRAG.

It’s so important.

It changes the world.

Here’s why: when you stop pretending that you don’t want everyone to know about you and how good you are, when you stop trying to “fit in,” “be humble” and “stay in your lane,” you give permission to hundreds, thousands and millions of other women out there to do the same.

And how great of a world would that be?

A world where women stop hiding and show us exactly how incredible they really are.



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