Hello Seven's 2022 Annual Review

Nobody is buying your offer? Do THIS to figure out why.

I announced a new offer but I’ve gotten almost no sales. Why aren’t people purchasing?”

If that's you, keep reading.

If you have an offer that’s not selling well, do this assessment. Review the following 7 categories. In each category, give yourself a score from 0 to 10.

This will help you diagnose what’s going wrong, so you can do something to fix it.

Psst. Hot tip. Print out this email and write on it like a worksheet. 

  1. Description

Are you describing your offer in a way that’s vague, confusing, or long-winded?

The most successful companies in the world can describe what they do in 10 seconds or less. Starbucks sells delicious coffee. Talkspace lets you meet with a therapist on your phone. Calm provides guided meditations to reduce stress. 

What’s the offer you’re selling? What results will people get? Can you sum it up in a sentence? Or does it take you 90 minutes to explain? 

Rate your description on a scale of 0 to 10. 0 means “very confusing.” 10 means “extremely clear.”

  1. Product-Market Fit

Are you trying to sell an excellent offer…to the wrong market?

Example: you’re a wellness coach and have a brand-new program for pregnant moms. You send a newsletter to announce it. However, the majority of your subscribers are women in their 60s, not moms expecting a child. Your program is terrific—but you’re promoting it to the wrong audience. That’s why nobody is buying.

Rate your product-market fit on a scale of 0 to 10. 0 means “very poor fit.” 10 means “perfect fit.” 

  1. Technology

Do you have a techie glitch that’s making it difficult for people to purchase?

Double-check your systems. Is your contact form working? Payment system working? If you shared a link (“Go here to enroll”) is the link working? A tiny techie blunder can derail your sales!

Rate your tech systems on a scale of 0 to 10. 0 means “hot mess.” 10 means “I triple-checked and everything is perfect.”

  1. Call to Action

Are you giving your audience a vague call-to-action…or none at all?

No matter what you’re selling, you need to tell people exactly what to do next. This is known as a “call to action” or CTA.

A CTA can sound like: “Next step: book a call.” “Fill out this application.” “Email me.” “Make a deposit.” “Add to cart.” “Purchase here.” “Enroll now.” Or whatever you want them to do next. 

If you describe a fabulous offer but forget to tell people what to do next, they won’t know how to proceed, which means, no sales.

Rate your call to action on a scale of 0 to 10. 0 means “I don’t really give people a call to action.” 10 means “my call to action is crystal clear.”

  1. Results

Are you trying to sell an offer that honestly just doesn’t work?

Do your clients get excellent results? Or do you have lots of disgruntled customers, refund requests, and people saying, “This isn’t what I thought it would be”?

If you DO have a solid track record of success, are you communicating this to potential clients? Do you share reviews, testimonials, and case studies? 

Rate your results on a scale of 0 to 10. 0 means “my offer is garbage and clients never get the results they paid for.” 10 means “my offer is phenomenal.”

  1. Marketing

Are you hiding and not putting yourself out there?

You have to put yourself in front of potential customers and ask for their business. There are many ways to do this: appear on a podcast, attend a networking event, post on social media, go to a convention and pass out samples of your product, speak onstage to a crowd, arrange a 1-1 meeting, and so on. 

What have you done lately to put yourself in front of people who need what you’re selling? 

Rate your marketing efforts on a scale of 0 to 10. 0 means “I am doing nothing to market my offer.” 10 means “I am doing the MOST.”

  1. Energy

Are you exuding a desperate, unappealing energy?

Are you giving off an insecure or pushy vibe? If you run a larger company and have a team of salespeople, they’re picking up on your energy. Are you exuding a panicked, frazzled energy that's causing your team to feel stressed and perform poorly?

Get your mindset back on track so you can sell with confidence. 

Rate your energy on a scale of 0 to 10. 0 means “I smell like pure desperation.” 10 means “I feel grounded and confident.”

Your Score

If you scored perfect 10’s across the board, congratulations! However, you’ll need to dig a little deeper to figure out why your offer isn’t selling. Working with a business coach can help you pin-point what you’re missing. 

If you scored less than 10 in one (or several) categories, that’s good, because now you know exactly where you need to improve. 

If you’re not seeing a flood of sales, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should shut down your business and start over from scratch. It simply means you need to diagnose what’s not working optimally—and do something about it. 

One small tweak—like changing the wording on your website, or taking a deep, calming breath right before hopping on the phone for a sales call—can make all the difference.

Go get those coins.

Rachel Rodgers

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