A next level life doesn’t come to those who wait.

This week I hosted a retreat here in New York City for the women entrepreneurs in my Prime Mastermind. For six months, we’ve been digging deep and doing big work together, and this retreat was the culmination of it all. The retreat took place in Brooklyn. My retreaters stayed at The Wythe where they enjoyed grand views, fancy cocktails, and celebrity run-ins. We spent our work days together in a lovely event space in DUMBO by the water.

With almost every decision we made in planning this retreat, my team and I asked ourselves: how can we ‘treat’ our retreaters?

braclets and group shot

I wanted to treat them to a car service to get around town every day.
I wanted to treat them to a stylish and luxurious hotel.
I wanted to treat them to a sumptuous dinner and cocktails.
I wanted to treat them to a beautiful piece of custom jewelry for each of them to own and to remind them of our time together.
I wanted to treat them to a spectacular photo shoot with a celebrity hair stylist and top notch makeup artists and photographer, so they could have stunning photos to use however they wish.

makeup 2Why would I do this? Why would I spend a significant portion of my Prime Mastermind profits on hosting a lavish retreat? Is that a wise investment? Some may disagree, but I say yes. Yes, it was a very wise investment. Here’s why: I know from personal experience and from working with thousands of entrepreneurs for the last six years that …

You don’t get to the Next Level by waiting for the Next Level to arrive.

You can hope and pray that a big media opportunity falls into your lap, or that someone calls and asks you to speak in front of a large audience, or that your picture gets picked up and reposted on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram … but I don’t bet my future on things that are not within my control. So I am not the type to wait around and see if the Next Level shows up. Nope!

Instead, you must usher the Next Level into your life and your business.

13240691_10100129854138609_6424277979011697532_nYes, getting to the Next Level is entirely within your control. This is why I made the decision to make my retreat a Next Level experience. I want my clients to experience a level that they are not accustomed to. I want them to be treated so well that they start seeing themselves on a different level and start making decisions that get them there.

My Mastermind ladies told me I should change the name of Prime to “Spoiled.” Another retreater told me she was “ruined” and could never go on another retreat unless it was this fabulous. Mission: accomplished.

When a woman starts to believe that she deserves more, she starts to make decisions that lead her to having more.

No more quietly waiting for clients to show up, she starts to email and call the people she wants to work with and let them know that working with her will change their lives or their businesses for the better.

hairNo more undervaluing her work, she starts raising her prices significantly and owning her worth. (During the retreat, one of my retreaters received a call from one of her oldest clients and told them that she was quite in demand and therefore she needed to double her price, and the client accepted! Now that’s some Next Level shit.)

No more accepting the status quo, no more waiting to be saved, no more waiting for her life to look the way she wants it to look. The woman who wants next level (and believes she deserves it) changes the people and the things around her so that it looks exactly like the life she wants. This woman saves herself.

Last year, I went on a retreat to Italy and experienced what my Next Level looked like. I came home on fire and determined to make my everyday life look like what I experienced in Italy. That retreat in Italy was the catalyst I needed and since then everything has changed. I fired people who were not helping my business get to the next level. I started recording RRTV videos again, committed to writing my newsletter weekly (instead of monthly) and became more visible on social media as well.

I decided to stop doing work that didn’t light me up and committed to doing the work I was born to do. I raised my prices. I started eating healthier and working out consistently. I launched new offers. I invested in high-level training. I invested in my team. And here I am one year later with a whole new business model, loving myself and my body in a way I never had before, no longer hiding who I am in any way. And, I’m on track to double last year’s revenue.

So if you want to get to whatever the Next Level is for you, you have to start Next Leveling your life and your business.

workingCommit at a higher level. Own your worth. Love yourself, body and soul. Treat yourself to a nicer office, fancier dinners, better relationships. Treat your customers to a higher level of service and more of you — more photos, more videos, more content. STOP FREAKING HIDING.

Do these things and your Next Level will arrive.

Are you ready to commit to getting yourself to the next level? If so, what action are you going to take to usher in your Next Level? If you’d like to retreat with me, there are two options to work with me in France this Fall:

You can come to MADE: IN FRANCE and create a Next Level product (4 spots left!) or spend 3 days with me in Paris, one-on-one, to be pampered while we map out the Next Level of your business with a Handled: Paris retreat (one spot left!). Either way, we’ll work together to make your Next Level happen.

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