Live from Saint Tropez: How To Make Your Dream Life Happen in 1, 2, 4

Live from St Tropez

Social media is a beast. One day it's giving you the best recipe for banana bread you've ever had and the next day it's triggering feelings of insecurity and jealously as you watch your social media friends reaching goals and having experiences that you wish you were experiencing.

Jealousy is a beautiful thing. 

Here's why: jealousy points you towards the things you want for your life. It was feelings of jealousy that pointed me towards creating my first product, reaching my first six-figure goal and generally continuing to strive for what I want in my life.

Here's what I want you to know:

You can have a 7-figure business.
You can have a product that generates thousands while you sleep.
You can have six-pack abs.
You can have more time with your children.
You can have exotic, luxury travel.
You can pay off all of your debt.

The things you are jealous of are available to you.

You can absolutely have them. It's just about making choices that get you there.

Watch this video for some details about some of the choices that I have made that got me to the point of sailing around Saint Tropez on a yacht with a bunch of badass lady bosses.  You'll also hear about how Small Business Bodyguard made this dream trip possible (I break down the numbers for ya!).

Watch it now:

Now what choices are you going to make today to make your dream life happen?

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