If I can’t make you a millionaire, WTF am I doing?

When I first launched Small Business Bodyguard, my lawyer friends thought I was crazy for promising that it would be all that a small business owner needed to protect themselves legally.

(And it’s no wonder that other lawyers were against it! They were charging $250 an hour to “advise” on something like trademarks or contracts, and I was just charging a flat-fee for the business owner to have what they needed for eternity.)

Sure, Small Business Bodyguard couldn’t take the place of hiring a lawyer in case of a lawsuit or complex legal issue, but it could do pretty much everything else. It was a full-on legal education for a small business owner, it was amazing value for the cost, and I knew that.

It scared me a little. What if I was wrong? What if I got sued? What if somebody felt tricked? But at some point I realized that either you put your full knowledge and integrity into a product, or you shouldn’t be selling it. And if you know in your heart that your system works, don’t be afraid to say so.

One of the reasons that I’ve been successful in my business is because I’ll promise you the moon…but only if I can deliver it.

Seriously, I have no problem making BIG BOLD promises about my services and products. When I launched Made, I told people it would be a year of coaching in one day. When I created Multiply, I told people that if they followed the steps, they had the ability to earn back their investment 10x. This isn’t a sales tactic and it’s not just marketing talk, this is what I genuinely know to be true about these offers.

That’s why it always surprises me when I’m working with somebody who is afraid to make a guarantee about her offer. Who says, “well I’m not going to say that this process will help them transform their lives, but I will say that it might if they do the work and then even then, it doesn’t work for some people so it’s more just like a maybe.”

Huh?! That’s a punk promise! If you want your clients to be all in with their bank accounts, their time and their focus, you need to be all in with your confidence that this program will change their damn lives!

Nobody wants to buy a maybe. Not when it comes to life transformation, or business guidance or legal advice or ANYTHING. And if your life transformation offering can’t actually transform lives, maybe it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

Because when you have something that you KNOW is transformative, when you’ve all of your knowledge and your insight and your heart into creating a service or offer of value, you won’t be afraid to say: This shit works.


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