Are you in the right room?

The Hello Seven Mastermind is a group of powerhouse entrepreneurs. Each person is an established business owner—currently making $30k/mo in revenue or more. 

It’s a diverse group—many backgrounds, perspectives, and industries—but each person is focusing on the same question: How can I make more money without sacrificing my free time, health, family, or integrity?

A few weeks ago, I gathered with the Mastermind at my ranch for a strategic retreat. I invited each client to come up, one by one, and plop down in a comfy chair next to me. I told each person, “Make an Ask.” Ask a question—so that everyone in the room can chime in and provide genius ideas. 

First up, a client, a therapist with a bustling practice. She manages 13 other therapists plus 2 employees who provide admin and marketing support. She's already making good money—but she knows that more is possible. 

She explained, “Right now, we generate revenue through 1-on-1 counseling services—and a lot of our income is dictated by what health insurance companies will provide. I want to find a new revenue stream that is not dictated by insurance, not 1-on-1, and more scalable.”

Her ask: “What should my new revenue stream be?”

She wasn’t sure and told the room, frankly, “I need help.” 

We went into Mastermind brainstorming mode. “Have you considered offering corporate wellness programs?”. “What about group programs where you can serve several clients at one time?” We tossed out numerous ideas. A client felt intrigued by certain ideas, others, less so. 

Then… the big breakthrough happened. 

She kept gushing about a specific type of therapy that uses spots in the patient’s visual field to help them release trauma, increase creativity, break negative thought patterns and get unstuck. Every time she talked about this therapy, her entire face lit up—everyone could see it. This method was developed by another therapist that she admires. She is certified in this methodology and loves it because it produces rapid results.

She told us, “The guy who developed this method, he’s an older man and nearing retirement. The method is incredible but his company is disorganized. There are so many missed opportunities. For instance, I want to get certified to train other practitioners to do this method but they don't have a program for that yet.”

A pause. Then I asked her, “What if you bought this company?” 

“Maybe this guy would sell it to you so that he can retire, you could own it, and then you could expand the company to its highest potential. You could get an acquisition loan to buy it.” 

She had never considered this option before…and THIS idea felt really exciting. 

That’s when it clicked her new revenue stream wasn’t necessarily a course or corporate program. It could be taking ownership of an existing business and breathing new life into it. Next, if she chooses to pursue this path, myself, my team, and her fellow Masterminders will surround her with support and map the game-plan to make this purchase happen. 

This is the power of gathering in a Mastermind setting. When you’re in a room filled with people at your current level of success—or higher—it opens you up to completely new ideas.

If you are hanging out with the same types of people, having the same types of conversations, then you are going to stay in the same place. 

To find your Million Dollar Idea (or Ten Million Dollar Idea) you need to put yourself in a new room. 

What is the room you are currently in?

And, what is the room you need to be in?

Rachel and The Hello Seven Team

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