I still can’t believe they said this.

Have you ever worked so very hard on a project that you’re almost scared to send it out into the world?

What if folks don’t see the benefits?

What if we missed the mark?

What if all of these months and months of thought, and planning, and development don’t actually help our members the way we dreamed they would?

These were all thoughts running through my mind on September 1st.

The day my team published The Growth Scale Program after literally months of HARD work putting it together.

This Course (which is really more like a university program, if I’m being honest) is the newest and most revolutionary program we’ve ever released inside We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club.

I knew we needed to create a customized, step-by-step, business growth pathway that any business owner at any revenue level, even $0, could jump in and start following.

A roadmap with specific milestones and objectives for each level of revenue growth.

I didn’t want to produce a one-size-fits-all program that would give the same action steps to the owner of a brand new company and to the CEO of a multiple six-figure brand.

Far too many business education programs don’t account for the specific challenges and hurdles that business owners face at different levels.

I wanted to create a structured, detailed program that would show folks exactly how to work towards building a real, sustainable company that brings in seven figures in revenue and beyond.

And so, we created it.

We took a good, hard look at my own experience building a seven-figure business from the ground up (literally, I started out with a $300 investment and a broken laptop).

We picked apart the lessons I learned and the exact moves I had to make to get from no revenue to consistent seven-figure years, and every stage in between.

We figured out the key differences between businesses at different revenue levels and highlighted the most important action steps to take to move from one revenue level to the next.

From creating systems to finding the right team members to getting your legal ducks in a row, this course shows you exactly what a sustainable business looks like at each level, and how to build it out one step at a time.

Over 150 video trainings featuring experts in marketing, hiring, systems, and everything else your business needs, along with supplementary fillable workbooks, templates, and samples so that you can stop brainstorming everything from scratch while building your business.

7 different Growth Scale Guides for the 7 levels of the Growth Scale Course — your instruction manuals to keep you on track as you move from one level to the next.

6 key lessons at each Growth Scale level, including:

✏️ Progress reports on how your business is currently performing
✏️ Mindset and business strategy cheat codes to get you to the next level
✏️ A Graduation checklist to make sure you’re not missing any steps as you move forward

1 transformational business growth experience.

And while I was hoping Club members would love it, I’m blown away by what they’re already telling us about their experience with the Program.

Just LOOK at some of this incredible feedback:

From Leah Halpert: 
“I’m a trademark attorney and despite having been in the field for over a decade, I only recently opened my dream solo practice. I jumped in without knowing how to build my empire or even how to market myself as the badass woman I am. I quickly got overwhelmed worrying about completely unnecessary things (creating a website, learning everything about social media, etc). Starting in Hello 1 of the Growth Scale Course has completely changed my entire outlook. By breaking it all down into manageable, easy-to-follow steps, I can take each part as I need to. My empire starts here with the Growth Scale! Hello 7, here I come!”

And from Montoya Ho-Sang:
“I love that the Growth Scale Program provides a multi-layered approach to growing and developing your business. The Program works on our internal mindset so that you are able to perform externally. I also love that it provides actual action items. Other programs often tell one the end goal but do not provide the actual steps to get there. This Program gives you step by step guidance on how to achieve your million dollar dreams and how to KEEP it! This Program makes me feel like Superwoman each and every day.”

What about this one from Joanne Butcher (which gave me a giggle):
“There’s something a little uncanny when Rachel just nails what my current issues are all about! Aaaaaggggh! She’s in my head! She’s in my house! How is she doing that???? LOL! But it’s great to be able to let go of all the OTHER things and work on the right ones instead.

If you’re ready to experience this incredible Growth Scale Program, you can only get it inside The Club.

And The Club will only be opening its doors to our waitlist for a short time later this week.

To be part of the waitlist and learn how you can snag a Club spot, click here.

I can’t wait to hear what YOU say when you dive into this program.


P.S. This really is the last time you’ll hear about this Club opening unless you’re over on the waitlist. If you want the super secret inside scoop, here’s the link again to join!

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