I did it before I was ready (and so should you)

It was five in the morning when I decided to start the Million Dollar Badass podcast.

<<< And if you haven’t listened to it yet, you can listen right here! >>>

I was nursing Jett, could barely keep my eyes open and I started thinking about this podcast idea I’ve been toying with for a year or so. I thought I was going to launch it last year but didn’t have the time. Thought I was going to launch it this spring but didn’t have the time. Thought I would have time to work on it during maternity leave but…uh…a few other things got in the way.

So I’m sitting there at 5am thinking…when was I ever going to be ready?

That’s when I decided that I was going to launch my podcast. In six weeks. Did I have a name? Nope. Did I know who my first guest would be? Uh-uh. Was I also planning an event and writing a book proposal? Most definitely.

But as you all know, my motto is to launch before you’re ready. And I’m not one of those business “experts” who tell their clients one thing and then do the complete opposite. I drink my own Kool Aid. I get high on my own supply. So when I tell you to launch your podcast before you have all the little details ironed out, you can bet your ass that I’m doing the same.

Was it perfect? Hell no!

I landed my dream first guest A WEEK before I launched!

I recorded my first episode less than FORTY-EIGHT HOURS before it was live on iTunes!

My copywriter was writing the show notes an hour after the episode was already available!

And you know what…I’m so proud of my podcast. It would have been great to have a little more time (or a little more sleep…). It would have been awesome to schedule the first 10 or 15 guests before launching.

But if I have to pick between perfect and unfinished…or imperfect and launched, I’m going with launched.


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