How to celebrate the trans community every day


It’s been a hell of a month over here at Hello Seven.

We just welcomed almost 200 business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs into We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club.

174 women, Black people, people of color, queer folks, people living with disabilities, and all kinds of other amazing business owners who:

1. Have faced discrimination, prejudice, and sometimes violence throughout their lives, but…

2. Want more for themselves and are ready to learn how to create their own wealth, despite the challenges they’ve faced.

We honor these folks every single day for their tenacity, their creativity, and their sheer grit and determination to succeed.

And I especially want to take this moment to honor the trans members of our community, both inside and outside of The Club.

March 31 was International Trans Day of Visibility.

Now, if you’ve been following me for a while, you already know…

There’s nothing I hate more than performative activism. It makes my skin crawl and it enrages me.

At the height of the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement, I went on a social media rant about white business owners who were keeping themselves busy posting black squares on social media…

But not actually getting out there to march through the streets of America, or take out their wallets and give to organizations in need.

Now, I won’t be ranting this year or accidentally going viral because of my passion (I think).

But I WILL highlight some ways you can celebrate Trans Day of Visibility in a meaningful, non-performative way.

First of all, why does this day exist — and why does it matter?

Because the trans and non-binary community has been suppressed and rejected by society for centuries — experiencing higher levels of poverty, violence, and lack of legal protection.

Because this community has played a key role in supporting civil rights movements, including the Black Lives Matter movement.

Because trans and non-binary folks deserve the same access and acceptance as everyone else.

This community NEEDS more visibility — and I’m happy to do whatever I can to shine light and positivity on these amazing human beings.

Learn 8+ ways you can celebrate Trans Day of Visibility in my latest Bulletin post — How to celebrate Trans Day of Visibility — the non-performative way.

I’ll tell you one way you can celebrate right now — buy products, services, books, music, and artwork from trans creators. 

The most meaningful way to show support and solidarity is to say:

“I love this! I’ll take one in every color, please. Here’s my card. And could I also grab a gift certificate while I’m here?”

Today, and every day, let’s really celebrate our trans community — with our genuine support AND our money. 

To the LGBTQIA+ folks in the Hello Seven community: 

I see you, I appreciate you, and my team and I are committed to helping you reach your financial goals — and gain the economic power that you rightfully deserve. 

With you. Always.


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