How millionaires set goals

I know quite a few millionaires. 

Two of my closest friends are self-made millionaires. I have several clients and colleagues who are HNWIs (high-net-worth individuals), too. A couple years ago, I joined the 7-figure club myself. And now, I run a company—Hello Seven—where our sole mission is teaching women how to build wealth and become millionaires, too.

For a long time in my earlier life, I struggled with money and felt baffled as to how some people manage to make so much of it. How?! Millionaires seemed like unicorns—mystical creatures who surely possess supernatural powers and enchanted debit cards.

I have learned—they aren’t and they don’t. 

Millionaires are regular people who have simply made a long, consistent series of very smart decisions. I call these: Million Dollar Decisions. 

Million Dollar Decisions aka MDDs are excellent decisions that make you rich—rich in money, and rich in time, peace, power, and joy. One isolated MDD doesn’t make you a millionaire. But when you make MDDs, daily, consistently, adding up to thousands of MDDs over the course of 2 or 3 years? Now we’re talking.

MDDs include: decisions about boundaries. Decisions about who you allow into your social circle. Decisions about pricing, negotiation, what you charge for your skills. Decisions about the goals that you set—and your strategy for achieving those goals.

Have you ever wondered, “How do millionaires set goals?” 

I will tell you. Here’s how:

– Millionaires don’t just set goals. Millionaires make plans. 

Every goal must come with a plan. If you say, “I want to make a million dollars this year!” Great. That’s $83,000 per month. What’s your specific plan to get there? A goal without a plan to back it up is just a fairy tale.

– Millionaires do not plan to fail. They plan to win.

Planning to fail means, “I’m not going to hire an assistant because what if things go badly this year?”

Planning to win means, “I’m hiring an assistant immediately because I know things will continue to expand and grow, and I expect that I will need more support.”

Planning to win means that you assume you will reach (and exceed) your goals, instead of assuming you will fail.

– Millionaires achieve goals by measuring and tracking like a hawk. 

They are not interested in hypotheticals. They want to see the data. How many new subscribers did we bring into the community this month? How many new customers? What was our most downloaded podcast episode of the quarter? Is our audience growing, and by how much? How much did we earn this month, compared to last month?

If you have a plan to achieve a specific goal, work the plan, and then after a few months, look at the data. The plan is either working—or it’s not. If it is, great. If it’s not, tweak and improve.  

Millionaires usually do daily huddles with their team, and weekly and monthly reviews. They are continually checking in to see, “Are we on track with our goals?” They don’t set a goal and then forget about it. They measure and track very attentively.

– Millionaires understand that big goals require big energy—and energy has to be replenished daily.

Millionaires do major self-care, and I am not talking about “a manicure once in a while.”
I’m talking therapy, Pilates, long walks, meditating, journaling, sleeping, physical movement, and turning off your phone. 

Without self-care, ain’t shit happening. You will lose energy and peter out before you hit your goals. The empire crumbles and the money dries up if the CEO is raggedy and exhausted.

– Millionaires clear piddly nonsense off their plate and free up massive amounts of time—so they can focus on getting goals #done.

Nobody has time to educate the children, prepare three meals a day, keep the house clean, fold laundry, and run a 7-figure business all in 24 hours. It ain’t gonna happen. It takes a village. 

Behind every millionaire is a well-oiled support team—usually a business team and a domestic team, too. This squad might include a trainer, chef, therapist, coach, stylist, nanny, tutor, housekeeper, driver, and other positions. Nobody starts with a Downton Abbey-sized staff immediately. Most people start with a part-time personal assistant and then gradually build the squad from there.

– Millionaires protect their time, space, privacy—fiercely. 

Anything that invades their peace and distracts them from achieving goals…has got to go. 

Most of the millionaires that I know have team members who handle the majority of their emails, calls, and DMs. 

Many millionaires also have a “secret” email address that very few people have access to. Or two phones—one for work, one for a very small, select group of friends and family in the trusted inner circle. 

Very few people have direct access to them. Their attention is not a public commodity that just anybody can grab for free. Millionaires intentionally make themselves less accessible to the public. Becoming “less accessible” can be a form of self-care.

– Millionaires have a private, quiet zone where they can go to make decisions or just relax and decompress from a busy, high-stakes day.

For me, it used to be the shower. Once we moved to the ranch, it became…the steam room. I love going in there to listen to Bob Marley and sweat and just be left alone. I also love those moments, late at night, when all the kids are asleep and the house is quiet. Ahh. The sweet sound of nobody talking to me. (Parents, I know you understand.)

– Millionaires set short-term goals—and long-term goals, too.

I love asking myself, “How can I bring money in the door quickly? Immediately?” Instant cash is fun! But it’s important to balance those quick goals with long-term planning, too. 

I might need to say “No” to a quick-cash strategy so that I can say “Yes” to a slow-cash strategy that’s going to be better for me (and my company and team) in the long run.

– Millionaires do not always achieve their goals “perfectly.” 

Millionaires make mistakes—sometimes, very costly ones. Millionaires aren’t perfect. And we get scared, too. 

But millionaires tend to have a pretty solid sense of self-trust—that inner knowing that no matter what happens, you will land on your feet one way or another. “If difficulties arise, I can figure it out. I always have and always will.” 

. . . 

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